We have all seen the million dollar boats, million dollar cars, sick river pads, 2000hp sand cars, Large totter homes, his and her matching off-road toys, race trucks, flawless hotrods etc... Have you asked yourself how are they able to have these nice toys and enjoy? Lambo and Shawn are here to give you an inside one on one meeting with these groups and friends of ours to answer that question of "how?". You will find that all of our guest started off with a passion for the lifestyle and a want for more. The hard work with lots of road blocks, lots of failures, lots of criticism, and "I can do" attitude and helped chisel out there part in the industry that motivates us to keep on keeping until we get what we want. We will be speaking with owners and builders of the toys we dream off as well as there customers and how they were able to reach their goals of owing some of the baddest toys in the world. Listen as they tell you about the bad, the hurts, the pain, and the reward. Remember if it doesn't scare you its probably not worth doing.


The Lambo & Leroy Show

Complete Customs / Shaun Freilich | The Lambo & Leroy Show - EP 19

Shaun Freilich is a true inspiration, From growing Complete customs his build shop in Texas to starting Complete Customs Transport and Car Prep. Shaun has been building Custom vehicles for Toyota for years and now they are there number 1 transport company as well. Listen along and hear how Shaun and made it to the point he is at today. #LamboAndLeroyShow #Podcast
01:11:17 1/26/2023

Past Episodes

The Lambo & Leroy Show
Danny Adair has been in the Offroad industry for years working with some of the largest companies. We had an amazing time sitting down with him to chat about the changes and how he has got to where he is today. #TheLamboandLeroyShow #Podcast
00:58:58 1/19/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
From washing cars to owning multiple businesses and employing over a 100 People, Jesse tells us all about his struggles and how he has made it this far in life!!! . #LamboandLeroyShow #Podcast
00:54:32 1/12/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
No one expected 2023 to start this way, Bryant and Shawn sit down and talk about 2022, How 2023 is started and goals for the rest of the year !! . #LamboandLeroyShow #GibsonExhaust
00:58:58 1/6/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
On this weeks episode of The Lambo & Leroy Show, We sit down with Cole Mamer, The Youngest Motorsports team owner in the world, Mamer Motorsports fields 3 Pro trucks in 3 different classes of the Champ Offroad Series.
01:15:09 12/16/2022
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Redbull is know for its one of a kind action sports events around the world, There latest and greatest event for the Side X Side community are "The Scramble" Especially the Sand Scramble out in Glamis California. We sat down with race director Brian Bennet and Drew Schultz to talk about all the Logistics, Rules and what to it takes to put on such an amazing event. #TheLamboAndLeroyShow #PodCast
01:33:45 12/9/2022
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Live from SEMA | The Lambo & Leroy Show - EP 13 We took The Lambo & Leroy Show to SEMA and sat down with some great friends. Our first surprise guest is Caleb Norman from CNCinema. Our Second guest was Jonny Mill from "The Freedom Factory" and "Cleetus McFarland", Jonny talks to us all about the madness Cleetus comes up with and how they market their events to the world, They have taken the Automotive YouTube world to another level. Our Third guest was Garrett Reed from American Muscle HD. Garrett has taken is Instagram account to 2.4 Million follows, Its incredible to listen to his story and how he became one of the largest automotive Instagram pages in the world. Our fourth guest was Kevin Keep from Rebuilding Generations. Kevin has built an incredible non profit, You have to listen to this podcast. #TheLamboAndLeroyShow
01:46:40 11/11/2022
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Jason Stilgebouer takes us through his life of crazy adventures, Photography and now Baja Designs. Jason is an amazing photographer that follows is heart photographing some of the toughest races in the world. Listen in to hear some of his coolest adventures to date. Jason Stilgebouer IG - @DustySummit Baja Designs Youtube - @Baja Designs LED Lighting | Offroad LED Light Bars & LED Lights IG - BajaDesigns Subscribe Like Share - #TheLamboandLeroyShow
01:15:58 11/4/2022
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Go inside the Wrap industry with Josh Daley of Daley Visuals. Josh has been wrapping vehicles since day 1 and he has some amazing stories and tells us the history of where wrapping vehicles came from. www.DaleyVisuals.com IG - @DaleyVisuals #TheLamboandLeroyShow
00:55:24 10/27/2022
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Mike Perlof takes us behind the scenes of his life as a Action Junkie, Musician, Dad and all around good dude. We talk all things Glamis, Life, Real-estate and everything in-between. #TheLamboandLeroyShow www.GibsonPerformance.com
01:07:48 10/20/2022
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Today we take a trip down the past 20 years of the Off-road industry. Pro Off-road racer and current announcer, Jim Beaver, and current Director Of Operations at JB15, Brittney Cardone, take us through the evolution, from there experience, of the Off-road and aftermarket industry. Jim Beaver : https://www.jimbeaver15.com Brittney Cardone : @bcardone15 on IG Apple Podcast : https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-jim-beaver-show/id966591983
01:18:17 10/6/2022

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