Jennifer grew up in a haunted house. Adam had a safari themed Bar Mitzvah. Welcome to the show.

Call Your Monster
00:09:45 8/4/2023

Past Episodes

Call Your Monster
Jenn and Adam make a friend. They ask him too many questions.
00:50:31 9/28/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer gets a crush on Satan. Adam has thoughts on the Jedi. It's time to talk about the Embodiment of Evil.
00:27:20 9/8/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer reveals her love of Pokemon. Adam has stress dreams. Get ready to learn about Behemoth, Leviathon, and Ziz.
00:35:20 9/1/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer fangirls over Baba Yaga. Adam goes full Dan Brown. Trust no one--they could be werewolves or shades (sheyds?).
00:25:30 8/25/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer proposes a field trip. Adam throws down with the Pillsbury Doughboy. The team makes some golems.
00:17:38 8/18/2023
Call Your Monster
Jennifer hates on Bram Stoker. Adam tries to speak Aramaic. Let's fight some vampires.
00:20:51 8/11/2023

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