Radio host, student pilot and LA enthusiast Freddy Rivera dives deep into his story from beginning to now in all the adventures he partakes in - those in radio, flying, food and more.


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Show 42: Mister Swiff

From Power 106 to Palm Spring to 99.1 KGGI, Mister Swiff's career was fundamental to so many parts in music, radio, live events and the club scene. To the IE he is a familiar name. To the industry, he comes highly acclaimed. For those especially in radio, it's hard NOT to relate to at least one of his many interesting and sometimes outlandish stories that make up part of his journey. Swiff has a unique character and right off the bat does not apologize if he offends anyone. In all his talent and intellect, this is also who he is. To that, we warmly welcome him on our show! Radio world is about to take a spin...
01:43:00 8/11/2022

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Sirius/XM's Austin Bessey (formally Radio Disney) gives insight on what WORKS when you are in between jobs, especially those in the entertainment / radio industry. It's a hard time right now for many and its even harder to find the right information that could actually help you get back in the industry. But Austin knows first hand what it was like to be in the industry one day, then out, then back in again. What he shares here on this episode helped him get to where he is now, SIRIUS/XM.
00:48:12 6/30/2022
Radio Flyer
"I had to hit rock bottom to appreciate what was coming..." Alex "The Hood Foodie" on becoming who he is today. We thought we'd talk food and social media. But instead, we got pretty deep. His story is one I believe everyone can relate to. His struggles, how he grew up and who he is at the heart is why he's become a local star and worldwide influencer on social media. He's been to the edge and back. With that he's learned to never stop giving back. Giving back to his community. His people. His following. He was a gift to have on. We hope you enjoy his story... so far.
00:47:33 4/22/2022
Radio Flyer
It was purely by chance I ran into Mike McVay in front of the restrooms at a radio conference in Chicago. Mike created and runs McVay Media, an international consulting firm that helps companies, talent and programmers win in today's every-changing world. He's held just about every job in radio including Vice President of Programming for Cumulus, Westwood One, was a Program Director at age 25 and has sustained a successful career in media for over 40 years. Mike was nice enough to really dive in and share his wisdom and outlook on today's radio and talent.
00:32:32 4/6/2022
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In every industry, there's a legend within the walls. Stories are created about them. You hear their name. Their character seems bigger than life. But when you finally meet them, they turn out to be the nicest most humblest soul you could have ever met. Ron Shapiro, a legend in his own right, has worked with some of the biggest radio legends to date. He's withstood the seasons and generations and continues to thrive now at the globally prominent, highly successful Spotify in Los Angeles. What's his secret? How did he maintain such stamina in an ever-changing world? He shares his ideas and concepts. And ultimately his secret to his own success. His story is one not just for the radio industry, but for those who seek longevity and creativity in any field.
00:53:45 3/24/2022
Radio Flyer
They say the drummer is the backbone of a live band. Well Dana is and has been THIS for endless radio shows, ranging from New York to Los Angeles as producer, talent, writer, journalist - the list continues. I developed a unique friendship with Dana over her years at KIIS FM LA. I got to see her range as a talent, not just in radio, but in baking and working with some of the greats in the culinary world as well. She too, has worked with the greats and is becoming one herself. There is no doubt whichever platform becomes hers is one that will be vibrant and flourish. We're happy to have her on, talk (unfiltered) about our mutual love for the radio industry and the people in it. Because, well, that's what we did when we went for coffee after long days at work. This time, we have mics turned on.
01:08:03 2/24/2022
Radio Flyer
He's a radio man at heart. World-traveled-and-toured as a DJ. An entrepreneur and restaurant owner of Dip Shabu Shabu. And once upon a time he hosted the morning show on 99.1 KGGI - which to his experience, turned out to be one of the biggest challenges of his career. This is a story of a talented man who has loved, lost, endured and ultimately bounced back more sharpened and superior than before. File this episode under "most relatable." His profound story begins in the IE, moves to Fresno, returns to Riverside and ends up in Artesia. A heartfelt shout out to our friend and fellow radio mentor, the late but great, Tony Banks. The man with the most genuine smile. You gave us a great leader and mentor to look up to. We miss you. We think of you. We thank you.
01:04:29 1/27/2022
Radio Flyer
