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Be The Person You Want To Be -With Powerful-U Part 2

Continuing the story of how the Powerful-U program can help change your life with Steph Purpura.
00:10:04 5/18/2020

Past Episodes

Late Night Health Radio
Steph Purpura is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and women's advocate. She talks with Mark Alyn about getting the life you want and you deserve.
00:25:01 5/18/2020
Late Night Health Radio
Dr. Ron Gertsch, the creator of the Oxystrap Mask, tells Mark about the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic.
00:10:59 5/18/2020
Late Night Health Radio
Boosting your immune system to stay healthy during the pandemic is something we should do. Exercise, supplements, and eating right will help keep your immune defenses sharp. Join our guest, Dr. Michael Murray for a conversation with Mark Alyn on the pandemic and your immune system.
00:30:19 5/15/2020
Late Night Health Radio
Based on science, Dr. Rob Farms, produce a variety of cannabis and CBD products. Founder Dr. Robby Flannery talks about the changes in the public thinking about Pot with Mark Alyn.
00:27:39 5/9/2020
Late Night Health Radio
One hundred and 60- acres of desert near Palm Springs California has been turned into a science-based mini-city for growers, researchers and more. Katherine Dickerson, COO of Coachillin, LLC visits with Mark Alyn.
00:28:09 5/9/2020
Late Night Health Radio
Many Americans who are in quarantine due to the coronavirus are finding themselves sitting at a computer for long periods of time throughout the day and are developing repetitive strain injuries such as neck and shoulder pain or carpel tunnel syndrome. These injuries are caused by overusing the same position while using the computer. Mariann Ryan, author of Baby Bod, joins Mark Alyn for tips on sitting while working from home.
00:25:00 5/8/2020
Late Night Health Radio
Dr. Jaime Salas-Rushford, MD is a traditionally trained physician who practices regenerative and functional medicine for patients in New York 
City, Florida, and Puerto Rico. He is the medical director at FiTbodymd Medicine.
In New York, he was serving as a volunteer MD overseeing emergency services in the outside tents at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn. He shares with us insights on what has been successful with flattening the curve and how to prepare our immune systems for the second wave of COVID-19. He talks about the pandemic with Mark Alyn.
00:25:01 5/8/2020
Late Night Health Radio
As we all deal with the stress of the pandemic, it's important to realize what it can do to our health and well-being. On May 7th, Ken Redcross, MD, a board-certified internal medicine doctor, is available to provide some natural ways to deal with this unimaginable situation.

He'll discuss the physiological response in our bodies that helps us either fight threats or stressors and how to avoid the damaging affects it can have on our health. Plus, Dr. Redcross is teaming up with Boiron to explain how homeopathic remedies like Sedalia and Quietude can help with prolonged, unmanageable stresses, like the ones so many of us are facing during the pandemic. This current situation is a taking a toll on many people, causing irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, and digestive upsets. Author Ken Redcross, MD, Provides Homeopathic & Stress Relief Strategies as Alternatives to Habit-Forming Conventional Medicines Stress can also aggravate or even trigger chronic diseases. Dr. Redcross talks with Mark Alyn.
00:09:07 5/8/2020
Late Night Health Radio
Gary Stuart, noted Constellation Healer, joins Mark Alyn for a discussion on alternative ways of looking at the Covid-19 pandemic.
00:35:15 4/29/2020
Late Night Health Radio
PLANET 9, the debut album of activist, author and filmmaker Rose McGowan will be released this Friday, April 24th, around the world on all digital platforms. Purchase directly via BANDCAMP and 20% of all sales will be donated to support Covid-19 relief.
00:29:46 4/28/2020

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