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Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/9/2023

On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Election 2024: Fox slashes ad prices for second debate as Repub primary turns into 'snoozer' - The Republican debate elephant that's never in the room (hint: it's not Trump) - Hillary Clinton resurrects fears about Russian election interference ahead of possible Democratic loss in 2024 - Secretive Dem donor network moves to aid Biden by kneecapping 2024 third-party efforts, The Democracy Alliance has set its sights on No Labels - a Minnesota law that now "criminalizes core political speech." heads to court - FBI buries documents on possible nationwide vote fraud, claims information part of ongoing investigation - we'll explore. All In The Family: Majority of voters consistently say Joe Biden was Involved in family business - BHR Partners' bank wires list Joe Biden's Delaware home as beneficiary address - Investigative journalist unleashes Biden bribery bombshell, cites federal law stating if 'family' got paid, 'it's still bribery' - Comer previews first Biden impeachment-inquiry hearing, announces 3 key witnesses for first impeachment inquiry hearing - we'll analyze. Plus, Run For The Border: Elon Musk to visit southern border 'later this week' to see 'severe' migrant crisis for himself - Poll shows record bipartisan opposition to Biden's "Open Border". And, Mystery: 1,000 children vanish from one state this year alone! or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Invasion: Eagle Pass Mayor declares emergency, "We're 'abandoned' by Biden Admin. on Border" - President Biden sending 800 fresh troops to border, but not for enforcement - DHS plans photo ID cards for aliens freed into U.S. - Admin. plan to fast track employment for illegal crossers - TX Gov. Abbott doubles down on 'invasion' declaration and vows to reinstall defenses - New York state lawmakers propose raising taxes to help pay for 'migrants' - Cartels now one of the largest employers in Mexico - Karine Jean-Pierre lashes out at Peter Doocy over border crisis question, obfuscates other reporters border questions - we'll examine. Hey Joe: Biden praises wrong group during speech at Congressional Hispanic Caucus' annual gala - Joe Biden tells donors real reason he ran for president, then repeats exact same story minutes later - Third IRS Agent says Joe Biden's DOJ blocked David Weiss from charging Hunter - Many Hispanic voters say they're 'running away' from Joe Biden - Ex-Intel officials who signed 'Russian disinfo' laptop letter getting big jobs - we'll analyze. Plus, Local U.S. community attacked AGAIN - for its Christianity! - Federal judge sets up trial for religious discrimination case, determines Michigan state officials exhibited 'hostility' toward sincere beliefs. ? ? or ?
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Inquiring Minds: US Rep. Jason Smith claims 'Impeachment Inquiry' to 'expedite' wider Biden investigations - WH sending letter to top news executives urging them to intensify scrutiny of House Republicans on impeachment inquiry - Watchdog memo says 'irregularities' found in DOJ investigation of Spy Chief of China,' Biden associate Patrick Ho - RFK Jr urges Biden to debate, prove to voters that 'unelected people' aren't running White House - WaPo editorial urges President Biden to not run again in 2024 - we'll analyze. School Daze: Library chief demands schools focus on 'socialist organizing' - California school district pays $2.25 million to settle lawsuit after student impregnated former teacher - School suspends first-grader for pretending fingers were a gun during game of cops and robbers - State passes bill to punish schools for rejecting books about gender, sexual orientation - NY State Supremes decide religious teachers may refuse Covid Vax - we'll explore. Plus, NM Governor sued for trying to suspend 2nd Amendment - many gun control advocates turn on New Mexico governor over gun suspension, 'Violates the US Constitution'. And, is a Divine great shaking about to rattle our institutions and the Church? ? ? or ?
