TV host Mike Janela and actress Sarah Pribis share their show business stories, struggles, and tips for how to succeed in media.


Living the Damn Dream

The Last Episode

This is it! Mike and Sarah talk about when to give up in this business, how to tell if you have what it takes to succeed in entertainment, and what's next for them. And Sarah cries.
00:45:19 7/27/2021

Past Episodes

Living the Damn Dream
She's the voice of Apple News,, and literally hundreds of audiobooks. Dara Rosenberg teaches us all how to start and maintain a career doing voiceover work, no matter what your voice sounds like.
00:38:27 7/20/2021
Living the Damn Dream
There's major (and sad) podcast news this week. But then! Mike finally answers The Damn Dozen.
00:46:30 7/13/2021
Living the Damn Dream
Working in media can be fun and glamorous. But here are all the reasons Sarah and Mike wish they worked in other industries.
00:45:46 7/6/2021
Living the Damn Dream
New York Times-published writer Ashley Oken -- an LTDD listener, so you know she's smart -- tells us how she left her career pursuits as a teacher to follow her true dream of writing. A true inspiration for anybody looking to drop their shackles and chase a career in media.
00:37:47 6/29/2021
Living the Damn Dream
Learn how to use social media to interact with other people in the industry, get more exposure for your brand or content, and not be a spammy DMer.
00:33:47 6/22/2021
Living the Damn Dream
Sarah's worked with a social media coach for the last couple months, and she and Mike are here to teach you some of the biggest lessons to improve your social media game.
00:34:25 6/15/2021
Living the Damn Dream
Find out what Sarah and Mike have been up to on hiatus, from hosting TV with Snoop Dogg to what happens when you send a viral tweet that gets more than 3.7 million impressions.
00:42:49 6/8/2021
Living the Damn Dream
Mike and Sarah share their own personal experiences with applying for and being on game shows, and tell you how you can get on them. Plus, some big show news (besides Mike's microphone not working).
00:41:58 4/27/2021
Living the Damn Dream
Mike and Sarah interview Eugene Byon -- who's been a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and The $100,000 Pyramid -- for all his tips and advice on how to get on a game show yourself.
00:56:29 4/20/2021
Living the Damn Dream
It's tax season! Mike and Sarah have tips on how to minimize your tax burden if you're a freelancer, some of their tax horror stories as independent contractors, and hear why Sarah's accountant is ghosting her and holding her taxes hostage.
00:39:24 4/12/2021

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