The Who & How Club is a podcast, blog and movement created and hosted by recording artist Arys Déjan. On this show, Arys sits down with friends, family, creatives, and everyone in between to not only reflect on, but to also share life stories and perspectives on art, relationships, energy, love, social issues, and most importantly, how to answer these big questions ....Who are you? and How did you become you?


The Who & How Club

Episode 59: Holiday Pressures

On today's episode, Arys shares tips and tricks on how to overcome those holiday pressures and anxieties, that we are certain a lot of us feel and go through every single year. If you want next year's holidays to look a bit different for your life, this is the episode that will guide you through making that "different" actually happen! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp. Get 10% off your first month with BetterHelp when you use promo code; "WHOHOW" at the link below! If you or someone that you know has always wanted to start therapy...the link above is the best place for either yourself or for them to begin! The Who & How Club: Arys Déjan:
00:28:02 12/27/2021

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The Who & How Club
Happy Who & How Thursday, Club members! We took an early holiday break this year so that we could spend some time with you all during your December holidays. We plan on ending 2021 off right by being with you, and by bringing in some new year resolutions for 2022....but until then, have a listen to TWHC's latest episode, as our host, Arys Déjan premieres his brand new single, "Expectations". The song features a unique singer who hails all the way from Australia. Emma Salisbury is guaranteed to touch your soul on this one! ....Oh! didn't you know? Our host is a pretty good rapper as well! Enjoy the animated video to the song as well! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Get 10% off your first month with BetterHelp when you use promo code; "WHOHOW" at the link below! If you or someone that you know has always wanted to start therapy...the link above is the best place to begin! The Who & How Club: Arys Déjan:
00:15:46 12/16/2021
The Who & How Club
Today not only marks an important day for those who are currently on a journey to facing their fears, working on their mental health and well-being, or even trying therapy for the first time in their lives, but it also marks another huge milestone for Arys and the TWHC platform! With Arys' ongoing journey to therapy that he continues to share with TWHC's club members throughout various episodes, guest discussions, and on his social media, it would only make sense that the show's brand new acquired sponsorship would be with the world's largest online therapy service, BetterHelp. BetterHelp is a service that makes professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone who has always wanted to pursue therapy in order to improve their lives in the healthiest way possible! Get 10% off your first month with BetterHelp when you use promo code "WHOHOW" at the link below! CALL TO ACTION: We want to take this time to encourage anyone who is facing any kind of internal or external battle, whether it'd be with your brain, your heart, your past, your present, or even with yourself, to reach out to someone close to you for additional help and guidance, or find a therapist either near you, or through BetterHelp to start your own personal journey to therapy. Please refer and share this update/link to someone that you know will benefit from this. The Who & How Club: Arys Déjan: Management:
00:38:13 11/16/2021
The Who & How Club
Part two in Arys' WTF (Welcome To Forgiveness) series starts off with a brief introduction on how Arys got into the "microphone game". We also head into some self-reflective territory as Arys shares the amount of willingness one might have to muster up in order to learn how to not only forgive others, but most importantly.... themselves (Speaking from experience, of course). We have some big announcements on the way for the TWHC platform, so stay locked in, and have yourselves a safe and happy Halloween, folks! Host: The Who & How Club: TQC Management:
00:30:38 10/29/2021
The Who & How Club
Genuine curiosity, that's the definition of today's episode. That, and "We Coming"! Embrace this recent gust appearance that Arys made on the Activated Podcast which is hosted by Brampton's own, Mr. Activated, AKA Ibou. Explore this conversation that includes topics of men and the struggles they face with vulnerability, starting a podcast and staying consistent, the benefits of teamwork, therapy, and the background to who Arys really is! Follow Ibou and his Activated Platform through the links below! Enjoy! ACTIVATED PODCAST: Soundcloud - @ (activatedpodcast) Apple - (…st/id1311273211) Mr. Activated, AKA Ibou - ( THE WHO & HOW CLUB: (
00:55:43 10/15/2021
The Who & How Club
Although the babes from the "No Shame Babe" podcast broke up, we felt that it was only right that we honor their past friendship by sharing their in-depth sit down with Arys Déjan and the TWHC podcast. Arys sat with Kerstin and Jaymie over Zoom back in July to speak about some really deep topics. They touched base on what life is like for them living in Edmonton, what its like being friends and collaborators, and of course....the complexities of relationships! There's a vey heartfelt moment in the episode that we will never take for granted here at TWHC, and it can only be shared and experienced by listening, so have a listen and see if you can find that moment. We wish these 2 young ladies nothing but success in their podcast/life journeys, and pray that they can one day rekindle their friendship. Be sure to follow Kerstin and Jaymie on their new individual platforms below! Kerstin: Girls Got Grit Podcast: Jaymie: Hause of Shame Podcast: The Who & How Club: Arys Déjan: Management:
01:41:30 10/8/2021
The Who & How Club
