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On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Iranian Proxy War: Biden says he has decided how to respond to attack on US Troops in Jordan that killed three US Service personnel- Actor James Woods rips Biden's 'ditzy dame' KJP for 'new low' - war hawks soar in both parties - we'll explore. Borderline: Mayorkas lashes out at 'baseless' GOP allegations ahead of key impeachment vote - Ex-DHS officials attack leaked Senate border deal, say Biden is trying to deflect blame - Awkward silence hits CNN airwaves when Gov. Kristi Noem confronts host for defending Biden on border crisis - is the 'Texas Border Showdown' wrought with political spin and misinformation? - we'll analyze. Election 2024: Calls for Ilhan Omar to 'Resign in Disgrace' over 'appalling Somalia-First' speech continue - American voters say Biden 'stoking' fires of a civil war, even large numbers of Democrats in agreement - MSM and pundits keep declaring Donald Trump and those who vote for him "a threat to our democracy," but are they setting up a real threat to our Constitutional Republic with the rhetoric? - we'll examine. Plus, It's The Economy: Gallup Poll indicates 63% of Americans say economy getting worse - Top U.S. automaker reports $1.7 BILLION loss on EVs in 4th quarter - Has America's love affair with debt just got more dangerous? And, Can realtors legally say 'Jesus loves you'? Court issues decision. or

Christian Talk That Rocks
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, Media Matters: 'It's devastating': 25-year NPR network veteran admits super-woke, anti-Trump coverage, bosses squelched Hunter Laptop Story, exposing the partly government-funded outlet's alleged bias - Fired CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge speaks out over seized files at Capitol Hill hearing, 'Crossed a red line' - Sharyl Attkisson testifies at same hearing sounding freedom of press and First Amendment alarm - most of 'Big MSM' fails to cover the hearing - we'll examine. Bidenomics: Bidenflation, Core Producer Prices up, the most since September - Bidenomics drives credit card delinquencies to record high - we'll analyze. Over The Border: Report claims unlawful migrants along US Border say they 'Want Biden to win' 2024 Election - ICE arrests illegal migrants released without bail after alleged assault on NYPD at Target - Democrats vote against bill adding Citizenship Question to Census - we'll explore. Plus, Ridiculous comments and audio from 2 sitting politicians - but voters keep voting them in! And, Testing The Faith: 18-year-old plotted terrorist attack on 21 churches in Idaho after swearing allegiance to ISIS during COVID, FBI says - Faith groups protest Biden plan to control their employment decisions - State investigation clears Christian school, but Feds don't drop case - Biden all but DEMANDS a yellow star on Jewish-made products from the West Bank. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, Testing The Faith: Taxpayers burned by state's anti-Christian 'non-discrimination' agenda, court ordered payments to web designer to be determined - Media giant skewered for leaving facts out of report on Bible instruction - Agnostic editorial writer concerned about churches going "bust" and possible negative effects on society - Christian Woman accuses famous coffee shop of firing her for opposing a particular display and addressing employees by their actual name. - we'll examine. Borderline: Mexico NOW aggressively rounding up unauthorized migrants approaching Texas Border from Juarez - DHS Chief Mayorkas pressed to answer how terrorists were reportedly freed into U.S. - Sen. Schmitt claims illegal aliens 'Prioritized' for Govt college loans - unauthorized migrants continue breach of El Paso border barriers after March attack on Texas Guardsmen - Gun sales skyrocket in the face of US Southern Border invasion - we'll analyze. Election 2024: Jill Biden gets testy when CBS anchor confronts her over Joe's dismal polling: 'Losing in all the battleground states' - Report shows Latino support for RFK Jr. could derail Biden - Furious Karine Jean-Pierre hangs up on radio interview after being asked if Biden has dementia and about the economy - Report claims Democrat Strategists gripe WH not pushing back enough on Biden frailty concerns - RFK Jr. says in interview Biden 'Much worse threat to democracy' than Trump - Is Trump too entangled in legal issues to govern effectively if elected? - we'll explore. Plus, DOJ demands jail for woman who 'stole' Ashley Biden's diary - does this mean diary not a fake? or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 1:06 pm CT, 2:06 pm ET: Faith Under Fire: Teacher prays before school begins, all hell breaks loose - Biden Admin. jailing people for PRAYING? - Reports say major company seriously discriminates against Christians - we'll examine. Borders No More: Illegal migrants apprehended at NORTHERN US Border Sector exceed last 12 years combined - ANOTHER caravan of 2,000 illegals predicted to breach U.S. southern border - Poll shows majority of Hispanics disagree with Biden, say calling Laken Riley's alleged killer 'Illegal' is appropriate - latest poll shows illegal immigration bigger Issue than inflation, economy - we'll analyze. Plus, Inflation Nation: Feb. numbers show inflation remains stubbornly high as Fed's Preferred Gauge rises 2.5 percent - reports say America's electric grid is weakening though energy prices keep rising - Van Jones claims food, mortgage inflation making people not feel 'actual reality' - Could the economic consequences of the Baltimore catastrophe be felt broadly? - we'll explore. And, Poll reveals Church attendance decline among most U.S. religious groups. