A discussion between Linden and Tony covering a range of topics from finger food to family life.


We Are The F***ing Crowd

Episode 4: Pub Stories

Tony and Linden record from the studio to cover Tony's Top Ten, some fresh news stories and of course, more of Tony's stories. 

To send in topics and questions:


00:40:49 7/31/2020

Past Episodes

We Are The F***ing Crowd

TV Shows, BBQ, Doug Mulray and a few of Tony's stories all feature in the third instalment of We Are The F***ing Crowd.

For any topics or questions for 'Tony's Top Ten' please email:

00:50:52 7/24/2020
We Are The F***ing Crowd
Tony and Linden come to you straight from the Imperial Hotel in Bowral. The discussion covers cigarettes, nightclubs and Tony's personal favourite, pies.
00:42:33 7/10/2020
We Are The F***ing Crowd

Tony and Linden discuss the lotto, road trips, the name of the show and most importantly... beer. 

00:44:30 7/4/2020

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