Politics. Culture. Society. Science. Comedy (both intentional and unintentional). General ranting from two self-righteous and overly-educated ex-Army guys. You could call them relics. You could call them #wokeless. You could call them agitators. But be careful, they may call you an ambulance. And..... one of them is an actual bastard


Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Episode 23: Ashli Babbit Shooting, 3 Hot Topics, Marvel vs DC

We dive into the Ashli Babbit shooting at the Capitol on 6 January and her unrepentant slayer, 3 Hot Topics, Marvel Vs. DC, Russ's Alma Mater lays an egg.

01:02:08 9/2/2021

Past Episodes

Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

In this episode we flog the COVID issue using analysis, science, logic and common sense. I know, I know. Hard to believe. And you won't believe my commercial offering.

01:07:55 8/23/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

In this episode Koop and Russ dissect the Afghanistan situation and Koop cusses a lot. We also discuss leftist hypocrisy, who's going to be president in 2024, podcast recommendations, Ex Governor Cuomo and other stuff. Also, Koop loses it.

01:21:25 8/18/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

I tried to add the bells and whistles on this one, but my provider and Audition don't seem to jive. I'll Work it out. In the meantime a conversation about the Olympics, Quitters, Terrible Military leadership, and the Vagabond Life.

00:50:25 8/1/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

From the Kitsap Peninsula.

00:10:02 7/28/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Only a Week Late! Koop talks a bunch of stuff about life on the road; lots of subject hopping. But that's why you love us right?????

01:12:11 7/25/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Columbia River Reverie

00:13:05 7/20/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Yakima meanderings

00:09:39 7/18/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast
00:23:07 7/17/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Koop is on the road as promised.

00:06:03 7/14/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Koop and Russ try to keep it light and fail mightily. We discuss Russ's reaction to being called a formula person, the truth about conquest in America, and we play a game of 80s TV trivia.

01:25:24 7/8/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Russ and I catch up on some stuff, talk about bratty, disloyal Olympic Athletes, a bunch of hot National Anthem Talk, and things that happen in movies that never do in real life.

01:38:06 7/4/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Jane and I talk about a lot of stuff, and she gets me to talk real personal. Great conversation. Enjoy!!!

01:43:49 6/25/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

The Boys make up for lost time in discussing this POS Battalion Commander who is a racist POS and represents the woke US Army; We prattle on about Jeffrey Toobin's Tumescent return to CNN, AOCs Abuela gaffe, and things we love that others hate.

You won't be sorry you listened to this! Really. You won't.

01:43:13 6/13/2021
Two Grumpy Bastards Podcast

Koop does a one on one interview with Patricia, a Veteran, Engineer, and Single Mom who is taking on the school board in Washougal Washington over Critical Race Theory, Sex Education, and Mask Mandates. Patricia was reluctantly put in this position when she was not allowed to attend a school board meeting to express her views. Listen to her unbelievable story of left wing power gone completely out of control.

01:23:40 6/10/2021

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