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Champagne & Lobster

Freddie Stephanie, The Pop Up House

Champagne & Lobster sits down with celebrity fashion and food stylist, Freddie Stephanie of The Pop Up House to talk getting in the styling industry, the word "fashionista" and her fave styling sessions with Rihanna and Drew Barrymore.
00:28:11 3/16/2018

Past Episodes

Champagne & Lobster
A rap freestyle, locavore life and what it really takes to be a BBQ Pitmaster in this episode of Champagne & Lobster. Eavesdrop on the conversation with Lance Kirkpatrick, BBQ Pitmaster at Austin, Texas Stiles Switch BBQ and Ash Fulk, Culinary Director for Hill Country BBQ.
00:26:06 1/12/2018
Champagne & Lobster
Champagne & Lobster sits down with Nevin Martell, renowned journalist, to talk the perfect Pitch, Brooke Shields as his babysitter and burning bridges.
00:40:17 11/9/2017
Champagne & Lobster
Champagne & Lobster sits down with Eric Tyson, of Tres Creole Catering, to talk the #GHOE, *real* creole food & Outkast.
00:33:07 10/6/2017
Champagne & Lobster
Champagne & Lobster sits down with Brandon Williams, Chef and Owner at FishScale, Washington, D.C. to figure out how fish became the staple at his restaurant, his 90's crush and his favorite restaurant to visit outside of FishScale.
00:15:41 9/25/2017
Champagne & Lobster
Double the pleasure: C&L sits down with Honeygrow CEO/founder Justin Rosenberg AND executive Chef David Katz. Listen in as we talk the best and worst day June 8, 2012, how the 94th pitch was the one that put Honeygrow on the map and the best place to get a cheesesteak in Philly. Image via Jai the Photog:
00:50:16 9/15/2017
Champagne & Lobster
C&L sits down with Michael Larkin, Co-Founder of MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, to talk his prior career in hockey, Justice and who he would play in the Wizard of Oz.
00:35:56 8/28/2017
Champagne & Lobster
C&L sits down with Chef Brad Feickert of Oz Restaurant & Bar to talk reggae music, the interview question he loathes and the best Halloween costumes.
00:31:34 8/11/2017
Champagne & Lobster
C&L sits down with Chef Christopher Roberson to talk music streaming, Lawry's seasoning salt and the importance of naps and expensive orthodics. (Image via Deb Lindsey @ Etete Website)
00:33:35 7/21/2017
Champagne & Lobster
C&L sits down with Sara Polon, of the acclaimed Soupergirl, to talk soup for breakfast, superpowers and her career as a comedian. Listen up.
00:19:16 6/19/2017
Champagne & Lobster
C&L sits down with award winning bartender, Jojo Valenzuela, to talk mixologist vs. bartender, sarcasm and why he doesn't use the word "divey".
00:19:21 5/11/2017

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