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Borderline: Mayor Eric Adams declares illegal immigration 'Will destroy' NYC - Judge sides with Biden admin and orders Gov. Sen. Angus King claims DHS 'Really has to get on' record keeping issues with Visa overstays and questionable Asylum Claims - Abbott to remove floating border barrier, Abbott appealing - what does the Constitution say about states defending themselves during invasions? - we'll explore. Hey Joe: Biden bizarrely says he has 'no home to go to': Claims he's not vacationing at the beach - David Weiss intends to indict Hunter Biden before end of month - MSM begins to speak more on Hunter Biden story - Are Biden's scandals now engulfing ex-president Obama? what did he know and when? we'll examine. Plus, Schools Gone Wild: Teachers told to destroy evidence of illegal gender surveys - California Judge halts school district's Transgender Parental Notification Policy - Florida school board forced to remove dozens of books after parents read 'graphic' passages aloud! And, Hearing focuses on state demand that it determine a church's ministry. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Joe Biden, aka "Robert Peters," "Robin Ware," and "JRB Ware" - National Archives has about 5,400 emails, records linked to Joe Biden's email aliases - Is an incriminating' video 'coming out' to doom Biden?, could candidacy be over and done with ... remain as president? - Oversight Committee probes Biden Family's Air Force Two foreign travel records - KT McFarland claims impeachment gives Dems 'Excuse' to oust Biden - Emerson Poll shows Trump overtakes Biden; West run hurts Dems - Congressman questions media's silence on latest Biden scandal, near blackout on Kilmead -Shokin interview - we'll analyze. School Daze: Middle school student earns major win after school demanded he remove Gadsden flag from backpack - School district pays massive fine for 'pushing girl to change gender' - Report documents districts' agenda to hide students' gender-identity declarations, 'Parents need to assume they will be deceived by their school' - we'll explore. Plus, Senators to FBI: Quit hiding details about your anti-Catholic ideology - Demand 'immediate explanation' of 'potentially misleading testimony before Congress'. And, the destruction and aftermath of Hurricane Idalia and how you can help. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:30 pm CT, 2:30 pm ET: Hey Joe: IRS whistleblower's attorney claims 'David Weiss has to go' over Beau Biden connections, bombshell reports - US House lawmakers subpoena IRS, FBI agents involved in Hunter Biden investigation - CNN's Honig admits DOJ repeatedly took 'Very lenient' stance on Hunter - Hawaiians respond to Biden's 'despicable' Maui wildfire comparison - Vid clip appears to show Joe Biden dozed off during Maui victim ceremony - jokes about the 'hot ground' while observing Maui fire damage - Serious financial discrepancies documented at Biden's favorite super PAC - we'll examine. Plus, Word of God has inspiring outcome in battle over banned Bible studies. And, our guest in the second hour, Dr. Kent Hovind, will discuss Biblical creation, dinosaurs, fossils and more. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:30 pm CT, 2:30 pm ET: Family Affair: Joe Biden aka Robert L. Peters - Hunter Biden copied in email setting up Joe's phone call to Ukraine's president - Hunter Biden-tied siblings could shed light on relationship between Rosemont Seneca and VP Biden's office - Congress wants access to other communications - Hunter Biden crashed at White House for two weeks after plea deal and most staff never knew - Poll shows plurality of Americans not confident in DOJ's investigation into Hunter Biden - CIA sued over helping Biden campaign unleash 'Dirty 51' letter to interfere with election - we'll examine. School Daze: School board fails to sweep dad's rights under 'legal rug' - Largest school district in state defies governor's guidance on bathrooms, pronouns - Concord High School pulling 'Minutemen' mascot blasted as 'insult' to those who 'sacrificed to defeat tyranny' - Teachers' unions trained educators to 'indoctrinate' students with 'radical progressive ideology' says new report - we'll analyze. Plus, Testing The Faith: Document stash reveals FBI's scheming to target Christians - Dark forces attack Christian coffee shop helping the homeless. