Have you ever wondered about the things that go "Oy" in the night? Join spooky Jews, Jennifer and Adam, as they explore the monsters and occult that live inside Jewish literature--and how they fit into the greater pantheon of things that live in the shadows. What's the link between the Maharal and M3gan? Is Bram Stoker a raging anti-semite? (Yes). How can you fight off Jewish Werewolves? We answer these questions and so many more in Call Your Monster.


Call Your Monster

Episode 6--An Interview with Amit Tishler, Golem-master

Jenn and Adam make a friend. They ask him too many questions.
00:50:31 9/28/2023

Past Episodes

Call Your Monster
Jennifer gets a crush on Satan. Adam has thoughts on the Jedi. It's time to talk about the Embodiment of Evil.
00:27:20 9/8/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer reveals her love of Pokemon. Adam has stress dreams. Get ready to learn about Behemoth, Leviathon, and Ziz.
00:35:20 9/1/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer fangirls over Baba Yaga. Adam goes full Dan Brown. Trust no one--they could be werewolves or shades (sheyds?).
00:25:30 8/25/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer proposes a field trip. Adam throws down with the Pillsbury Doughboy. The team makes some golems.
00:17:38 8/18/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer hates on Bram Stoker. Adam tries to speak Aramaic. Let's fight some vampires.
00:20:51 8/11/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer grew up in a haunted house. Adam had a safari themed Bar Mitzvah. Welcome to the show.
00:09:45 8/4/2023

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