Episode 40: Halloumi To Introduce Myself

The (not really) surprising reason Chris was late, Wally wants Jess to dress up her robot vac (Gail, obviously) as a maid, yellow American cheese vs white American cheese, the dos and don'ts of potato and macaroni salads, the lost art of the head nod, earthquakes and other natural disasters, unmarked police cars, and Wally is the new Chris. We'd be so grateful if you'd leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and follow us on all the socials @CheezWits.

01:14:05 8/20/2023

Past Episodes

Chris is back from the dead, Wally finds Lume for men, men buying tampons (but not lube), the Love Boat and Fantasy Island, the making of the "best of" show, Thanksgiving discounts, athletes at the bowling alley, and Dolly Parton is a national treasure, y'all.
01:20:35 11/26/2023
Can you believe it's been a whole year of this crap? Yeah, yeah, they weren't all winners, but we re-listened to all the episodes (so you don't have to -- you're welcome!) and pulled out the best nuggets of comedy gold we had, everything from pooping in pizza boxes to Gail to Cinnabon and mail ordered bull... uh... stuff. Now, listen, we NEED your ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts, whether you listen there or not. So please help us make it through another year with yours!
01:18:20 11/20/2023
Jess tries to catch her stupid ex in the act, Wally finds an app that helps prevent you from.. uh... self love (if you will), we find another hilarious negative review, Jess gets an odd message on a dating app, buffets, books on tape, "fake" radio war stories, chilly weather, grocery store parking lot fights, confirming doctor appointments, we lost Chris, and Chad needs a hug. Who's Chad? Well, he's Eli Manning, obviously. Listen for laughs (or torture?), then please please please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.
01:05:43 11/19/2023
Wally makes a delivery that leads to the name of this episode, daylight saving time, Chris's mom is a firecracker, therapy, Wally's feelings about women with guns,  Car Talk, cooking, time to turn the heat on, auxiliary glasses, what ever happened to Daryl Hannah, and how do you handle a hungry man? Hey. Whaddya think about leaving us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts? Please? K thanks.
01:09:46 11/12/2023
The mass shooter in Maine, Wally shaves his ears, adjusting to time zone differences, hotel rooms with motion-activated lights in the bathroom and other oddities, Chris is afraid of NYC, TSA stuff that makes no sense, California stuff that makes no sense, safety codes, chiropractors, Chris struggles with T-Mobile, the art of firmly worded letters, scary movies, and Matthew Perry, rest in peace. Hey -- how 'bout a rating and review on Apple Podcasts? K, thx.
01:11:42 11/5/2023
We got our first ever email to the podcast (cheezwits@cheezwits.com) and it made our whole week, fonts, new cars, Wally's "programs," TV characters who give Chris violent reactions, being radio famous (which is not the same as ACTUAL famous), pedestrians in parking lots, Jess saves a life, Wally's sister, and so much less.
01:21:18 10/29/2023
Wally updates Chris's awful joke from last week, AI soda, Jess's grocery stalker update, Hickory Farms, Smokey Bear, Chris gets worked up about Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood, phone spies, Suzanne Somers, more than you would ever want to know about Jaye P. Morgan (not to be confused with J.P. Morgan), our early radio jobs in country and rock, picking up accents, coffee in styrofoam cups, Chris gets triggered, living in the "I don't give a F" neighborhood, manscaping and carpets that match drapes, and a Nazi knock knock joke. How lucky are you to find all this in one podcast?
01:21:19 10/22/2023
Chris drops acid (or something like that), the saga of Wally trying to log in to his computer, Chris's Coke problem, our worst experiences with drugs and alcohol, radio pranks, fast food chicken, radio programming, bad commercials, and that time we had to end the episode because we were all laughing so hard we couldn't breathe... for a totally inappropriate reason. Welcome to CheezWits.
01:14:28 10/15/2023
If we could go back in time, men being vulnerable, how many times can Wally say "Akwesasne," Jess wants T-Mobile to be a sponsor (hey, T-Mobile, how YOU doin'?), streaming prices going up, a medal for guys who don't feel good but show up to work (and a matching license plate), moose knuckles, peeing in the driveway, holidays in schools, saying ethnic names with accents, kids with highlights in their hair, Wally ignores 5 reminders and shows up an hour late, veterinarians, shots, and dog food. Hey, they can't all be winners.
01:12:12 10/8/2023
Toenails. That one hair. Nose hairs. Pranks, Lauren Boebert, whispering the bad stuff, a coven of friends, Wally is chatty, songs you could sing along with as a kid that allowed you to swear legally, when rich people complain about the cost of things, radio stuff, and assorted other tomfoolery. If you giggle, laugh, snicker, chortle, or even guffaw while listening, would you please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts?
01:11:24 10/1/2023

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