Politics. Culture. Society. Science. Comedy (both intentional and unintentional). General ranting from two self-righteous and overly-educated ex-Army guys. You could call them relics. You could call them #wokeless. You could call them agitators. But be careful, they may call you an ambulance. And..... one of them is an actual bastard


Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Episode 23: Ashli Babbit Shooting, 3 Hot Topics, Marvel vs DC

We dive into the Ashli Babbit shooting at the Capitol on 6 January and her unrepentant slayer, 3 Hot Topics, Marvel Vs. DC, Russ's Alma Mater lays an egg.

01:02:08 9/2/2021

Past Episodes

Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

In this episode we flog the COVID issue using analysis, science, logic and common sense. I know, I know. Hard to believe. And you won't believe my commercial offering.

01:07:55 8/23/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

In this episode Koop and Russ dissect the Afghanistan situation and Koop cusses a lot. We also discuss leftist hypocrisy, who's going to be president in 2024, podcast recommendations, Ex Governor Cuomo and other stuff. Also, Koop loses it.

01:21:25 8/18/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

I tried to add the bells and whistles on this one, but my provider and Audition don't seem to jive. I'll Work it out. In the meantime a conversation about the Olympics, Quitters, Terrible Military leadership, and the Vagabond Life.

00:50:25 8/1/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

From the Kitsap Peninsula.

00:10:02 7/28/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Only a Week Late! Koop talks a bunch of stuff about life on the road; lots of subject hopping. But that's why you love us right?????

01:12:11 7/25/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Columbia River Reverie

00:13:05 7/20/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Yakima meanderings

00:09:39 7/18/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast
00:23:07 7/17/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Koop is on the road as promised.

00:06:03 7/14/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Koop and Russ try to keep it light and fail mightily. We discuss Russ's reaction to being called a formula person, the truth about conquest in America, and we play a game of 80s TV trivia.

01:25:24 7/8/2021

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