Tony and Linden record from the studio to cover Tony's Top Ten, some fresh news stories and of course, more of Tony's stories. 

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We Are The F***ing Crowd
00:40:49 7/31/2020

Past Episodes

We Are The F***ing Crowd

TV Shows, BBQ, Doug Mulray and a few of Tony's stories all feature in the third instalment of We Are The F***ing Crowd.

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00:50:52 7/24/2020
We Are The F***ing Crowd
Tony and Linden come to you straight from the Imperial Hotel in Bowral. The discussion covers cigarettes, nightclubs and Tony's personal favourite, pies.
00:42:33 7/10/2020
We Are The F***ing Crowd

Tony and Linden discuss the lotto, road trips, the name of the show and most importantly... beer. 

00:44:30 7/4/2020

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