Comedian Eulalio Magana invites entertainers from all types to talk about their road gigs, how they got started, provide insight about their industry all while making fun of himself and telling his own road stories.


The Road Gig

The Road Gig Ep. 5: Comedian Jaye Devan Joins Us

Comedian Jaye Devan joins us! About Jaye Devan: Raised in Philadelphia. Jaye found his funny early and was often the comic relief among a household filled with his sister and cousins. After graduating, Jaye joined the Marine Corps where he would get his first exposure to standup during a talent show on base. Taking second place was not nearly as significant as the passion he found from telling his stories onstage. He would spend nearly three years honing his craft but upon leaving the Marine Corps found it difficult to balance civilian life with his passion. You can watch Jaye Devan now on Amazon Prime in his comedy special 'Temper Yourself' and also is a regular in Las Vegas clubs.
00:57:35 8/26/2019

Past Episodes

The Road Gig
Comedian Krista Kay who got her start on TLC's reality show, My Giant Life, joins us. She talks about the unique way she got into comedy, her experiences on the road as a former pro basketball player and now pro comedian, the negativity in the comedy business and gives advice to up and coming comedians.
00:00:00 7/22/2019
The Road Gig
Host Eulalio Magana with guest Tito Gonzalez talk on their way back from a coorporate gig that took place in a backyard with chickens, goats, a duck, a geese and a bounce house. Listen as they talk about what they learned on the trip, past road gigs and Eulalio takes Tito on a 'Latino Training Day'. Find Eulalio Magana's comedy album on Follow Tito on instagram @datboyteets
00:00:00 6/25/2019
The Road Gig
Comedian Honest John joins use to talk about what lead him to become a comedian, how he got his big break on TV, performing for our military, tips on being a comedian and share some of the craziest road stories involving shady promoters, strip clubs and more.
00:46:55 6/19/2019
The Road Gig

Comedian Eulalio Magana invites hypnotist Jim Kellner who has appeared on TedTalk. In the episode Jim talks about how people can get into the hypnosis business, the limits of hypnosis, how movies & TV gets hypnosis wrong and of course about his road gigs.

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00:00:00 6/3/2019

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