In a world of testosterone, race cars and fart fans emerge the women of the Carolla Universe, breaking down the walls of the ultimate sausagefest. Follow these young transplants as they journey through Los Angeles and exploit the details of their lives. From wild nights and dating to behind the scenes, updates and guests from Carolla Digital & Carolla Drinks. They're ready to let it all out. After all, this is their therapy!


Lady Lackeys

Mini Pod: #18: The Clawsserole

Hayley explains the difference between men and women, and Jen issues an apology.

00:15:54 8/27/2021

Past Episodes

Lady Lackeys

Jen shares her creative baby names , and Hayley is afraid of a lot of things.

00:16:23 8/25/2021
Lady Lackeys

The ladies recap the entire weekend's festivities from the return of the Bar Crawl, to the following day's whiskey tasting and the big Carolla barbecue featuring The Offspring!

01:22:18 8/23/2021
Lady Lackeys

Stiff cocktails, extra dipping sauce, and Batman!

00:16:31 8/20/2021
Lady Lackeys

The ladies are back from Dark Week, missing teeth and hangry! Hayley goes all out on fast food, Jen dissects action movies, and even reveals a girl crush. Plus, the atrocities of Burbank.

01:10:40 8/18/2021
Lady Lackeys

Hayley has a big announcement, and Jen takes a trip to the mall.

00:16:09 8/16/2021
Lady Lackeys

Jen becomes a real life investigator, and Hayley might be from Utah.

00:17:06 8/13/2021
Lady Lackeys

Hayley shares a less than impressive neighbor story, Jen tries to figure out riots and closures happening around Burbank.

00:16:28 8/11/2021
Lady Lackeys

In the first of our Dark Week Mini Pods; Jen tries to dissect Hayley's weird eating habits, and they show appreciation for their peripheral friends.

00:17:04 8/9/2021
Lady Lackeys

Hayley is tired of shitty customer service, producer Emi needs a new hard drive, and Jen shares her Graditude.

00:16:29 8/7/2021
Lady Lackeys

Olga's daughter, Paola, sits in for this special Mini Pod as Hayley finds out what everyone wanted to be when they were kids, and Jen wants more exotic animals.

00:17:09 8/4/2021

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