In this podcast author Chad Corrie shares some insight and information related to the world of Tralodren and the various stories that take place in it. This information is similar to DVD extras wherein he'll be sharing things from a "behind the scenes" perspective. From time to time he might also share information on the development of other projects and ventures related to the world and/or other related works as he has leave to do so.


Tralodren: Behind the Scenes

Episode 30 | Post Convention Q&A

Chad gives a run down of the last four months of conventions and promotional efforts for his latest titles as well as answers some questions, sharing some additional updates along the way.
00:28:37 7/26/2023

Past Episodes

Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares some updates on the recent tour cycle along with a progress report on various Tralodren tales in development as well as some news on reprints and other matters tied to the current titles published with Dark Horse.
00:26:40 5/24/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Get some inside information on what went into writing The Shadow Regent-from initial conception to overall tale-as well as enjoy an excerpt from the audio book. Warning: Story spoilers! Listen at your own risk.
00:30:00 3/28/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares updates on new projects, upcoming book tours, scheduling changes to the podcast's release, and other insights.
00:20:40 1/21/2023
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
A year end wrap up with insights and updates for the podcast's new format next year as well as other news.
00:22:39 10/26/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares an overview of everything unfolding for October as well as a special reading for Triumph of the Wizard King's one year anniversary.
00:18:56 9/30/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
A quick overview of a few key matters for the present and the month ahead.
00:12:15 8/27/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad answers some more questions.
00:22:44 7/28/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
A brief rundown on the progress with various Tralodren related titles/projects.
00:19:50 6/25/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares some insight on what's in store for the next six months while noting what's been wrapping up or coming to completion during the last six months.
00:24:04 5/27/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares some news and updates that have been transpiring for April with various projects as well as a dramatic expert for Trial of the Wizard King to celebrate its one year anniversary this month.
00:28:58 4/29/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Find out what Chad's been up to this March as he plots and plans with various options, avenues and titles.
00:18:53 3/26/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
Chad shares an update on some current and future Tralodren related projects as well as some upcoming releases.
00:23:34 2/26/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
The first episode of the third season has Chad answering some questions from the last book tour as well as sharing what's in store with new titles and projects for 2022.
00:21:31 1/29/2022
Tralodren: Behind the Scenes
In this episode Chad shares some background and backstory behind what went into writing Triumph of the Wizard King, the third and final book in the Wizard King Trilogy.
00:29:34 12/18/2021

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