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On today's show, 13:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: 1938 Again: Jewish Students sue NYU, alleging antisemitism - Hundreds of Detroit Jews stranded at D.C. Airport as bus drivers stage 'malicious walk-off' - Big name in Congress a member of 'secret' anti-Israel, pro Hamas Facebook group - Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten fact checked for asking where the 'women' are at all-male Jewish prayer service - US Lawmakers react after seeing footage of Hamas terror attacks - In Gaza, support for Hamas shows cracks - Pentagon confirms almost 60 troops injured by Iran-Proxy Forces in Iraq and Syria - we'll analyze. Your Government At Work: The FCC is voting to seize American internet infrastructure in the name of 'equity' - Another government agency secretly plans to follow Biden's election agenda - Nikki Haley earns backlash for saying all social media users 'should be verified by their name' - Harvard Prof., Ex-IMF Chief Economist Rogoff: 'Loose' gov't spending is 'Holding up interest rates' - Critics ruthlessly mock teachers' union president over her post about causes of home schooling spike - we'll examine. Plus, Hispanic voters get frank with CNN about life under Joe Biden. And, 'Binge Jesus': Non-stop event voicing God's Word 'to bless Israel and U.S.' or

Christian Talk That Rocks
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:10 pm CT, 2:10 pm ET: Hamascide: U.S. Jewish man, 65, dead after pro-Palestine protester bashes his head with megaphone - Jewish Americans turning to firearms to protect themselves, their families as antisemitism surges - Oops! Anti-Semitic radical attacks what she THOUGHT was Jewish school - US Rep. Rashida Tlaib censured in bi-partisan House vote - Dem Rep. Gottheimer claims Tlaib Promoted, Defended 'Basically a Call for a Second Holocaust' - Rasmussen Poll shows 2/3 of Americans oppose ceasefire against Hamas - AP-NORC Poll shows Americans divided over Israel response to Hamas attacks - Find out which Hamas ally has been operating inside U.S. with impunity - we'll examine. Shut Up: Unearthed emails reveal extent of DHS suppressing 2020 election posts - 'Government and universities pressured social media to censor true information, jokes, and political opinions.' Plus, Mike Johnson 'bombshell' rocks political world - Rolling Stone documents one 'stunning behavior' by House speaker. And, Christians, are you next? ? ? or ?
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Mid-East War: More than 500 Americans held hostage in Gaza - Hamas claims "We will repeat October 7 terror attack until Israel is annihilated - US State Dept. admits Hamas hording fuel and other humanitarian aid for its fighters, Secretary of State flat-out admits some U.S. aid to Gaza will end up in Hamas hands - Kirby rebuffs reporter for asking him to remove blame from Hamas for blocking Americans from leaving Gaza - we'll examine. Hey Joe: 82,000 private Biden emails found with fake names - Joe Biden received $40K in 'laundered China money' from brother in 2017, Comer says - FBI director goes momentarily silent when asked if country 'safer' under Biden - we'll explore. Plus, Your Government At Work: Gen. Michael Flynn claims Congressmembers 'compromised by sleeping with children' - Senate Republicans target Biden DHS 'censorship' agency - DOJ spied on congressional watchdogs and staffers during investigation of phony Russia probe. And, The paramilitary group taking the border into their OWN hands. ? ? or ?
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 3:06 pm CT, 4:06 pm ET: Mid-East War Expanding?: U.S. warplanes strike targets in eastern Syria that the Pentagon said were linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guard after a string of attacks on American forces Israeli Army says ground forces 'Expanding' activities in Gaza after strikes disrupt internet service - Hamas Terrorists block civilians trying to evacuate Gaza - Jewish students barricade in Cooper Union library as protesters chant 'Free Palestine,' on day of protest across NYC campuses - we'll explore. Borderline: Biden's border flip-flop fails to halt criticism of his years-long open border - 'master of disaster" for security crisis - 172 individuals on terrorist watch list attempted to enter US this year - senator demands Congress receive detailed reporting - Texas poised to let state and local police arrest illegal aliens and send them packing to Mexico - State sues feds over deliberate destruction of border fence - we'll examine. Plus, Brave New Schools: Oregon Moms Union slams removal of standardized test from high school graduation requirement - X-rated image OK for students, but not board meeting! - Report confirms teachers had hand in plan to keep porn in schools, Also insisted on 'liability protections' for librarians. And, Local Virginian Government sued over its anti-Christian discrimination - Federal judge calls out 'toxic' discrimination against 'religious conservatives' 'Expressing traditional viewpoints gets you vilified. ? ? or ?