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, Run For The Border: Morning Joe blames Trump for escalating Border Crisis - Nonprofit caught on video handing residency papers to man without ID - Federal judge tossed lawsuit challenging D.C.'s nonresident voting law - we'll analyze. All In The Family: Rep. Comer says President Biden invited to 'Defend Himself' in impeachment inquiry - 'Compromised' Biden leading U.S. to disaster, says Air Force general, something brewing at home that will take many by surprise - Dem Rep. Goldman claims GOP House 'Conspiring with Russia to Interfere in our elections' on behalf of Trump - we'll explore. Your Government At Work: IRS corruption, lawmakers claim that agency spying on taxpayers 'en masse', Feds accused of watching bank accounts without legal justification - Biden administration sought advice on how to censor people, emails confirm - Government employees hit new milestone: 23 million strong - Supreme justice says 1st Amendment 'hamstrings' govt. - what Federal judge nominee said about guns and a Senator who wrecked her - we'll examine. And, looming Federal debt crisis Congress not willing to deal with, what Ron Paul is saying and how Christians may want to prepare. https://christiantalkthatrocks.nett or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Bidenomics: Bidenflation surges to new hot level for Feb., feds report, 'Super Core' inflation soared in January, worst In nearly two years - Iconic discount chain to shutter 1,000 stores as Bidenomics taking toll - Zillow says Homebuyers need to make 80% more than in 2020 to comfortably afford a home, Average mortgage payment has nearly doubled since January 2020 - Home foreclosures are soaring nationwide and rising fastest in 5 states - we'll analyze. Borderline: Darien Gap Highway to global catastrophe being built, this is war says former Green Beret - News host grills Dem strategist over Biden border crisis - Texas lawsuit accuses Colony Ridge developers of 'pernicious business model' - 'Border Czar' US VP Harris to talk with rapper about marijuana reform in White House as border disolves - we'll examine. No Jews Allowed: Anti-Israel protesters beat up Jewish man at theater in Chicago - Staffers at top college sue to stop release of docs to Congress in Anti-Semitism probe - we'll explore. Plus, Testing The Faith: Government launches holy war on pastor for home-churching - California ranks worst for employment-related religious discrimination charges. And, law professor Dershowitz believes Ga. Judge in Fani Willis Case 'Utterly dishonest.' or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, On The Border Of Insanity: Biden Admin. 'secretly flying' hundreds of thousands of illegals into 43 cities - Elon Musk: 'The groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11' - AZ Governor vetoes bill greenlighting police arrests of illegals - Senator thwarts effort to pass bill detaining illegal immigrants charged with violent crime - West Virginia Governor rips network hosts who mocked voters concerned about border - Fox News reporter puts MSNBC hosts in their place for mocking voters worried about border crisis - Texas AG declares states have 'Right to Self-Defense' - Spate of assaults, murders, and rapes across the country has been characterized by critics as an illegal 'migrant crime wave' - we'll analyze. Election 2024: Democrats urge Biden to see 'warning sign' after voters abandon him, 'Not something that should be ignored' - 'Practice run for November?' Facebook, related sites go dark on Super Tuesday - Biden avoids media questions, 'I'll Get in Trouble' - we'll examine. Secessionitis: A quarter of US adults want their state to secede - Texans, Californians, and New Yorkers are closest to the exit, but another state wants out the most!Plus, Judge sides with grocery store employee who was fired for thwarting shoplifter in California: 'The dumbest cruelest incident.' And, Faith Under Fire: Report: U.S. Sees Spike in Attacks on Christian Churches. https// or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, Borderline: New Polls show Americans are now most concerned about illegal immigration insanity - Swing-state voters blame Biden, Democrats for border catastrophe - Poll shows 62 Percent Support Mayorkas Impeachment - 'Sanctuary' city cutting some workers to zero hours so it has money for illegals - Governor Kathy Hochul moves forward with plan to