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The ORCA Countdown: Brisbane Survivor: The People You Know - RECAP

Join CK and Jules as they recap all the action that was the first ever season of Brisbane Survivor. How did a first time production, with only 10 contestants and most of them knowing each other, steamroll it's way into the 6th best LRG ever made? Also is this possible the best looking cast an LRG has or will likely every depict? Also, why are all these people so nice? All that, and more, in the RECAP! Also voting, is open for the Brisbane Survivor awards, including the most important award in the entire existence of LRGs, Australian or otherwise, the Bromilow Medal. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JLVWNXJ
02:16:44 5/19/2024

Past Episodes

Live Reality Games Podcast
Join Sam Cohen, Host of Survivor @ IU, as he interviews Kyle Gates & Jason Porter, two of the minds behind The Golden Gates and taking a deep dive into season 1!
02:10:07 5/18/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Ascendance LIVE takes over LRG podcasts to cover the latest episode of Survivor 46. Production members, Nicole and Papa, are joined by avid fan and fellow podcaster, Duke, to discuss the episode.
00:45:46 5/17/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Join CK and the creator of Melbourne Survivor, Liz, as they chat about the season, break down all of the behind the scenes disasters and hand out the most coveted award in the history of Survivor, the Bromilow Medal for ORCA of the season together with a bunch of other awards of considerable less importance.
01:05:31 5/13/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Join Annabel and MS2 legends, Calvin, Tara and JP as they serve up all the hot tea from Melbourne Survivor 2. Did Calvin set a new level of ORCA and what set off his blow hole? How did Tara pull off such an elite game where by her own admission two pods ago, she should have 'won' the who needs a wake up call in life answer in the survey challenge? Also JP bitches about everyone who was voted off after him (probably). Also voting remains open for the ORCA medal and also other awards of lesser significance. Vote here and vote soon, or forever hold your complaints! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HF6PVJJ
01:05:16 5/8/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Drew and Stephen sit down to discuss the eleventh episode of Surviving Bloomington Order vs. Chaos (though technically, Chapter 10). They are joined by castmate Makenzi to discuss the the most recent blindside of the season. Find out more about Surviving Bloomington here: https://www.survivingbloomington.com/
01:27:00 5/7/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Our newest host for the evening, Snyder, welcome a full panel of LRG players and fans: Zander, Michael, and Darnell.
01:04:54 5/6/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
We see the fallout of an idol play, and the last tribal before the finale. Find out more about Survivor Calgary here: https://www.youtube.com/@SurvivorCalgary/
00:35:19 4/29/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Parker and Nathan recap the Survivor Angelica finale episode with guests. Find out more about Survivor Angelica here: http://www.survivorangelica.com/
01:50:11 4/28/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Can You Survive Player and LRG Award winner, Amy, joins LRG Podcaster, Dustyn, and guest host Natalie to discuss the latest episode of Survivor.
00:58:35 4/27/2024
Live Reality Games Podcast
Join CK and the 'people's champion'; the one and only CM Barca as we dissect his fallen angel game and he talks about the members of his cast. Also voting is open for the Melbourne Survivor 2 ORCA awards including the all important Bromilow Medal. Who will join Ethan, Kevin, Matt, Dom and Andrew as the true ORCA of MS2. Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HF6PVJJ
01:02:25 4/20/2024

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