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Join "America! The Podcast" creator, Tim Phillippe, and political organizer, Andrew K Turner, as they delve into the burning political issues affecting American democracy and the lives of everyday citizens. 

"America! The Conversation" was created by Tim Phillippe and Andrew K Turner and is a production of Shway Media. Join the conversation at www.AmericaTheConversation.com and visit www.ShwayMedia.com for more amazing shows!

This season, our host, Theb A Stard, and his producer, Tim, are traveling across America to learn about each state and territory while trying to get Theb's storytelling powers back.

"America! The Podcast" (@AmericaThePod) is a political comedy podcast following the adventures of Theb A Stard, the embodiment of and only hope for America, and his producer, Tim Phillippe.

Angry at the state of our country? America's is just a call away - (682) 382-1023

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Music and sounds for today's episode were procured through Story Blocks, Freesound.Org, Sonnis, Accusonus, Sound Crate, and Ambient-Mixer.com. The theme song for the show is by Timmy Two Step (TimmyTwoStep.com).

"America! The Podcast" was created by Tim Phillippe and is a production of Shway Media. For more, visit www.AmericaThePodcast.com and www.ShwayMedia.com

Car-Boyz is a weekly podcast that looks at all things motoring and beyond. Two boys from the Big Smoke chat sh*t about cars from and pretty much any other rubbish. This in no way will inform or educate but we hope it'll entertain!
talk about current affairs fashion history
Hello Humanista, This is Miko Santos before Podcasting and Blogging, I used to be a journalist for 20 years researching complicated issues of fact or science which most people would not have the time or access to information. This podcast is an insightful conversation with people at the top of their game and deconstructs them to find the tools, tactics, and tricks to help you achieve your dream goal.
This podcast will cover a variety of topics such as Sports, Pop Culture, Movies and TV.
A Dallas Cowboys podcast in partnership with CowboysSI.com and DSP Media. Talking all things Cowboys and NFL with Timm 'IndyCarTim' Hamm! Join us daily for the latest Cowboys and NFL information! Follow us on Twitter @IndyCarTim and @CowboysDailyPod. Part of Fan Stream Sports and DSP Media.
Get caught up on all the latest Texas Longhorns news, updates, and opinions, with a twist that only the Daily Blitz can provide. Part of Fan Stream Sports and DSP Media. Presented by Turf Life at Turflife.club - The brand that showcases sports, businesses, education, and our enjoyment of the outdoors and Golf Central Magazine at GolfCentralMag.com - Check out the latest issue online for FREE today! Also sponsored by Orca Golf - The Best In Game - Orca-Golf.com.

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