Wombat Water is a periodic podcast game show full of amateur musical parody artists and their friends. Its goal is to crown one thing the best thing of all the things! Each episode focuses on a different subject, as contestants draft or create items/concepts, debate their pros and cons, and ultimately compete to determine the winner through very empirical means! The winner gets bragging rights and the esteemed title of Waterbear.


Wombat Water

Introducing Arcade Pizza!

From the people who brought (and continue to bring) you Wombat Water comes Arcade Pizza! We're centered around the intersection point of games and media. We get together to recap shows about games, games about shows, and sometimes just games. You don't have to know the material - sometimes we won't either! Grab a slice and join us on the other side!

Visit our website arcade.pizza to subscribe! Follow us at @arcadepizzapod on Instagram, Threads, Twitter, and YouTube!

We want to know: what video games that you've played should be turned into movies or TV shows? And the opposite: what movies and TV shows would be great as video games? To lend your voice, just go to arcade.pizza/vote

00:01:16 3/30/2024

Past Episodes

Wombat Water

In preparation for a game of hardcore Minecraft, Karen from Canada recruits Minecraft expert Keran and his dad Corey to explain what Minecraft is, how to survive, and what makes it so popular!

You can find us in these places:

00:00:00 7/7/2023
Wombat Water

Following our state of the podcast, we share a lot of ideas around renaming the podcast, and how we should start talking about things in the future! Join Corey, Karen, Isabelle, and JD as they work through ideas from both humans and forms of artificial intelligence. Stay connected to help us choose the winner!

00:41:19 4/1/2023
Wombat Water

We're back! Karen and Corey are here to check in with you and provide a "State of the Podcast" update, followed by a shorter discussion on hot water!

00:20:01 11/30/2022
Wombat Water

The tarot card crew is back to look into past lives! KFC hosts this episode with guests Alicia, Sergio, and Taylor

01:32:54 6/6/2022
Wombat Water

The guests from our first pizza podcast are BACK to play again! This time, Josh Wigler is the judge, and he's taking orders from our contestants: Karen, Navi, and Melody. The goal: scientifically find the best Brooklyn pizza, and answer some pressing questions along the way, like "what is the difference between plain pizza and cheese pizza?". Who will become the newest Waterbear, and what pizza will you order the next time you find yourself in Brooklyn? Join JD as they host this amazing sequel!

Thanks to Josh for judging and Akiva for sending in questions! To see the (reheated) pizzas, visit https://wombatwater.com/podcast/pizza2/ 

This episode was produced and edited by Corey B.

01:28:31 5/23/2022
Wombat Water

We're back with more water, and this one's tough to crack! Karen from Canada, Sara Fergenson, Kirs, and Jonathan go head to head to determine which coconut water is the best of them all! Corey B hosts.

This episode was produced and edited by Corey B and Karen from Canada.

01:17:35 10/19/2021
Wombat Water
An instant podcast complete with a parody of BTS's smash hit, Dynamite! Featuring Stephanie, Navi, Isabelle, Jon Jon. Hosted by Karen from Canada. Parody Song lyrics and vocals by Karen from Canada Music production by Corey B
00:00:00 7/1/2021
Wombat Water

How do you like your eggs? Our players come prepared to craft eggceptional creations that bring rich backstories to ordinary eggs and their journeys to being cooked and eaten. And do eggs want to be eaten? Join us and our guests Will and Torry, and eggscape to a world of eggcitement and eggsistentism as we determine which egg dish is the best of them all!

This competition was guest hosted by Isabelle.

Thanks to all our friends for helping us record the draft clips! To follow along with the draft game or see the egg creations, visit https://wombatwater.com/podcast/terrifrying/. And send us your egg creations @wombateggs on Instagram!

This episode was produced and edited by Corey B.

02:15:54 4/3/2021
Wombat Water

Sergio guides Taylor (aka TSL), Alicia and Karen through tarot card readings for listener-submitted questions about love, career decisions and important life choices! Check out the photos of the tarot card spreads on wombatwater.com!

Karen from Canada hosts. 

Remember to subscribe and follow us on Twitter @WombatWater and find more episodes at www.wombatwater.com


Wombat Party Theme Song: J.D. McGuire

Production: Karen from Canada

Editing: Karen from Canada

01:12:47 1/18/2021
Wombat Water

Which controversial pizza topping is best? We've brought on noted pizza connoisseur Josh Wigler along with pizza enthusiasts JD, Navi, and Melody to play games, draft toppings, and build the best-tasting pizza! Who will become the newest Waterbear? How will new social strategies change the game? And which scientifically-proven best pizza will you be ordering later? Dig in to find out! Jess Sterling hosts.

Thanks to all our friends for helping us record the draft clips! To follow along with the draft game or see the delivered pizzas, visit https://wombatwater.com/podcast/pepperanni/ 

This episode was produced and edited by Corey B.

02:53:19 12/8/2020
Wombat Water

Which candy is the reason for the season? Leading up to Halloween, we decided to put candy to our patented test to see which popular candy is the best! Chappell, Michael J. Clark (MJC), and Kirs join Karen from Canada for some spirited debates and ridiculous games that still somehow empirically determine the best candy! Which candy will rise to the top? Join us to find out! JD McGuire hosts.

This episode was produced and edited by Corey B.

03:09:21 10/24/2020
Wombat Water

The water pod is back, and this time, it's sparkling! Survivor's own Gabby Pascuzzi joins Corey B, Jess Sterling, and JD McGuire to play some fun and nonsensical games that will ultimately crown one sparkling water brand as better than all the rest. Karen from Canada hosts.

This episode was produced and edited by Karen from Canada.

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wombatwater  

02:02:48 9/2/2020
Wombat Water

It's our final day of Survivor: Wombat Crossing! The final six take compete in individual challenges, make fire, and ultimately crown the Sole Survivor - all within the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons! After the crowning of the winner, this episode includes a reunion show and an interview with the winner.

Survivor: Wombat Crossing was produced by Karen from Canada, Jess Sterling, Corey B, Preston, and Will A.

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wombatwater 

01:43:18 7/21/2020
Wombat Water
It's Day 2 of Survivor: Wombat Crossing! Nine players remain in our Survivor game that takes place within Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This episode takes you through some game-changing events, including three more rounds of play and three more eliminations. Survivor: Wombat Crossing was produced by Karen from Canada, Jess Sterling, Corey B, Preston, and Will A.
01:43:18 7/6/2020

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