THE PITBULL PODCAST Episode 6 - Kyle Schwab

Rick Bassman's & Mina Martinez' PIT BULL PODCAST, with guest Smashface Rescue's Kyle Schwab - Kyle Schwab is recognized by many industry professionals as the world-leading expert in rehabilitating dangerous dogs, and for his passionate advocacy for our beloved bully breed. Kyle is known far and wide for his commitment to defending our bullied dogs -as is evidenced by his many arrests-but is equally known for his seemingly limitless love for dogs everywhere, and for his tireless work to educate others, in the quest to make our world a better place for our canine companions.

Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
00:00:00 2/12/2024

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Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Rick Bassman's & Erica "Jungle Grrrl" Porter's CANCER WARRIOR PODCAST presents WRESTLING WITH CANCER, with guests Rick "Black Bart" Harris, Darnell "BLK Jeez" Kittrell, Patricia "Sunny" Summerland & "The Cancer Fighter" Sean Wachter An incredible group of notable pro wrestling personalities comes together with the goal of imparting strength and hope to anyone facing their own battle with cancer, or really, struggling with any major challenge for which they could use inspiration. In this conversion, Jungle Grrrl, BLK Jeez, The Cancer Fighter, Sunny, and Black Bart are all super-candid and relatable, and wide open to sharing their struggle, and what they've learned as they battle cancer, and kick its ass. Further, as each is a big, entertaining personality in their own right, and while you may not automatically put the words "cancer" and "fun" together, I'm confident that anyone who watched and listens to Wrestling with Cancer, in addition to being inspired, will have a great time.
00:00:00 2/11/2024
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Joey Trujillo is a true renaissance man. Climbing his way up from the bottom through sheer grit and determination, Joey made his way to the top of the medical profession, all the while studying the law and earning his MBA. The busier he got in his career, the more he launched himself into one outrageous experience after another around the world, often with his longtime good friend and our Talking Tough host Rick Bassman. And, as often and high as he rose to the top, he crashed to the bottom in just as dramatic fashion. Joey and Rick get together for a gloves-off candid conversation, about the highs and lows of life, taking responsibility, and being committed to the idea that one can always be better than ever before.
00:00:00 2/7/2024
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Rick Bassman on Undergoing Brain Cancer Treatment Visit RIck Bassman's website for All THREE OF HIS PODCASTS, talking tough, the pitbull podcast AND THE CANCER WARRIOR Follow Rick on Instagram @Rick_Bassman
00:00:00 2/4/2024
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
It's a new beginning for The Cancer Warriors! Erica Porter, known also as Women of Wrestling's Jungle Grrrl, joins Rick in her first episode as co-host of The Cancer Warriors. Erica's candidly shares her personal stage 4 cancer journey, and her creation of the Endorphasm Foundation, which provides physical fitness guidance and training free of charge, to people in the midst of their own cancer battles. Rick, for the first time publicly, reveals his recent brain cancer diagnosis, and together, the two longtime friends talk about their philosophies about what one can and cannot control when facing cancer, and offer heartfelt and simple advice on actions we all take to not only survive cancer, but to thrive during and after.
00:00:00 1/25/2024
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
A no-holds-barred, nothing-held-back discussion between Rick and his one time client, Mark "The Specimen" Kerr. Rick and Mark peel back the curtain to reveal what it was like in the early days of MMA, from the UFC tournaments and Vale Tudo in Brazil, to the first Abu Dhabi submissions championships and the glory days of PRIDE in Japan. Mark, then considered the world's dominant #1 Heavyweight, reveals what it was like to live at he top of the world, and then to spectacularly crash and burn, as chronicled in the now infamous HBO documentary. Rick and Mark talk about how and why they each descended to this own rock bottom, and the personal responsibility they ultimately accepted in climbing out of the abyss. The longtime friends then celebrate Mark's return to a fulfilling life, led by family and friends, including new pal Dwayne Johnson, who recently announced he'll be playing Mark in his upcoming major dramatic feature. The Smashing Machine.
00:00:00 1/24/2024
