Warren Hanson and Jason Purcell are your personal guides on the path towards entertainment. Allow these two movie lovers turned filmmakers to recommend your next movie night. Enjoy full movie breakdowns, artist spotlights, spoiler-casts and much much more. Nothing is off limits, no film to daunting and everything is worth the climb. Join them every Friday 9am EST just in time to make or adjust those weekend plans. Grab some popcorn a beverage and some comfy shoes and follow the path they've blazed towards blockbuster base camp.


Movie Sherpas

Movie Sherpas Ep. 3 No Sudden Move and The Soderbergh Method

In this episode the boys discuss the fantastic heist gone wrong period piece from Steven Soderbergh No Sudden Move. With a knockout cast and some amazing camera work this move definitely snuck under the radar.
00:56:50 9/17/2021

Past Episodes

Movie Sherpas
In this episode Jason and Warren tackle two BLOCKBUSTER franchises. On the mountain today we have Diehard and Jurassic Park. Two completely different movie franchises that had very similar impacts on the industry when they were released. Join them as they take on block buster effects films and the don of the action hero!!
02:17:29 9/10/2021
Movie Sherpas
In this episode we dive into the 2002 Spike Jonze dark comedy drama Adaptation. A manic dive into the mind of a screenwriter as his life begins to intertwine mysteriously with the book he is trying to turn into a movie. With an all star cast including Meryl Streep and two Nicolas Cages!! Strap in with the boys and enjoy their take on a very underrated film.
00:41:32 9/6/2021

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