Episode #7 | Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter)

Erika joins the gang for a look at the second live-action attempt for Wonder Woman. In your satin tights, Fighting for your rights! The Amazing Amazon finally debuts in her own weekly television series! Stanley Ralph Ross adapts the legendary DC superhero created by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter into a hit show that continues to define Woman Woman to this day. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com

Taped Crusaders
00:47:06 4/24/2023

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Taped Crusaders
Richard Donner vs. Richard Lester! At one time considered the greatest superhero film ever made, Superman II was a hodge-podge of footage filmed by two different directors that still managed to become a financial and critical hit. 25 years after release, a drastically different cut was released to the public, to critical acclaim. But the story doesn't end there! In this episode, we discuss the reason for the two different cuts, and the possibility that there could be a 3rd edit on the horizon. Jordan joins Joshua Murr-VELL, Champ-Ian and Mike-EL for another superhero movie chat. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
01:18:00 12/21/2023
Taped Crusaders
When George Lucas could not secure the rights to remaking Flash Gordon, he created Star Wars to fill in the Gordon-size hole in his heart; a few years later, Flash Gordon returned the favour, with a big-budget, Queen-soundtracked schlock-fest that looks like a cross between The Wizard Of Oz and David Lynch's Dune. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:44:44 12/20/2023
Taped Crusaders
Champ-Ian joins Mike-EL and Joshua Murr-VELL for another flash back to the past. Your pals at Taped Crusaders sit through another 90 minutes of 70s TV, so that you don't have to! The original Buck Rogers comic strip may have inspired legions of science fiction imitators, but someone forgot to tell the producers of this particular project, because the last thing they had in mind was honouring the legacy of a classic hero. Gil Gerad, Erin Gray, and Mel Blanc (!) star in this two-part pilot episode that, against all odds, was also given theatrical release. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:39:18 12/19/2023
Taped Crusaders
Champ-Ian joins Josh & Mike! Warmed over leftovers from The Six Million Dollar Man are used for the basis for this TV-movie that has almost nothing to do with Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's comic book creation. Our review is half as long as the movie, but twice as entertaining! www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:49:50 12/18/2023
Taped Crusaders
Jordan, Marshall, and Helen join Josh and Mike to review the #1 box office smash of 1978. Is Superman "the perfect movie"? The Gone With The Wind of superhero films? Or are we just too attached to our favourite film from our childhood? Find out here. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
01:50:40 12/17/2023
Taped Crusaders
Paul Zettel joins us for a look at the ill-fated TV movie. What the hoggoth is this thing? Peter Hooten, Clyde Kusatu, Jessica Walter, and Eddie Benton star in the fourth Marvel property to be adapted for the small screen. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:34:28 7/3/2023
Taped Crusaders
David DuBois, Champ-Ian, Mike-EL, Joshua Mur-VELL, and Bex Luthor review Dave's favourite episode of Japanese Spider-Man! Spider-Protector, Spider-Bracelet, Spider-Strings, Leopardon...wait, Leopardon? What the heck is going on here? You'll have to listen to this episode to find out.
00:36:48 6/26/2023
Taped Crusaders
Kyle Van Dongen joins Mike-EL for a look back at the most successful Marvel adaptation of the 70s. Kenneth Johnson reimagines The Hulk for 1970s TV! Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno and Jack Colvin star in the hit show that defined the Green Goliath for a generation of fans. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:57:30 5/29/2023
Taped Crusaders
Champ-Ian joins Bex Luthor, Joshua Murr-VELL and Mike-EL for another jam-packed discussion about 70s superhero fun. Nicholas Hammond hams it up in this, um, thing-that-exists adaptation of Marvel's flagship character. Featuring J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson, Aunt May, not Mary-Jane, not Gwen, not Liz, not Betty, not Harry, and not Flash. www.ComicBookSyndicate.com
00:56:06 5/15/2023
Taped Crusaders
Champ-Ian joins the gang to review another classic (?) film. Clark Savage, Jr. ? The Fortress of Solitude...Hold up, this is starting to sound familiar... The Taped Crusaders explore the first (and only) feature film appearance of the proto-superhero Doc Savage, who appears to have inspired a certain DC flagship character.
00:52:09 4/3/2023

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