Young people today have been criticized for needing adulting classes. However, older generations (but not your instructor, she's way cool) have forgotten that they grew up in a time when they were more likely to have a parent at home and may have been required to take a class like home economics that taught the skills we call adulting.

The first-year of college is a big deal. This CAT Community is part of a larger program, K-State First , whose goal is to offer students the things that research shows helps them to learn and to succeed in college. This class will offer practical and academic skills in a learning environment where it is safe to ask questions and make mistakes. And because learning is social, you will share what you are learning in a podcast and a blog so that others can learn as well.


Adulting 101

The Importance of Making New Friends and Living on Campus

Allison Papps, Haley Egelhoff, Gavin Kohn, and Mitchell Tiller talk about the value of making friends early and why you should live on campus.
00:05:50 12/15/2019

Past Episodes

Adulting 101
Graci Folks, Jack Foster, Michael Krewson, and John McGraw different ways you can save money living here at K-State or in college.
00:11:43 12/15/2019
Adulting 101

Samantha Scrivo, Arin Beliel, Ethan Carr, and Jordyn Harris share personal stories and practical advice on having a successful first semester at K-State .

00:30:30 12/15/2019
Adulting 101
Christina Brogden, Jackson Nichols, Joseph Chase, and Kayla Ingalls talk about why challenging yourself is good, share stories of how they challenged themselves, and how they grew from it.
00:16:34 12/15/2019
Adulting 101

Erin Bishop, Community Outreach Advocate at Cats' Cupboard , talks about the history of the campus food pantry and food insecurity in our area, and several students talk about their experiences shopping at a local grocery store.  

00:24:28 12/8/2019
Adulting 101

Tamara Bauer, Instructor in the Staley School of Leadership Studies, shares the history and purpose of Wildcat Dialogues and several students talk about how to have difficult conversations. 

00:28:25 12/2/2019
Adulting 101

Meet the instructors and learning assistant in EDCEP 110: Adulting 101. Learn a bit about K-State First, what happens in the CAT Community, and when everyone knew they were an adult. 

00:42:43 8/25/2019

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