Episode 30 - 1984 Season Preview, Part 1

Glen, Lance, and the Commish look at the bottom half of the expanded field heading into the 1984 season. Which teams have moved up, which have regressed, and which are building toward a brighter future? Includes insights on current ratings, but also financial situation and farm systems of each team.

Circuit Clouts
01:02:50 11/28/2021

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Circuit Clouts
Does Stuff matter more? Which players will fall in the shower? And which teams will compete for the final playoff spot behind L.A. and St. Louis? These questions and more are under consideration in Part 2 of the 1990 season preview!
00:57:58 1/11/2024
Circuit Clouts
Do the Polar Bears have any weaknesses? Will Saberhagen finally get 20 wins? What does Charlie think about the Tomlin trade? Join us as the fellas address these burning questions and many others in the 1990 UL East Division preview!
00:45:32 1/10/2024
Circuit Clouts
The lads discuss what it takes to develop players in the minors, which roster has the key ingredients for a bench-clearing brawl, and Rob Deer-all while making a series of prognostications on the 1989 UL season.
01:45:04 9/4/2023
Circuit Clouts
On the 20th anniversary of the UL's founding, the fellas discuss the outlook for its 38th season. Includes references to Jim "Dream" Weaver, Jack Kevorkian, and how regular season dominance can set you up for a postseason flop.
01:59:30 4/18/2023
Circuit Clouts
Pete, Glen, and special guest Charlie Qualls assess the outlook for all 16 teams and give their picks for league champion, rookie of the year, and the ever-popular worst cleanup hitter in the league.
01:38:25 1/9/2023
Circuit Clouts
The gents have a fireside chat with veteran GM Jeff Tonole of San Francisco and discuss his early baseball influences, trading style (or lack thereof), and the unexpected success of the 1985 Spiders.
01:04:37 12/4/2022
Circuit Clouts
Glen and the Commish sit down with special guest Doug Aiton, Seattle Rainiers GM, to discuss the upcoming 1986 season. Which team won the draft? Who are the rookie of the year favorites? What new teams will be in the mix come September? What is Doug's nighttime beverage of choice?
01:44:23 9/11/2022
Circuit Clouts
The Commish sits down with World Series GMs Peter Vays and Glen Reed to dissect the upcoming rookie class, and tackle such hard-hitting questions as: Is this the best rookie crop ever? Is defense passť? Are relievers becoming more important? Is Barry Larkin better than Luis Aguayo?
00:57:41 8/29/2022
Circuit Clouts
In a super-sized double-decker season preview edition, the guys count down the league's 16 teams. Will Detroit three-peat? Will Washington catch St. Louis in the Gulf Division? And will Montreal overtake the Sox in the Atlantic and book a playoff return three years after their World Series triumph? Prefer two parts: pause it halfway and finish it later!
01:40:48 5/27/2022
Circuit Clouts
The lads finish the countdown of the upper echelon, discuss the merits of guys named Dick, talk about the millions tied up in long-term deals, and make their picks for the first six-team playoff.
01:04:20 11/28/2021

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