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Circuit Clouts

Episode 32 - 1985 Season Preview

In a super-sized double-decker season preview edition, the guys count down the league's 16 teams. Will Detroit three-peat? Will Washington catch St. Louis in the Gulf Division? And will Montreal overtake the Sox in the Atlantic and book a playoff return three years after their World Series triumph? Prefer two parts: pause it halfway and finish it later!
01:40:48 5/27/2022

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Circuit Clouts
The lads finish the countdown of the upper echelon, discuss the merits of guys named Dick, talk about the millions tied up in long-term deals, and make their picks for the first six-team playoff.
01:04:20 11/28/2021
Circuit Clouts
Glen, Lance, and the Commish look at the bottom half of the expanded field heading into the 1984 season. Which teams have moved up, which have regressed, and which are building toward a brighter future? Includes insights on current ratings, but also financial situation and farm systems of each team.
01:02:50 11/28/2021
Circuit Clouts
Toronto's Eric Clemons and Havana's Lance Mueller sit down with Glen Reed and the Commish to discuss their strategy through the expansion draft, free agency, and the loaded 1984 rookie draft, including that time when Dr. C left his patients in the waiting room so he could assess trade offers for Dwight Gooden.
00:56:04 11/23/2021
Circuit Clouts
Manhattan GM Eric Holthaus, LA GM Peter Vays join Glen and the Commish to share basic finance tips. Topics include the salary cap, maximizing revenue, player valuation, and contracts.
00:55:46 10/27/2021
Circuit Clouts
With six games left in the 1983 season, three founding GMs-Lance, Charlie, and Glen-talk about their photo finish in the quest for wildcard berths. And Lance makes us all a virtual snack.
00:39:06 10/18/2021
Circuit Clouts
Vays, Reed, and Smith debate who will land between the wide goalposts of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Topics include the end of an era in the Bay, Chicago's unColt-like pitching, the Maroon rebuild, Chet the Jet, and-last but not least-what Glen thinks of Atlanta.
00:43:45 8/24/2021
Circuit Clouts
L.A.'s Peter Vays joins the Commish and "ratings meister" Glen Reed to break down the 1983 East Division race. Learn which leadoff hitter is an automatic out, which pitcher simply doesn't win, and why Cleveland will finish 2nd-or 6th.
00:46:19 8/24/2021
Circuit Clouts
Voyageurs boss and architect Jo Lima discusses how his "average Joes" hoisted the UL crown in 1982. Along the way, he shares thoughts on wargaming, Scottish football, and Warren Cromartie-but not architecture.
01:14:04 8/22/2021
Circuit Clouts
Chicago Colts GM Lance Mueller joins his nemesis, ex-Brooklyn Superbas GM Glen Reed, to recount four long years of misery, misfortune, and S-turds. Along the way, the gents touch on dudes named Dick, silver linings, and share thoughts about dynasties, parity, and realignment.
01:09:10 8/13/2021
Circuit Clouts
For four years in the early '60s, the same two teams met in the UL World Series. Every year, Brooklyn beat Chicago four games to one. The era witnessed two of the most dominant teams in UL history-one was more dominant than the other. Mantle, Banks, Burdette, Adcock, Conley, Mossi, Hamner, and yes, the S-turd. This is their story, in what confused pundits are calling part one of a four-part trilogy.
01:02:15 7/31/2021
Circuit Clouts
Interview with the reigning East Division champion GM and Casey Award winner for fake baseball journalism, Sean Holloway. Learn how Holloway built a UL powerhouse, and how he comes up with all those articles and songs for Clouts.
01:11:32 5/26/2021
Circuit Clouts
Special guest Seattle GM Eric Clemons explains how to turn around a franchise in just 17 short seasons. Includes insights on the C-Rob trade, the rise of prospect John Shelby, and his secret approach to staying on top of all seven teams in his division.
01:01:06 5/17/2021
Circuit Clouts
The fab four continue their ramblings about the upcoming United League season, focusing on the top six teams. Who will be #1? And who is the worst cleanup hitter in the league?
00:50:45 5/5/2021
Circuit Clouts
The gents welcome special guest and World Series-winning GM Peter Vays into the studio to prognosticate about the '82 season. Part 1 takes a look at the bottom half of the league, including insights about Wade Boggs, Scott Sanderson, and Phil Collins.
00:46:20 5/4/2021

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