Join us this week as we relaunch Talking Tough. Joining Rick Bassman as permanent hosts of the show are Bas Rutten, Butterbean and Flex Wheeler. Follow us each week as we redefine what it means to Talk Tough and bring you special guests. You never know who might pop in for a surprise visit.

Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
00:00:00 1/20/2022

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Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
English-born actor professional kickboxer and actor Steve Spiro is a renaissance man in the world of dog rescue. A huge Pit Bull fan whose his favorite quote is "Stop blaming the wrong end of the leash," Steve co-founded START Rescue. With a mission statement that includes, START focuses on transporting dogs from high-risk areas such as Afghanistan and the Ukraine, to afford them a better chance at a quality life. Steve joins Mina and Rick to discuss all aspects of rescue, including reducing the euthanasia rates of surrendered, stray, neglected, and abused animals in California. In the process, they do a deep dive into the unfair reputation surrounding pit bull-type dogs, explore their true nature, and talk about what can be done to turn things around for our beloved bullies.
00:00:00 11/19/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Marcus Timmons, otherwise known as Big Herc, is the embodiment of the hero's journey. Climbing back from the very bottom -which included an eight-year term in a federal penitentiary-Marcus is the first to take responsibility for his actions. Making a firm decision to leave the past in the past, he consicentiously planned a path forward. The ingredients he cultivated on his journey, which included creating community, physical fitness, education, psychology and philosophy, and helping others, Marcus today is a complete comeback. Amongst his many successful entrepreneurial endeavors, Marcus -as "Big Herc" is the host and producer of YouTube's "Fresh Out," with over half a million subscribers. Join Rick and Marcus -longtime friends and colleagues-for a deep dive into personal responsibility, motivation, and what it takes to come back from the abyss to one's best ever.
00:00:00 11/14/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
After 40+ years in the pro wrestling world, Al Snow is at the top of his game, and riding high as the central figure on smash hit Netflix show "Wrestlers." Longtime colleagues -and formerly competitors-Al and Rick do a deep dive into what it takes to both as a pro wrestler, and as a promoter, and the amazing highs and terrible lows of each. More importantly, perhaps, the two old friends illustrate an analogy from pro wrestling to life and the human condition, and the trials and tribulations that we all live with on a daily basis. Al, one of the greatest -and most articulate-minds in the wrestling business, shares his wisdom on how we can all stay true to ourselves and how we can consistently do our very best, both for ourselves and for others.
00:00:00 11/8/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Bailey O' Brien was the All-American success story; a success on every measurable level. Until she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and came to terms with the idea that she was letting her circumstances and her surroundings control her very existence. Faced with a literal life-or-death proposition, Bailey uncovered a new self, one who simultaneously discovered surrender, while taking charge like never before. Today, Bailey is a survivor living life on life's terms, and helping countless others to do the same.
00:00:00 11/1/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Sara Enos Ondrako is known and respected as one of the world's leading experts on the Pit Bull. As the founder and CO of the American Pit Bull Foundation, Sara has been at the forefront of combatting breed-specific legislation, spay and neuter, adopt-don't-shop movement, and advocating for the world to have an accurate perception of our beloved bullies. Sara joins Rick and Mina for a very pragmatic, yet no-hold-barred look at what is being done to help pit bull-type dogs, and a look into what we can all do to help going forward.
00:00:00 10/28/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
While living the American dream, Chuck Keels received the shocking news that he had advanced stage 4 cancer, with a very limited time to live. The initial despair and defeat he felt quickly gave way to a resolve to not only survive but to thrive. While on his "cancer journey," and with a newly discovered positive attitude about life, he met and married his equal, Hannah, who was also dealing with stage 4 cancer and an equally grim prognosis. Those who experienced Hannah and Chuck together often defined their relationship as "divine." While fighting for their lives, Hannah and Chuck created The Living Hope Cancer Foundation, which grew quickly to inspire thousands. Hannah, the truest symbol imaginable of hope, passed in late 2022. Today, Chuck continues to grow the foundation he and his wife started together, and with his light shining brighter than ever before, conveys hope and inspiration to people across the globe.
00:00:00 10/26/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell is a man with a reputation; and oftentimes, not for the better. In this episode, we peel back the layers to discover the man behind the myth. From his rapid ascent to the top of the pro wrestling world and his consumption of all the spoils that came with the fame and fortune, to a precipitous crash to rock bottom. In this episode of Talking Tough, Marcus doesn't hold back. Laying himself bare, we learn that the person once known as "The Stuff" is coming to terms with himself, living life on life's terms, and in the process, becoming a champion of a human being.
00:00:00 10/24/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
There are only small handfuls of people in this world who have invested everything in acquiring land, erecting structures and maintaining a staff, and dedicating all of these resources to the betterment of a large number of pit bull-type dogs. There are even fewer who are DOING IT RIGHT. Jill and Cody Rackley of Shadow's Fund are amongst those few. Mina and Rick do a deep dive with Jill and Cody into the challenges of not only keeping a sanctuary running year after year, but doing so at a high standard. From there, they focus on the challenges surrounding our beautiful bully breeds, with a focus on why pit bull-type dogs' reputations suffer such incredible unfairness, and how we can play our part in giving these deserving creatures a better chance at a fair and fulfilled life.
00:00:00 10/6/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Rick gets one-on-one time with one of his best friends, the iconic fighter and media personality known far and wide -and affectionately-as Butterbean. The two good pals talk about Butterbean's unlikely later-life comeback , from 500+ lbs., wheelchair-bound and severely depressed, to a lean, mean and incredibly fit and happy 300 lbs. They discuss Diamond Dallas Page's role in this remarkable transition and apply the lessons Bean learned under DDP's tutelage that can apply to anybody facing big life challenges. We then learn that... Bean is preparing to get back in the ring, and show what he says will be the best version ever of the fighter once known as "The king of the 4-rounders." Rick and Bean discuss possible opponents, which ends with Bean sizing up his chances against Jake and Logan Paul, Mie Tyson, and calling out Vince McMahon and Dana White to book and promote a fight with Brock Lesnar.
00:00:00 10/3/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
In the inaugural episode of The Cancer Warriors, Rick Bassman and Amanda Kelly preview what they hope and intend to deliver through this podcast, including everything from Western medicine to alternative Eastern treatments, and "attitude vs circumstance," to the ingredients needed to not only survive, but to thrive. Also in Episode 1, Amanda and Rick dive into their personal cancer stories, including their reactions when first learning of their diagnosis, their ensuing treatment, and their outcome today. This segues to an exploration of their conviction that hope -and a fulfilled life-are always possible.
00:00:00 9/28/2023

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