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: War And Rumors Of War: Rattled U.S. government fears wars could spread - State Department warns what could happen to $100 million in taxpayer dollars that Biden is sending to Gaza, West Bank - Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obaida says two US hostages released - Most Israelis think Netanyahu responsible for failing to prevent Hamas attack, poll shows - Censure sought for Congresswoman Tlaib over her 'Israel-hating' agenda - Ilhan Omar stonewalls reporter's questions on Israel ceasefire demands - Terror-lovin' extremist has key job at U.S. Homeland Security - U.S. universities silent on continued partnership with Hamas funder - Professor appears to threaten 'zionist journalists' and their 'kids' in social media post - Does Psalm 83 Predict the Israel-Gaza War? - we'll analyze. Plus, Bidenomics is a bust as leading economic indicators fall for 18th straight month. And, Faith Under Fire: Small U.S. town sees two church buildings hit with arson attacks in a single night - more church buildings to get hit across America? or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: War And Rumors Of War: Israel fed up - Netanyahu says 'What Hamas will experience will be difficult and terrible' - Hamas says Iran backed attack on Israel - Israel Defense Chief orders 'Complete siege' of Gaza UAE Sides with Israel, condemns Hamas for 'Nihilistic destruction' - EU freezes millions of dollars of funds to Palestinian authorities after 'terror' and 'brutality' enacted by Hamas - report claims U.S. weapons from Afghanistan ended up with Palestinian groups operating in the Gaza Strip - Death toll of U.S. citizens killed in Israel climbs - U2's Bono honors Israeli festivalgoers killed by Hamas Militants - Democratic Reps. Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib blasted for criticizing Israel following Hamas terror attacks - Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner concerned the chaos of illegal migrants flooding the US southern border could hide incoming "terrorist cells - stage being set for Ezekiel 38 War? - we'll examine. Plus, Faith Under Fire: bombshell revelations' of serious IRS move against Christians - Jurors excluded due to their Christian faith in Missouri case. And, Oil price leaps after Hamas attack on Israel - how this will affect inflation and economies- Why Americans' financial pain could get worse. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Borderline: Biden Administration waives 26 federal laws to get meet 'acute' need at US southern border including barrier/wall construction in a new policy reversal - Biden rolls out absurd excuse on new border wall, putting him at odds with DHS secretary - TX Lt. Gov. Patrick says Biden let wall material sit for years, he's pretending to build one for politics - Rep. Henry Cuellar claims Biden won't show people being deported because he's scared of activists - Florida Congressman calls Biden 'master of disaster' on border failures - Sen. Joe Manchin claims Biden must declare Border Emergency like Trump, suspend asylum - Democrats outraged as Biden announces deportations of Venezuelan asylum-seekers to resume - we'll analyze. Election 2024: Hillary Clinton says "There needs to be a formal deprogramming" of the Trump Cult Members - FBI reportedly is secretly targeting supporters of former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election, according to a new report - The seven wild plot twists that could upend the 2024 election - we'll discuss. Plus, is recession and a "hard landing" on the horizon? And, AI-dolatry? A church in Texas holds completely bot-generated service. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Election 2024: Fox slashes ad prices for second debate as Repub primary turns into 'snoozer' - The Republican debate elephant that's never in the room (hint: it's not Trump) - Hillary Clinton resurrects fears about Russian election interference ahead of possible Democratic loss in 2024 - Secretive Dem donor network moves to aid Biden by kneecapping 2024 third-party efforts, The Democracy Alliance has set its sights on No Labels - a Minnesota law that now "criminalizes core political speech." heads to court - FBI buries documents on possible nationwide vote fraud, claims information part of ongoing investigation - we'll explore. All In The Family: Majority of voters consistently say Joe Biden was