prioritize Illegal Immigrants for NY State jobs - Judge blocks Texas law that gives police broad powers to arrest migrants who illegally enter US - we'll examine. Testing The Faith: Christian groups demand apology from Politico over reporter's viral comments about rights coming from God - Hulu hits reverse when confronted for censoring church ad - Supreme Court justice's warning for Christians is being ignored, landmark decision has people of faith targeted simply for obeying Jesus - we'll explore. Election 2024: Did the Supreme Court hand a 'gift' to Donald Trump - and is it a big problem for Jack Smith? - Comer says impeachment inquiry moving to 'next phase,' with Hunter Biden testifying at public hearing - we'll analyze. Plus, Cow Flatulence: New York AG sues JBS, world's largest meatpacker, over sustainability claims - Corporate media calls for bans on public eating meat to 'address Climate Change': 'Cows are the new coal.' or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 2:30 pm CT, 3:30 pm ET: Cyber Hits?: Pharmacies nationwide face delays as healthcare tech company reports cyberattack - AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile Customers Hit by Cell Network Outages Throughout Country - FLASHBACK FBI Director Says China Cyberattacks on U.S. Infrastructure Now at Unprecedented Scale - Cyber security expert warned Congress recently about infrastructure vulnerabilities due to cyber attacks and who's to blame - we'll analyze. Run For The Border: Massachusetts Spending $64 a Day to Feed Each Migrant, On Track to Spend $1 Billion By 2025 - Organized Migrant 'Theft Groups' Plague Pennsylvania Town - Now illegals surging across America's NORTHERN border - Dogged by Election-Year Border Woes, Biden Weighs Executive Action on Asylum - Van Jones: Biden's Acting on Border Because Even Dems Think It's Bad - What the US Constitution and state constitutions say about what Congress and governors can do to repel border invasion, even if the president does nothing - we'll examine. Election 2024: Huge majority of independents pick this candidate if election held 'today' - As symptoms worsen, Biden under pressure to take cognitive exam - Poll finds 70 Percent Say Biden Too Old for Another Term - In Election Year, Biden's Team More Hostile Toward Press - Could Trump be in jail by election time? - we'll explore. Plus, Inflation Nation: Food Costs 11% of Income, Highest in 33 Years. And, Hundreds Turn to Jesus at #2 US Party School, Get Baptized in Fountain. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Borderline: Cities at breaking point in California, Colorado, and Maine over Biden Border Crisis - U.S. general says Chinese 'coming to kill us' via illegal immigration - CNN anchor can't handle the truth when lawmaker takes her to school on border crisis - Axios report claims Biden 'exploded with fury' over missing border data - we'll examine. Inflation Nation: Imported consumer goods prices see biggest surge ever - Economic reporter says Americans need to "Get Ready for inflation to get even worse" - CNBC host breaks down where rising prices are squeezing Americans - we'll analyze. All in the family: Congressional Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announces plan to subpoena major credit card companies for Biden family records - Tony Bobulinski gives 'Explosive' testimony, claims: 'Millions' to Bidens 'because Joe Biden was in high office.' - we'll explore. Plus, 'Five Eyes': Stunning revelation of a former US President using foreign agencies to spy on a presidential candidate, declassified folder could be 'proof' many U.S. intel officials broke the law. And, U.S. county sued for imposing massive fines on home Sabbath meetings. or
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Christian Talk That Rocks
On today's show, 2:06 pm CT, 3:06 pm ET: Run For The Border: 30,000 migrants with possible ties to terrorism or other 'nefarious activity' released into US claims report - Dr. Phil 'shocked' by recent visit to U.S. border - After whiffing on border security, Senate eyes billions more for Ukraine - Sen. Mitch McConnell defends 'Migration' Bill fiasco - President Biden NOW considering executive action for Border - Could Biden send troops to STOP Texas from protecting border? - we'll examine. Lost In Space: Biden FORGETS the name of Hamas! - Biden Again Talks About Meeting with Dead European Leaders - KJP gets angry at reporter Doocey for asking about President Biden's cognitive state - we'll analyze. Bidenomics: Over one million jobs reported in 2023 didn't actually exist - James Carville advises Democrats not to 'tell people how great this economy is' - Poll shows less than half of Americans 'Very satisfied' with their lives - we'll explore. Plus, is the U.N. 'secretly working with banks' to destroy American food industry? - Farmers not sufficiently 'woke' can have accounts shut down without notice. And, Persecution against Christians is worsening says World Watch List - Are we on the precipice of Christian invisibility'? or
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