Taste the Scene: David Combes on West Hollywood's Restaurant and Nightlife Landscape

In this episode, we're excited to welcome David Combes, Co-Founder/Principal of The Botanical Group, to share some insight on West Hollywood's thriving restaurant and nightlife scene. We'll dive into David's career journey and learn how he built a company that operates some of the neighborhood's most dynamic eateries and entertainment venues - from the chic yet laid-back EP/LP rooftop bar and restaurant, to the fun (and first of its kind) Melrose Rooftop Theatre, and the Melbourne-inspired Strings of Life Cafe. Tune in for a fascinating and insightful discussion with one of West Hollywood's most innovative entrepreneurs, and get ready to discover the hidden gems of the city's vibrant culinary and entertainment scene!

The Creators Podcast
00:00:00 7/5/2023

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