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: All In The Family: Hunter's text about Biden making him fork over half his salary resurfaces - House GOP to subpoena Biden family, 'Bank records don't lie,' Rep. Comer says - Law professor Jonathan Turley says newly released Biden family bank records are evidence of benefit of selling influence - Washington Post 'fact-checker' fixes incorrect Burisma report with 'update' - Biden warned on 'filtering out' reporters - we'll examine. Borderline: New images show heavily armed Mexican Cartel members on incursions in to US - Texas Troopers find 10 migrant children abandoned by smugglers near border - NBC's Todd says 'I Guess Greg Abbott Was Right' - Poll shows most voters support Texas' floating barriers - find out what the Constitutions says about states being invaded - we'll analyze. Plus, several FBI offices contributed to anti-Catholic memo, refuting Director Wray's testimony claim some lawmakers. And, New Testament giving and church economics, Part 2. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Devon Archer interview 'very productive' in Biden family probe, Jordan says - Democrat who attended Devon Archer meeting calls on Comer to release full transcript - Did DOJ try to jail key Hunter Biden witness Devon Archer on eve of congressional testimony? - Biden business dealings shaping up to be 'one of the greatest corruption scandals' in DC history says law professor Turley - Burisma bigwigs and Hunter Biden 'called DC' to resolve issue of Ukrainian prosecutor looking into corruption according Devon Archer - 5 key takeaways from explosive witness account of Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings, Joe's role - CNN Buries Devon Archer, Hunter Biden Revelations - We'll analyze. Faith Under Fire: Christians target controversial legal doctrine as key to preserving religious liberty - LGBT activists assault Christian students peacefully protesting woke grooming of children - we'll explore. Plus, New Testament giving and church economics and what about tithing? or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, Sensorship Industrial Complex: US Rep. Jim Jordan obtains Facebook files showing White House pressure to censor Americans - Critics sound alarm on Biden admin's bid to 'destroy free speech' after Facebook censorship allegations - Illinois college ordered to pay Christian student $80K for silencing conservative views - ADF claims Michigan wants to censor discussions between counselors, clients - we'll examine. All In The Family: Jill's ex-husband claims 'Biden crime family' has threatened me for decades! - Law Professor, Jonathan Turley warns Joe Biden 'could lose his office,' Congress obligated to launch Biden impeachment inquiry after he 'clearly lied' - Hunter Biden contradicts dad's claim nobody in family 'made money from China' - Hunter Biden's lawyers are 'fuming' at Judge Noreika, make comparison to infamous judge - Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., says he expects the truth from former Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer during testimony Monday - we'll analyze. Plus, Testing The Faith: Judge dismisses church's lawsuit challenging Washington law mandating abortion coverage - Pastors warn smartphone addiction 'major issue' in Church, offer solutions. And, New Charges: Trump accused of asking staffer to delete camera footage in Classified Doc case. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: BOMBSHELL: The FBI FD-1023 form released by Sen. Chuck Grassley, Bidens allegedly 'coerced' Burisma CEO to pay them millions to help get Ukraine prosecutor fired - Rep. Comer says IRS whistleblower testimony shows probe leads to Joe Biden - enough to impeach DOJ chief Garland? - we'll analyze. Shut Up: Breitbart's Emma-Jo Morris, RFK Jr. testify on Govt, Big Tech censorship collusion - Dem Stacey Plaskett defends censorship - White House limits access to press briefings - we'll examine. Plus, Gavin Newsom wants power to fine school districts that resist LGBTQIA2S Curriculum. And, Legal action prompts school district district to allow Christian clubs. