Get early access to ad-free eps and supes fun bonus content when you subscribe to my patreon! Hey it's me Tommy Lenk! No, I don't think we've met. Well, I'm an actor and also that guy from Instagram who makes the garbage dresses? No, the other one. No, that's the baby wearing costumes while it sleeps. Forget it. Anyway, this is my podcast where celebs, friends & crazers bring me their prized possessions and items that no longer "spark joy" and I try to figure out what's trash and what's treasure! I'm like a totally unqualified Marie Kondo, with none of the discipline and a very shoddy work ethic - OK, so basically we're the complete opposite - but I do think you'll enjoy the magical art of NOT tidying up with me! And remember, one man's trash is another man's podcast...I mean TRASHcast!


Tommy Lenk's Trashcast

Brooke Seguin: 30 Minute Madame

Actor/Writer/Director Brooke Seguin joins me on the pod to talk about how we both think we "lived" in Europe and we play Trash it or Stash it with her list of adapted 30 Minute Musical Movies and she brings 4 TRASH OR TREASURE ITEMS?! Whaaaaa?! Such FUUUUNNN!
00:00:00 4/1/2020

Past Episodes

Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Actor/Writer Byron Lane joins the Trashcast to talk all things Tilda Swinton, the seedy underbelly of working as a live news correspondent, expensive instagram filters, why you should never go to a sitcom taping and the origins of "trash it or stash it!" And what will be the trash? Screaming monkey toy or Whitney Houston candle? FIND OUT! And Bonus late addition at the end of the episode, live via Skype, Byron talks about his new book "A Star is Bored!" Listen and find out what real life celeb inspired this BEWK! Support your local bookstore by preordering here:
00:00:00 3/25/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
New York Times Writer, Book Author and hilarious actor/friend, Carrie Seim stops by and we talk about our food poisoning themed disaster double date at MOMA, Connie Britton's Goyard Purse, and wanting to escape a live taping of Wheel of Fortune! Plus she talks about her new Audible book, "The Flying Flamingo Sisters!" And be sure to head to my patreon for ad free early eps and even a Bonus dating story from Carrie!!! A New York Times pick for "Best Audiobooks for Road Trips with Kids" A New York Post featured book selection Romper's top choice for "Best Audiobooks for the Whole Family" Listen to "The Flying Flamingo Sisters" here:
00:00:00 3/18/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
OMG I sit down with everyone's favorite guitar-toting Drag Queen and RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars winner, TRIXIE MATTEL! We talk about velvet rage, get real SCIENC-Y as Trixie teaches me about the chemical bonds that form your hair, Trixie's new album BARBARA and my favorite internet youtube program, "Uhnnn." And Trixie is on tour now so get your tickets (and BARBARA) at ! GET INTO IT GAL!
00:00:00 3/10/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Season 2 Teaser! The Trashcast is going "indie!" Head over to Patreon for ad free, early access to episodes (first up, TRIXIE MATTEL!) and Bonus audio and video content! Or wait til next week to listen to the Season 2 premiere with Trixie on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify! Woohoo!
00:04:20 3/4/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
It's the season finale of the Trashcast! Tom is catching up with friend of pod Jack Plotnick and running through some trash it or stash it. Then he's bringing you a live Trashcast Podcast event! With special guest Elisa Donovan and a chance for YOU to play along.
00:48:06 2/5/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Original Queer Eye star Jai Rodriguez is here to talk about his new show, " Dollface," working on the show that helped change TV, Eastsiders, and his current trash TV and movies. Plus, what's more sentimental than a top secret, stolen polaroid!?
00:42:47 1/31/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Actor Sterling Jones is talking trash with Tom about his career and an embarrassing moment on set, having freedom to believe, the mystery of the lady of the canyon, and his podcast Spiritualgasm! Plus, a Card Edition trash or treasure!
00:50:18 1/22/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Actress Julie Benz is here to reminisce with Tom on their Buffy and Angel days, talk about her new show, "On Becoming a God in Central Florida," southern accents, and a pop culture round of trash it or stash it. Plus, the most surprising trash or treasure yet!
00:51:49 1/15/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Becca Tobin is back! And she and Tom are recording in her closet...literally. Plus, how are their acting careers like eating half a Krispy Kreme donut? Who doesn't love Gwyneth Paltrow? Why is John Mulaney causing trouble? And the one man Cats parody...Cat!
01:00:14 1/9/2020
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Fellow LadyGang Network Podcast host Jenna Ushkowitz is here to talk Broadway, Waitress, Glee, and her podcast Showmance with Kevin McHale. Plus, is this the moment Tom gets stumped with a trash or treasure??
00:52:07 12/26/2019
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Actress Robyn Lively is here to talk some trash! She's had a long career and been in pretty much everything, but Teen Witch seems to be the thing most people want to talk to her about. And she's bringing not two but FOUR items for Trash or Treasure!
00:49:40 12/18/2019
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Tom and Christmas movie heartthrob Nick Hounslow discuss having personalities despite being hot, while "Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist" writer Byron Lane has a Trashcast intro segment forced upon him and must decide if "The Morning Show" is a Trash or Stash!
00:43:19 12/11/2019
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Erin Gibson is here to talk some trash! She's chatting about her book, "Feminasty", her podcast, and helping Tom decide his very own Trash or Treasure.
00:59:21 12/4/2019
Tommy Lenk's Trashcast
Actress and writer Tara Karsian is talkin' some trash! She's sharing about her long acting career, working with not so pleasant people, being on American Horror Story, and learning what fan backlash is like for making a sandwich wrong! Plus, does her treasure hold the tea...or does it...wee?
00:49:09 11/27/2019

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