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Distribute Your Podcast To Listening Platforms

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Distributing Your Podcast To Listening Platforms

Once you've set up your new podcast and uploaded episodes, you'll need to make them available to listeners!

Here are simple instructions on distribution options to grow your audience so that you have direct ownership of your accounts on these platforms.

Note: before you proceed with distribution, ensure that your podcast has a published episode (or trailer/promo) and uploaded artwork in LaunchpadOne to meet distributors submission requirements.

Apple Podcasts - Instructions | Submit Your Podcast

The Podcasts app by Apple is one of the more utilized podcasting apps in the market. To be published in this highly used platform, it is important to go through the validation process for submission. To learn more about the iTunes submission process, please see here.

Please see here to start the podcast validation and submission process.

Adding your podcast to Spotify gives your brand access to millions of listeners in 60 markets across desktop, Android, and iOS devices. To view helpful information on getting your podcast submitted to Spotify for Podcasters, please see here.

Please see here to submit your podcast to Spotify for Podcasters.

Google Podcasts - Instructions | Submit Your Podcast

When your podcast is "on Google," listeners can find and play your podcast on many different Google services: in the browser with a Google search, in the Google Podcasting App for Android or iOS, or on many other Google services. Sign up for Google Podcast Manager with an existing Google account and add the RSS feed for validation.

To submit your podcast, get started here.

Pandora - Instructions | Sign Up

Submitting your podcast with Pandora will continue to expand your audience and listenership. Podcasters can grow their audience and potentially monetize while benefiting from their "Podcast Genome Project" that recommends shows to the right listeners on the platform. Here is a helpful FAQ.

Register with Pandora and begin using Pandora for Podcasters here.

Amazon - Submit Your Podcast
Amazon Music is a large on-demand streaming music platform, tightly integrated with the Alexa ecosystem and Audible, their audiobook service. Enabling your content to be distributed on Amazon Music and Audible allows you to grow your audience by reaching these customers, many of whom will be new to podcasting.

See here to start submitting your podcast.

Stitcher - Submit Your Podcast
Similar to other podcast platforms, if you wish to have your podcast listed on the Stitcher directory, it is required to go through the validation process for approval. To initiate the validation process, you need to first become a partner.

See here to get the Stitcher partner process started and submit your podcast.
TuneIn offers more than 50,000 radio stations and 120,000 shows from around the globe. With its listenership ranging from podcast and radio listeners, it uniquely provides two different audience types for content housed in their library.

See here to submit your podcast for consideration to be listed in their library.

iHeartRadio is a platform that provides Live Radio, Artist Radio, and Podcasts to its listenership. See here for details on how to submit your podcast.

To submit your podcast, please visit this page.

Each platform has similar steps for submission and validation, and when you're available on the platforms a user prefers, you can start growing your audience!

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