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: All The President's Men: Biden clan assembled network of 20 shell companies to take payments - Ex-FBI agent on Hunter probe confirms key detail of whistleblower testimony - Whistleblower X reveals identity as IRS special agent Joseph Ziegler - Closed-door video sets up bombshell hearing on Hunter and possible Biden family corruption - Dan Bongino takes on Secret Service, FBI in latest interview - we'll analyze. Testing The Faith: School accused of discriminating against Christian students, Refuses to allow them to participate in public programs: - Third lawsuit filed against cop who arrested veteran for 'God bless the homeless vets' sign - New study reveals Pastors are lonelier, more isolated than in recent history - we'll explore. Plus, Teacher instructs 10-year-old to 'make sure this email is deleted' after private communications about student's gender identity. And, California Dems block bill to make child trafficking a 'serious felony.' or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Your Government At Work: FBI refuses to disclose documents regarding agency's targeting of Catholics - Dem. Rep. Jayapal says FBI not 'forthcoming' on buying U.S. Citizen's data - Repub. Gaetz also goes ballistic as FBI director dodges crucial question about data - Names finally named as Joe Biden's secret censors unmasked - Senator accuses DOJ of 'trying to silence' witness against Biden - FBI whistleblower disputes Director Wray on surveillance of parents - FBI director treated public like 'chumps' with 'maddening' House testimony, law professor Jonathan Turley says - Poll says 61 percent of Americans say Hunter Biden got 'special treatment' in plea deal - Secret Service fails to find answers in White House Cocaine Probe - we'll analyze. Borderline: Border Agents NOW required to move unlawful migrants through Texas barriers along Rio Grande! - ICE apologizes for 'Miscalculation' of illegal immigrant data after DCNF exposes major errors - we'll examine. Plus, Debt Crisis: Inflation trap: Debt increases over a trillion in five weeks, quickest pace ever - Financial markets brace for America's new trillion dollar debt binge. And, over 6,000 Methodist Church congregations leaving over LGBT Issues. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: The Bidens: Obama-era emails reveal Hunter's extensive ties to nearly a dozen senior-level Biden admin aides - Hunter deeply connected to Biden's inner circle as whistleblowers cry foul over federal probe - 7 times Joe Biden vowed to restore 'Integrity' and 'Decency' to White House before cocaine scandal - DOJ indicts Gal Luft for FARA violations with CEFC, which bankrolled Bidens - CNN's Jake Tapper insists he won't 'shy away' from covering Hunter Biden after avoiding laptop scandal in 2020 - we'll examine. Censored: States slam Biden efforts to censor you, 'The government seeks a stay so it can continue violating the First Amendment' - 12 Times The Biden White House Colluded With Big Tech To Throttle Free Speech, According To Missouri v. Biden - FBI accused of blowing off judge's ruling against Biden censorship - we'll explore. Plus, School Daze: Clinton judge blocks school district from keeping boys out of girls' bathrooms - Almost 40% of Brown University students identify as LGBT - more than double its 2010 numbers. Bisexuality increased by 232%. And, Microsoft announces more job cuts after January layoffs. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: All In The Biden Family: Another One! 2nd text reveals Hunter Biden asks for $10M from CCP-linked associate, Bidens do what 'Chairman wants' - Joe Biden still denies involvement in son Hunter's Chinese business dealings after new message emerges - Hunter Biden moved Burisma cash through China, 2nd IRS Whistleblower says - Hunter Biden set to be deposed in lawsuit brought by laptop repair shop owner - US Rep. Darrell Issa slams Joe Biden using White House Counsel as his personal lawyer to stonewall media on alleged corruption - Another 'potential criminal element' in Hunter Biden scandal? Tax document confidentiality requirements at issue - IRS Whistleblower claims my contemporaneous documentation contradicts Garland, Weiss on Hunter Case - N.Y. Times confirms Garland either 'clueless or duplicitous' - Dershowitz says Hunter Plea Deal shouldn't be accepted unless Judge calls Garland and Weiss to testify -we'll analyze. Faith Under Fire!: 1 year after Roe repeal, suspected church arson tops 300+ pro-abortion crimes - Top library official goes public with scheme to pounce on Christians - U.N. 'expert' demands religious beliefs bend to LGBT ideology - we'll explore. Plus, Gallup Survey shows two-thirds say economy worsening. And, UN rolls out AI-powered tool to help nations stamp down so-called 'misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech' or
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