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Darcy Dennett is a master storyteller and highly-accredited, and award-winning documentarian. Travelling the globe to expertly -and beautifully-document stories of the human condition... hardship, resilience and ultimately triumph, Darcy's work has resonated with millions on platforms ranging from NatGeo and History Channel to PBS and Netflix. Dennett was Showrunner of 4 seasons of the highly successful Dogtown (National Geographic) following trainers, vets, and caregivers at a Utah animal sanctuary as they rescue and rehabilitate dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. The series was nominated for a Genesis Award given by the Humane Society, in recognition of media illuminating animal rights issues. Darcy, notably, also directed and executive produced the documentary feature, The Champions (Netflix), about the pit-bulls rescued from the notorious dog-fighting ring of Atlanta Falcons' star quarterback Michael Vick-an inspirational story of resilience and the relationship between humans and animals. Darcy, Mina and Rick do a deep dive on her foray into the pit bull world; how and why she became interested, her initial perceptions of the "breed," her view today of the pit bull, and a surprising discourse on Vick himself. This episode is a must-see/must-listen for a wholly original take on pit bull-type dogs, and a shining example of the possibility of changing the misconceptions surrounding our beautiful bully breeds Check in with Darcy at and follow on IG @darcydennett Please subscribe to Rick's YouTube channel @rickbassman and follow on IG @rick_bassman Check in with Mina at and follow on IG @minas.animal.sanctuary
00:00:00 12/21/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
As a stage 4 cancer survivor, Sean's journey traverses the deepest valley --the medical pronouncement of a death sentence-- to the highest mountain... coming out strong, healthy, full of hope, and incredibly resolute in his inspiration-filled message. Sean, genuinely a living, breathing example of action and gratitude, is nowow using the pro wrestling ring as a vehicle for fundraising for children with cancer, and as a platform to spread his message. Join Sean, Amanda and Rick for a deeply introspective and heartfelt episode, which will provide hope and strength to people facing any major life-challenge, and as great as an example there is ow we can all go from surviving to thriving. Follow Sean on IG @thecancerfighterseanwachter Please subscribe to Rick's YouTube channel @rickbassman and follow on IG @rick_bassman
00:00:00 12/20/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
From humble beginnings to superstardom, Randy "The Natural" Couture is one of mixed martial arts' most-enduring legends, and a movie star. Randy and Rick swap stories and perspectives about UFC 13, in which Randy made his MMA debut, and Rick was managing and cornering for Randy's opponent Tony Halme (WWE's Ludvig Borga). Way above and beyond this, Randy openly shares his origin story, beginning with a single parent family, where he very demonstrably learned values and work ethic that would serve him well in later life. From there, Rick and Randy move through The Natural's journey into the world of sports (beginning with tennis and rollerskating!), to becoming a professional and a champion, a father, and ultimately, an actor, starring in major motion pictures. Randy candidly explores the challenges he's faced in life, including his marriages, and the times he's found himself in dark places, and dispenses hard-won wisdom about mistakes made and lessons learned. In the process, we get great advice from The Natural, on how we can all meet our challenges head on and ultimately, emerge victorious. Check in with Randy at and follow on IG @xcnatch Please subscribe to Rick's YouTube channel @rickbassman and follow on IG @rick_bassman
00:00:00 12/19/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
Erica Porter, first made her name in pro wrestling as Jungle Grrrl.  But, her battles in the ring were just preparation for her life's biggest challenge... a face-off with stage 4 cancer.  Never looking back, Erica took on cancer with her characteristic fierce determination, and... pinned it!  Erica founded The Endorphasm, Foundation, which she also helms.  Endorphasm gifts cancer warriors nationwide both with hands-on physical fitness training, and with wholistic plans to better arm themselves for their own victories.  Erica joins Rick and Amanda for a candid, and truly uplifting conversation, on all things cancer, and all things positive.
00:00:00 12/12/2023
Rick Bassman's Talking Tough
English-born actor professional kickboxer and actor Steve Spiro is a renaissance man in the world of dog rescue. A huge Pit Bull fan whose his favorite quote is "Stop blaming the wrong end of the leash," Steve co-founded START Rescue. With a mission statement that includes, START focuses on transporting dogs from high-risk areas such as Afghanistan and the Ukraine, to afford them a better chance at a quality life. Steve joins Mina and Rick to discuss all aspects of rescue, including reducing the euthanasia rates of surrendered, stray, neglected, and abused animals in California. In the process, they do a deep dive into the unfair reputation surrounding pit bull-type dogs, explore their true nature, and talk about what can be done to turn things around for our beloved bullies.
00:00:00 11/19/2023

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