BONUS Episode: Who Cut the Cheez? The Best of the First Year of CheezWits

Can you believe it's been a whole year of this crap? Yeah, yeah, they weren't all winners, but we re-listened to all the episodes (so you don't have to -- you're welcome!) and pulled out the best nuggets of comedy gold we had, everything from pooping in pizza boxes to Gail to Cinnabon and mail ordered bull... uh... stuff. Now, listen, we NEED your ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts, whether you listen there or not. So please help us make it through another year with yours!

01:18:20 11/20/2023

Past Episodes

Jess sums up the weather with a new word, No Soliciting in Spanish, fake names when placing pickup orders, dentists and the upsell, Chris touched some lady's fupa, why Wally's not allowed to be polite, AI fakes, and medical diagnoses from the internet and Jess's mom.
01:05:00 7/14/2024
Childproofing confounds Wally (almost as much as technology), pranks by mail, and the things 12-year-old boys put Aqua Velva on. All this and even more quality entertainment for the low, low price of zero dollars. You'll love it or your money back.
01:02:05 7/7/2024
Wally tries to convince us he's not on the call... while he's on the call (seriously, if you want to skip that mess, jump to 8:30), home prices, Wally tries (unsuccessfully) to shame Jess over a mistake, the dead guy at Chris's house, a mutual friend of Wally and Chris has passed, aging and illness, cremated pets, Wally's anniversary, celebrity divorces, Jess's divorce, the Ashley Madison documentary and scandal, and the ease of breaking down a confident person.
00:59:16 6/30/2024
Wally gets too much email, Jess gets a new mic, Chris celebrates a government holiday (and so does his phone), when Wally wore a daishiki, mollycoddling, hamburg vs. hamburger (the biggest argument we have this week), entitled people, are we f*&ks, radio programming successes and failures, the radio owners killing radio, and Chris's bad joke.
01:06:43 6/23/2024
Quicksand, Wally wants to profit off the homeless, eyebrows, being at the age where friends are dying, the creepiness of Fantasy Island, heart rate monitors on Olympics spectators, Circus of the Stars, Welcome Back Kotter and the White Shadow, Suits and other courtroom shows, Miss Maryland, doggy diapers, Jess's dog gets skunked, emergency vets, delivery mistakes, Jess's neighbor doesn't know her name, are strip clubs and adult bookstores going out of style?, getting porn online, Tennessee's outrageous liquor tax, dads and ordering fast food, cats, Wally and Chris blather on about some political stuff, the things Chris has done on a guard rail between two car doors, and blood tests in the car.
01:04:40 6/16/2024
Chris is MIA (on a boat) but radio friend Tony joins us for an all-radio episode. We talk about Tony's career path alongside his show partner Kris, how our early radio experiences affected our careers, bad bosses, working with partners with or without chemistry, the death of terrestrial radio, keeping up with news and technology, learning how to use social media successfully, Wally figuring out technology, the commercial voiceover industry, famous people doing voiceover and audiobook narration, hearing your own errors and everyone else's, show prep, jacking with the competition, and calls and letters from prison.
01:40:35 6/9/2024
Jess got attacked by Mothra and also ants (which obviously leads to a discussion about Chris's ass), new microphones, the worst movies ever made, Gilligan's Island, Richard Hatch, radio salaries, record labels, people who write "hbd" or "happy birthday." on your timeline, Jess's history with Red Flag Men goes back to the beginning, Chris flashes back to a regret, apologies as adults, funerals for the family of exes, radio competition, Howard Stern's evolution, a potential sponsor we'd love to have (with boundaries), and radio endorsements. Hey, leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, would ya? It's free and it would help us out!
01:12:28 6/2/2024
The cicada invasion in Nashville, people who travel to see rare natural wonders, P Diddy, hoarders, Chris has phone troubles (shocking, no?), a loud angry man at the post office, and then the show melts down and ends early over the word "honey" and a "double standard."
00:45:01 5/26/2024
Jess gets an annoying call, government overreach in weather warnings, Wally's long-awaited opinions on 2020, brain-eating worms and the other winning presidential options, creepy comments from men you don't know (and the ones you do), men vs bears, gender roles in factory work, tampon jokes, Mothers Day, and assumptions about motherhood and gayness.
01:05:11 5/19/2024
This might be our worst show ever. A former guest on the show has passed away, Wally takes a call during the show and Chris's phone cuts out at the same time, house guest faux pas, scammers, predatory companies, insurance companies are trash, comedians, the art of the interview, cicadas and other creepy crawlies, heinous state laws, and Wally keeps a jar of what? So... how 'bout a rating and review on Apple Podcasts?
00:58:21 5/12/2024

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