Part one in Arys' WTF (Welcome To Forgiveness) series hits us hard with some definitions of forgiveness submitted by some of our Club members, steps to the forgiveness process, and some of the struggles that Arys has faced himself when it comes to forgiving. Also, in celebration of International Podcast Day, Arys shows love to some of the podcasts and hosts that he has recently collaborated with. Stay locked in for a very special moment of silence at the end of today's episode as we pay our respects to those who have passed away. Host: ( The Who & How Club: ( TQC Management: (
00:35:55 9/30/2021
The Who & How Club
Today is a real special gift for everyone at the Club! Today, we share Arys' guest spot appearance on the Conversationz for Dayz podcast, which is Ottawa's #1 podcast. Arys had the chance to appear on a really dope show with some really dope hosts (Kalilo and Franky) to talk about podcasting, being a creative, and some healthy/controversial concepts that the boys sort of dive into throughout the show! If you want to know what healthy debating sounds like, have a listen! Don't forget to follow the CFD crew at the links below! CFD: TWHC: Arys Déjan: TQC Management:
02:04:22 9/16/2021
The Who & How Club
It's been a bit difficult for Arys to dive into his "Welcome to Forgiveness" mini series that he has brewing for us, and this episode details why. On the 3rd installment of his "the Update" series that gets released whenever there is a little break in between episodes, Arys gives us an update on what he has been working on during the month of August, what's coming up next for TWHC, and wishes the late great actor, Michael K. Williams a farewell, while also expressing how his death recently hit home for Arys. Arys' music video for his "Therapy Session" track is also out now, so you can find a link to that below. In the coming weeks, Arys will go more in depth on today's topics that he brought up, but he felt it was only right and necessary to check in with all of you! We wish everyone well and a safe weekend. Enjoy! "Therapy Session" Music video: Song: TWHC: Arys Déjan: TQC Management:
00:20:57 9/10/2021
The Who & How Club
On Arys' second guest appearance of 2021, he gets to review one of his favorite movies of all time...Antoine Fuqua's Training Day. Terry Roy, the host and creator of the Faithful Film Fanatic podcast invited Arys onto his show back in July to talk about his life, his passions, talents and more, plus they both dissect Training Day together. Enjoy this bonus episode and be sure to follow Terry and his show on the below links! FFF: Spotify - ( Apple - (…ic/id1554833049) Instagram: ( The Who & How Club: (
01:04:32 8/6/2021
The Who & How Club
Fatherhood, weight loss, life transitions, Toronto hip-hop history, accepting your age....all topics of discussion on today's episode of the TWHC podcast. Today's episode features Big Tweeze, a unique individual who was present during the rise and shift in Toronto's hip-hop scene. Now a father of 2, married and grown, Big Tweeze sits with us to talk about pieces of his journey to fatherhood, his perspectives on hip-hop music now vs. then, and what keeps him inspired. Follow Big Tweeze: Speaking of Toronto hip-hop history, Tweeze is also the co-host of the "Views Before the 6" podcast, which he co-hosts with Northern Touch verse killer, Thrust. Catch up on their episodes below!
01:17:42 7/30/2021
The Who & How Club
On today's episode, Arys gives us a breakdown on what he's been up to since the release of his most recent "Guest Spot" episode on the All In Podcast. He sends a special shout out to some of the shows he's recently been a guest on, as well as to some of the new guests that he'll be having on the show in the upcoming weeks for all of you to listen to. Arys also announces his upcoming mini series "Welcome to Forgiveness". All of that, plus some positive self-talk on today's 52nd episode. Enjoy! Here is a list of the shows Arys recently made an appearance on. Connect with these shows and the hosts! CFD Podcast: Faithful Film Fanatic: Activated Podcast: www,
00:34:58 7/15/2021
The Who & How Club
Have a listen to Arys' first guest spot of 2021 as he sits with Rick Jordan from the All In Podcast, an episode that was recorded back in February and released in March of this year. Arys is used to being the one asking all of the questions, but Rick managed to get Arys to really open up about his childhood, his father, art, strength in vulnerability + much, much more! Be sure to check out the visual episode of the conversation on our Youtube channel as well. Follow Rick and the team at the All In Podcast through the links below! Enjoy! ALL IN PODCAST: Linktree - THE WHO & HOW CLUB:
00:47:02 6/17/2021
The Who & How Club
It's a brand new season of the TWHC Podcast and we come bearing gifts! Arys returns with a brand new intro, new energy and some new updates on what the next 50 episodes of the podcast and movement are going to look like! He brings us up to speed on his Journey to Therapy, and gives us some good news that occurred during his mini vacation away from the show. That, plus more on today's 51'st episode!  Don't forget to stream the show on all podcast platforms, and follow the show on all social media platforms as well (@whohowclub + @only1arys).   Check out our Season 2 trailer: Want to be a guest on the show? Click the link below for our "Be A Guest" fillable form and share your story with us! Enjoy!
00:28:01 6/8/2021
The Who & How Club
It's finally here, everyone! We made it to episode 50! Celebrate with Arys and the Club as he celebrates not only his 32nd birthday, but the 50th episode of his creation, The Who & How Club. On today's episode, he is joined by The Council (Carlos & Dave) as they talk about what this milestone means, hip-hop, what it means to be a man, getting older and wiser, plus much, much more! We want to say a special thank you to those who continue to support the movement. Cheers to another 50! Follow us on all socials! @ (whohowclub) @ (ony1arys)
01:45:32 4/30/2021

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