We have all seen the million dollar boats, million dollar cars, sick river pads, 2000hp sand cars, Large totter homes, his and her matching off-road toys, race trucks, flawless hotrods etc... Have you asked yourself how are they able to have these nice toys and enjoy? Lambo and Shawn are here to give you an inside one on one meeting with these groups and friends of ours to answer that question of "how?". You will find that all of our guest started off with a passion for the lifestyle and a want for more. The hard work with lots of road blocks, lots of failures, lots of criticism, and "I can do" attitude and helped chisel out there part in the industry that motivates us to keep on keeping until we get what we want. We will be speaking with owners and builders of the toys we dream off as well as there customers and how they were able to reach their goals of owing some of the baddest toys in the world. Listen as they tell you about the bad, the hurts, the pain, and the reward. Remember if it doesn't scare you its probably not worth doing.


The Lambo & Leroy Show

Cyber Security??? With Joel Berger | The Lambo & Leroy Show - EP 32

We knowwww, Its Random, But it's so important, We sat down with Joel Berger from Lenity Technology to talk all about IT Technology and your safety.
01:15:16 10/19/2023

Past Episodes

The Lambo & Leroy Show
Manufacturer Monday w/ Borgeson Universal Co. | The Lambo & Leroy Show On this weeks episode of Manufacturer Monday, We sit down and talk with Boostane at the MPMC Conference.
00:19:30 10/16/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
What an amazing time sitting down with Sara Morosan from LGE-CTS Motorsports to talk all about here starting her business "Custom Truck Shop" AKA, LGE_CTS and her involvement in SEMA.
01:27:04 10/12/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Manufacturer Monday w/ Boostane | The Lambo & Leroy Show On this weeks episode of Manufacturer Monday, We sit down and talk with Boostane at the MPMC Conference.
00:23:53 10/9/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
On this weeks episode of Manufacturer Monday, We sit down and talk with BDS Suspension at the MPMC Conference.
00:20:01 10/2/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Fuelfest Talk with Randal Smothers | The Lambo & Leroy Show - EP 30 We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Randal Smother, The International marketing director of Fuel Fest to talk all about hosting one of the largest car shows in the world.
00:39:43 8/17/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Heath Shoup tells us all about their business West Pak and the Avacado industry. This episode will blow your mind, They grow Avacados in California, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Columbia. Heath gives us the inside info you need to know to make the best guac ... and Yes, Guac is EXTRA !!!!
01:28:15 6/22/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Donny Tolson, The man the Myth the Legend. Donny is one greatest designs I've had the chance to work with and now very successful business owner of Everfilt Water Filtration systems. You have to hear his story, from working out of his bed room to designing for the greatest clothing companies of our time, Donny never gave up and has put his family in a great place in life. #TheLamboandLeroyShow Everfilt - https://www.everfilt.com
01:24:34 6/15/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Motorsports and Marketing Expert - Robert Wilson | The Lambo & Leroy Show - EP 27 This week we sat down with our good friend and marketing genius Robert Wilson. Robert is the man behind many Brands, Race Series and Custom Builds you've known over the Years. He tells us all about his child hood, Starting Modern Image, Working on the first 3 Fast n Furious Movies and SO MUCH MORE !!!
01:34:31 6/9/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
On this weeks Episode of The Lambo & Leroy We sit down and chat with Dave Mathews and talk all about his business Fain Drilling !! #LamboandLeroyShow #Podcast
00:50:45 6/1/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
On todays episode of The Lambo & Leroy show, we had a chance to sit down with The Mint400 Winner Eric Harden. We talk all about their family business' and racing. Dont miss out on this incredible story !!!
01:06:45 4/20/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
We are very excited to announce our new series "Manufacturer Monday" with Lambo & Leroy, This is a show all about the top aftermarket manufacturers in the automotive industry. On this weeks Episode we sat down with Mike Hallmark from Hellwig Products.
00:23:32 4/10/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
We sat down with Bryan Lyttle & Kyle Callen from All German Motorsports also known as "AGM". AGM is a company supporting the automotive industry by producing some of the greatest Lift and Recovery equipment in the world.
01:27:54 4/6/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
Dan McGranaham is a man of many talents. Faith, Family and Friends come first, But serious business is what got him to where he is today. His entrepreneurial mindset from a young age lead him to work with some of the greatest business' and athletes in the world. Listen along to hear his amazing life, He may even drop some knowledge for you to benefit from. #TheLamboAndLeroyShow
01:46:17 3/2/2023
The Lambo & Leroy Show
We sit down with our boy Tepi Benjamins from Papa and Barkley to discuss the benefits of Cannabis and how it can improve your health and help with pain, We discuss how the times have changed and athletes are relying on cannabis to help sleep, manage pain and get through the day to day activities. #TheLamboAndLeroyShow #Podcast
01:04:02 2/23/2023

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