Involved in family business - BHR Partners' bank wires list Joe Biden's Delaware home as beneficiary address - Investigative journalist unleashes Biden bribery bombshell, cites federal law stating if 'family' got paid, 'it's still bribery' - Comer previews first Biden impeachment-inquiry hearing, announces 3 key witnesses for first impeachment inquiry hearing - we'll analyze. Plus, Run For The Border: Elon Musk to visit southern border 'later this week' to see 'severe' migrant crisis for himself - Poll shows record bipartisan opposition to Biden's "Open Border". And, Mystery: 1,000 children vanish from one state this year alone! or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Invasion: Eagle Pass Mayor declares emergency, "We're 'abandoned' by Biden Admin. on Border" - President Biden sending 800 fresh troops to border, but not for enforcement - DHS plans photo ID cards for aliens freed into U.S. - Admin. plan to fast track employment for illegal crossers - TX Gov. Abbott doubles down on 'invasion' declaration and vows to reinstall defenses - New York state lawmakers propose raising taxes to help pay for 'migrants' - Cartels now one of the largest employers in Mexico - Karine Jean-Pierre lashes out at Peter Doocy over border crisis question, obfuscates other reporters border questions - we'll examine. Hey Joe: Biden praises wrong group during speech at Congressional Hispanic Caucus' annual gala - Joe Biden tells donors real reason he ran for president, then repeats exact same story minutes later - Third IRS Agent says Joe Biden's DOJ blocked David Weiss from charging Hunter - Many Hispanic voters say they're 'running away' from Joe Biden - Ex-Intel officials who signed 'Russian disinfo' laptop letter getting big jobs - we'll analyze. Plus, Local U.S. community attacked AGAIN - for its Christianity! - Federal judge sets up trial for religious discrimination case, determines Michigan state officials exhibited 'hostility' toward sincere beliefs. ? ? or ?
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Inquiring Minds: US Rep. Jason Smith claims 'Impeachment Inquiry' to 'expedite' wider Biden investigations - WH sending letter to top news executives urging them to intensify scrutiny of House Republicans on impeachment inquiry - Watchdog memo says 'irregularities' found in DOJ investigation of Spy Chief of China,' Biden associate Patrick Ho - RFK Jr urges Biden to debate, prove to voters that 'unelected people' aren't running White House - WaPo editorial urges President Biden to not run again in 2024 - we'll analyze. School Daze: Library chief demands schools focus on 'socialist organizing' - California school district pays $2.25 million to settle lawsuit after student impregnated former teacher - School suspends first-grader for pretending fingers were a gun during game of cops and robbers - State passes bill to punish schools for rejecting books about gender, sexual orientation - NY State Supremes decide religious teachers may refuse Covid Vax - we'll explore. Plus, NM Governor sued for trying to suspend 2nd Amendment - many gun control advocates turn on New Mexico governor over gun suspension, 'Violates the US Constitution'. And, is a Divine great shaking about to rattle our institutions and the Church? ? ? or ?
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Borderline: Mayor Eric Adams declares illegal immigration 'Will destroy' NYC - Judge sides with Biden admin and orders Gov. Sen. Angus King claims DHS 'Really has to get on' record keeping issues with Visa overstays and questionable Asylum Claims - Abbott to remove floating border barrier, Abbott appealing - what does the Constitution say about states defending themselves during invasions? - we'll explore. Hey Joe: Biden bizarrely says he has 'no home to go to': Claims he's not vacationing at the beach - David Weiss intends to indict Hunter Biden before end of month - MSM begins to speak more on Hunter Biden story - Are Biden's scandals now engulfing ex-president Obama? what did he know and when? we'll examine. Plus, Schools Gone Wild: Teachers told to destroy evidence of illegal gender surveys - California Judge halts school district's Transgender Parental Notification Policy - Florida school board forced to remove dozens of books after parents read 'graphic' passages aloud! And, Hearing focuses on state demand that it determine a church's ministry. or
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