Think of it like a radio morning show without the early hours and all that annoying music. If cheesy crackers were people.... they'd be Chris, Wally, and Jess. Hey, wit happens.



Episode 11: Cheezy Like Sunday Morning

Bet ya didn't know the Wits all have criminal backgrounds. We talk about it, plus high school friends and former coworkers, Wally's 70s porn hair, Jess's adventures in dating apps, and Chris finally takes a break from making bowling alley pizzas to join the conversation.
01:03:43 1/29/2023

Past Episodes

Fast food, corporal punishment, sexy time at radio stations, and the trouble with being famous -- it's all covered in this week's episode. OH. And we need ratings and reviews, please. Even if you're an Android person, do it in iTunes so more people can find us!
01:25:41 1/22/2023
The Wits are joined by special guest Brad, Jess meets a potential new neighbor, Wally learns some technology, Brad introduces the super hero of the common man. And then there are farts. So, Many. Farts.
01:35:10 1/15/2023
The Wits beg for ratings and reviews, Wally has tech challenges, Chris is afraid of his wife to be, Jess attracts ALL the red flags, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT ARE THOSE BELLS.
01:01:02 1/8/2023
Two words: nipple. hair. Plus, weather horror stories, Chris makes a possible life change, Jess tells some incredible stories about her ex, and Wally's thoughts on fashion.
01:13:13 1/1/2023
Childhood crushes, hard lessons learned, and the BEST cheese is government cheese -- the Wits cover it all on this week's episode.
00:56:28 12/25/2022
This episode has almost nothing to do with Christmas. It IS, however, mostly (but not entirely) Chris-LESS. The Wits cover mindlessness, a chipmunk named Greg, smells, and how we all look so young for our age. Also, count how many times Wally says "Christine Baranski" -- there's no prize or anything, but you should do it anyway, just to see how high you can count.
00:56:08 12/18/2022
This week, the Wits give a plausible explanation for some technical difficulties, chase away some more potential sponsors, do some investigative reporting, and what would make Wally eat a turd in a bar? Covid, obviously.
01:05:27 12/11/2022
This week, the Wits talk about why Wally is annoyed with your kid in the self-checkout, pooping in public restrooms, the embarrassing childhood story Chris's mother shared, and the businesses we're sure won't sponsor us (with good reason). Oh yeah, and Wally tries to get us -- or at least himself -- canceled.
01:01:23 12/4/2022
This week the Wits pull back the curtain on the radio business -- including pooping on the job, working for Satan, on-air F-bombs, and the real reason for Christmas music on the radio. And yes, Chris DID say he thought gravy would come out of his future mother-in-law's leg. It's ok. We're shaking our heads, too.
01:11:59 11/27/2022
Meet Wally, Jess, and Chris. This week we talk voting, tourists, dating horror stories, crazy neighbors, men with emotions, and why you can or cannot say "master bedroom" in 2022.
00:56:07 11/20/2022
Just a quick introduction.
00:00:27 11/20/2022

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