LM 17-003 Life-Rhythms with Robert Alexander

Robert Alexander is the founder and visionary behind LifeRhythms – a business that focuses on creating custom music and various services to help promote wellness, wellbeing and (individual and community) connectivity. As an Audio Alchemist, Robert creates custom soundscapes for coaches, healers, yoginis, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters and other practitioners for use in their offices and promotional media.


Self Discovery Media Community
01:06:51 6/28/2021

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Self Discovery Media Community

My Opioid abuse started after I had surgery that kept me on Pain pills for over a month. I had no idea that was going to be an issue nor had I abused them at the time.

This is part of my story and the relevance of what is happening today with the drug and Opioid crisis we are facing in the US and Other Countries.


01:21:03 7/5/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

RamRamona is an advocate of positive aging. Rather than accept a mindset of "decline" and "over the hill," she is passionate about living a life of continuous "Incline" and sharing that adventure with others.ona is an advocate Ramona is an advocate of positive aging. Rather than accept a mindset of "decline" and "over the hill," she is passionate about living a life of continuous "Incline" and sharing that adventure with others.of positive aging. Rather than accept a mindset of "decline" and "over the hill," she is passionate about living a life of continuous "Incline" and sharing that adventure with others.


01:31:57 7/5/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

Making the environmental and mental changes in life in order to live in a state of love and gratitude. This is where we are right now everywhere in the world. Mama Nature is screaming as us to change, our own divine consciousness is begging us to change, and if we do not make the changes necessary we will all perish.


00:15:38 7/5/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

Now more than ever, people are stressed. A recent poll by Gallup found that 190 million more adults worldwide report being under "a lot of stress" than in previous reports. While it may appear that stress is just a part of your everyday experience right now and you can't do much about it, there are some important things you can do. What is really going on underneath all this stress is usually a resistance to change.


01:27:47 7/5/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

July 7th

I want to share my journey of going from suicidal and in deep debt to feeling happy, fulfilled, and turning my life around with Daoist meditation. What I learned can help people who try to think positively and achieve their dreams yet still feel stuck.


01:10:26 7/5/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

My name is Debra Morgan. I was born in Colorado and now live in Oregon. I am  55, married have 2 children, a daughter and a son and 6 grandchildren. I am a Fibromyalgia survivor I do not use that word lightly and knowing that people I know and love now or have died from this disease are reasons enough for me. I was diagnosed with CFS in 1994 and Fibromyalgia along with IC in 2005.


01:16:57 7/5/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

Intuitive Healer, Energy Space Clearing Expert and Spiritual Teacher

Providing Healing Insight Into Any Issue

I get to the heart of your issues, clear your space and help you reclaim your health and well-being!


01:04:22 7/5/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

Find Your Soul's Agenda answers the call of every spiritual person who has ever found themselves feeling frustrated by the myriad of people who will tell you to "be authentic" without explaining how to actually DO that. The Find Your Soul's Agenda process walks you through a step-by-step process that culminates with a simple, yet profoundly deep and completely wholistic explanation of who you are that will make your whole life make sense.


01:01:56 6/30/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

Robert Alexander is an Audio Alchemist and Content Creator. In 2012, he founded LifeRhythms – a Digital Sonic Wellness Hub based out of Southern California that focuses on helping individuals find greater wellbeing through the power of personalized music and authentic human relating.


01:30:43 6/28/2021
Self Discovery Media Community

Why is taking care of your GUT good for your MENTAL HEALTH? 🤔Well, did you know that 60-90% of your "feel good" neurotransmitters are produced in your gut? That's right. So how you feel is not just "in your head," but more likely what's going on in your GUT..Being mindful of the foods you eat, and what you put in your body is an important part to having good gut care.


00:58:34 6/28/2021

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