BONUS Episode: Who Cut the Cheez? The Best of the First Year of CheezWits

Can you believe it's been a whole year of this crap? Yeah, yeah, they weren't all winners, but we re-listened to all the episodes (so you don't have to -- you're welcome!) and pulled out the best nuggets of comedy gold we had, everything from pooping in pizza boxes to Gail to Cinnabon and mail ordered bull... uh... stuff. Now, listen, we NEED your ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts, whether you listen there or not. So please help us make it through another year with yours!

01:18:20 11/20/2023

Past Episodes

Wally shows up in his drawers, Chris shows up eventually, Bo Duke compares Beyonce to a dog, Natalie Maines shoulda shut up, pharmacies and insurance companies are the worst, Wally gets FEMA assistance, Tennessee doesn't care about your tires, aging ain't for the weak, Wally has a job interview and he's bringing his assumptions with him, meat-eating lesbians, Jess has a PSA for men, commercials for personal hygiene products, cooking for one, Wally needs phone help, and Chris has BINGO problems, but not Dad jokes.
01:22:16 2/25/2024
Gutfield vs Taylor Swift, tuna at Subway, chicken at various fast food places, germs on planes, old movies and the things they got away with, football and gambling, the guys have unflattering nicknames for their wives, Wally's son preps for the end of the world, Taylor Swift telling us who to vote for, Kiefer Sutherland or Martin Sheen should be president, John Houseman commercials, football snacks, Wally says his wife can't cook, how Chris feels about egg salad, fast food grossness, grocery store problems, Wally comes to the defense of the underprivileged old white dudes, the Harlem Cultural Festival you never heard of, the town of Gay, how we're (obviously) a breath of fresh air, and why Chris drinks girly drinks.
01:29:57 2/18/2024
Man colds (and "Flu B"), Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman and Wally's thoughts that make Jess roll her eyes, flight layovers that make no sense, buying a house on Amazon, houses with former slave quarters and underground railroad tunnels, that time Wally got shot, the "best of" awards in the town where Jess and Chris used to work together (and when Jess won it after she left the station), crack (no the other kind), the multiple uses for sweatpants, sexual harassment by strangers and cohosts, Chris says he lived a letter to Penthouse, the actors on Wally's and Chris's man crush list, insurance companies are the worst, and the Taylor Swift Super Bowl conspiracy. (Note: this episode was recorded on February 4th, so the mention of Toby Keith fighting stomach cancer happened the day before his passing)
01:16:54 2/11/2024
We start right off with shots fired, Wally responds to a nine-year-old Facebook memory, radio people don't follow directions, Wally's computer skills, more of Chris's parents' hoard, the Chris Young arrest,  maybe we should talk about radio more, Wally falls for fake news, gentleman callers, and the stuff you CAN'T say. 
01:21:18 2/4/2024
Wally finds out he's old, Jess has a stalker ex AND a freak, Chris accidentally joins the show, racist comments in the Dunkin' drive thru, religious people and the problem with their Jesus tattoos, changes in radio and technology, snow hits Nashville, Wally and Chris role play as Jess and her neighbor, morning people, screening calls, the saga of Wally's sister, aging and our parents, and Chris' parents are hoarders. Oh, like you can find all this just any old place. If you laugh, could you leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts? Cool, thx.
01:22:05 1/28/2024
Jess preps for "the big snow storm," chimney problems, don't crap where ya eat, the lonely neighbor texting Jess, Wally calls Jess too early, mafia stuff, Wally's homophobic opinions, an unmarried woman buys a house all by herself, Mean Girls, actors and artists who are jerks, "real" country music, Wally jammin' out to Nicki Minaj in the car, old school radio jokes, radio station ratings, words with changing meanings, and why we should be writers for SNL.
01:23:44 1/21/2024
Weather hits the northeast, we mock corporate radio (again), Wally is changing his name to George, New Year's Eve celebrations, the Stanley cup trend, minimum wage, how Wally ticked off the KKK, Nirvana faces child porn charges from a 30-year-old album cover, old school words, curse words we love and hate, how driving has changed over the years, air travel problems, Tennessee gets a Wawa, farm reports on the radio, and why there might be a pot roast at the end of Jess's driveway. Hey, it could happen. If you dig the show, help us out and leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts (even if you listen somewhere else -- it's the only place for podcast ratings for some reason)!
01:21:10 1/14/2024
Chris joins us from the New Year's Eve bingo line, HOAs are the worst, Christmas recaps, states that don't recognize daylight saving time changes, the stuff they get away with saying on SNL, more reasons why the news media are trash, the dividing line between "oh he died too young" and "that makes sense, he was old," radio software we loved and hated, and so much less.
00:57:46 1/7/2024
Barbecue around the country, Jess opened her Christmas gifts early, Wally was creepy, the creepiest stuff we've heard in radio, people we worked with, names we've used on the air,  and we find yet another new low to end the show. Happy New Year from all of us at Cheez Wits to both of you listeners. If you like what you hear, or at least it doesn't make you angry, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts (hey, it's the only place ratings and reviews happen. We don't know why. They didn't ask us.)
01:14:21 12/31/2023
Jess and the middle of the night power outage, why some houses didn't make it through the Tennessee tornadoes, Chris has never had a hangover, migraines, memories of ex-spouses, balloon nuts (yes, those nuts), Chris is having weird dreams, runes and reiki and horoscopes, mediums and group hypnotists, when Jess tells her story to Dateline, people being stupid while trying to be hip, package delivery problems, why Luke Combs is better than all of us, the public thinks it owns celebrities, problematic song lyrics from the '80s, toothpaste preferences, shoplifting in our youth (and also as adults), and we hit a new low with the end-of-show dad jokes.
01:20:32 12/24/2023

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