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Defeating the Purpose

Lakers v Heat Finals Preview

The guys try to make sense of bubble basketball. Laker fan Eddie and Heat fan Steve gloat over their team success while Knick fan Matt tries to come up with a new reason to not jump off a bridge.
00:35:00 10/1/2020

Past Episodes

Defeating the Purpose
Burger King or McDonalds? Wendys vs. Taco Bell. The boys argue over gluttony for their favorite fast food joint with special guest Jeremy.
00:29:00 12/4/2019
Defeating the Purpose
The boys try the new Popeyes' chicken sandwich together and decide if it lives up to the hype and if its worth the wait time and the possible assault with special guest Jeremy
00:19:00 12/4/2019
Defeating the Purpose
Relive the heartache as the boys talk about the biggest upsets in sports history.
00:18:00 11/9/2019
Defeating the Purpose
The boys go full-on dork and argue over the best super heroes and powers. Spoiler alert: It's NOT Aquaman.
00:34:00 11/9/2019
Defeating the Purpose
Do you like Grape Nuts? You're gross. Let the boys help you live your best life by ranking their top cereals of all time.
00:21:00 11/9/2019
Defeating the Purpose
The boys put their tin foil hats on and discuss popular conspiracy theories they believe in
00:17:45 10/31/2019
Defeating the Purpose
Listen up Manfred: baseball is dying! The ratings are down, its boring, and kids think it isn't cool.. But have no fear, the boys have some fixes.
00:15:00 10/31/2019
Defeating the Purpose
New to the show? Start here! From our favorite sports teams to our favorite ice creams, we cover it all in our first episode
00:22:00 10/31/2019
Defeating the Purpose
Easy topic right? is football a sport? Yes. Hockey? Duh. Ping pong? eSports? Maybe it isn't so easy. We argue it here.
00:18:00 10/31/2019
Defeating the Purpose
The boys discuss the best sports movies of all time
00:11:00 10/15/2019

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