"To the moon" is what we all hoped our favorite crypto stock would do. But in reality, it was Willie a.k.a. Adventures of a Fat Guy's social media that did just that. And for good reason. Locally born and braised in East LA, Willie never had the intention of becoming an "influencer." But he DID want to share his skillset with the world. The skill of cooking incredibly good food. So he did what he knew best. Food. From cooking a tomahawk steak in his backyard to sharing his favorite taco joints in the neighborhood, and how to correctly garnish that beautiful piece of eat from the butcher. He had a thing for sharing his secrets. And for doing so, his audience soon followed... and in a big way. No one is more humbled and authentic in his teachings and showmanship, and that probably has something to do with his recent success. Long time in the works, longer time in mutual networks and now finally on the chopping block, Adventures of a Fat Guy is here and shares what its like to be a social media success, how to become one and where to find that amazing taco spot no one is talking about yet in Southern California.
01:15:38 1/6/2022
Radio Flyer
Comedian and actor Jeff Garcia, born and braised in La Puente has been doing comedy since he was 15 years old! Early ambitions and natural talent emanated into a resume which includes voice acting in Happy Feet, Rio, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and to this day performs and tours live doing standup all over the world. On this episode, he wastes no time getting into his experience working with comedy legend Robin Williams and why he, to this day, holds Robin in high regard and can further attest to his legendary legacy. Oh, and how his ex wife got a piece of Robin too. I'll let Jeff explain... He's made the city of La Puente proud. He's made audiences laugh all over the world. And now, he's here in Rancho Cucamonga, to hang with us. Jeff Garcia is tonight's main course. And yes, he has all the sizzle and plenty of bite.
01:00:15 12/20/2021
Radio Flyer
No one in the history of broadcasting has anyone made such a name for themselves as JoJo Wright... hosting nights in LA since 1998 on legendary radio station 102.7 KIIS FM. He himself has elevated his status to "legendary" and "household name" in LA as he currently hosts afternoon drive. JoJo and I go back, we are friends and have been for a while now. There's a lot to cover including the status of radio today, his secret of success for interviewing celebrities, why he thinks he's been successful this long on KIIS FM, his passion for wine, his close relationship with the Backstreet Boys and of course, meeting Michael Jackson. Epic is an understatement for the life he's made for himself.
01:41:00 11/23/2021
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There's so much more behind the broadcaster... Aron Bender tells us. This is the foundation of what his podcast "The Aron Bender Podcast" is all about. But for us, we explore his life, his career, his family, his goals, and the state of today's broadcasting industry. He's a veteran of news broadcasting and radio. Former KFI AM 640 news anchor and reporter. He now works an an anchor for Pasadena Now, a broadcast journalist professor at University of Northridge (SCUN) and a Dad of two girls. He also drove over an hour to be here in person at our studio in Rancho Cucamonga. Its hard not to love this guy. We used to work together in Burbank. Now, we might actually have time to do what friends do... talk and catch up.
01:04:00 10/20/2021
Radio Flyer
As a child she braved a revolution in her home country of Albania. She survived being kidnapped while in school. An athlete in her youth. A scholarship recipient which eventually landed her in the states... just to witness the 9/11 terrorist attacks outside of her Bronx window. She nestles up in her safe haven home in California, where she eventually finds her voice and platform. She's excited to fill us in how how she wants to use her new platform to make changes not just for herself, but for human equality on a national level. We were all taken back by her story. We think you will be too.
00:48:10 10/3/2021
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What ISN'T DJ Cazel doing is the real question. At the age of 16, he had his own record label. He accomplished being one of the greatest mix DJ's the scene had ever saw. He scratched records with his elbow. He won dj battles. He's thrown his own concerts. He's launching his own artists. He's given back to his community in a BIG way. And he's here to give us an insight on his new "Souldies" project that you NEED to be in on if you like good music. Welcome DJ Cazel!
00:52:03 9/16/2021
Radio Flyer
Jo Mo has worked with some of the GREATESTS in the radio industry, including... Art Laboe. Her upbringing alone is an incredible and unique story. She "Cher's" all on what its like to work with radio legend Art Laboe, 99.1 KGGI, living in Hollywood, and how working at Warehouse Music store changed her life and helped escalate her career to work in Los Angeles!
00:51:39 9/6/2021
Radio Flyer
Jazzy K had to work SEVEN days a week at her dad's restaurant just to afford herself a plane ticket to LA - where there, she would further her career as an artist. I caught up with her one Thursday evening (LA time) live from her living room in Sydney, Australia to talk about her humble origins as an artists to what is was like to be in LA for the first time - to running into Cameron Diaz at a nail salon! You can hear her single "Trap House" around 19 minutes into the interview.
00:34:22 8/18/2021

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