We are a new podcast and our goal is to just be off the cuff and talk about literally everything that is on our mind. We are going to recommend you start following us on social media because we will be putting topics there to help us better understand what our fans want to hear us talk about.


The What's on my Mind! Podcast

Uvalde Tragedy: A Family Member Speaks

By now everyone has heard about the horrible shooting in Uvalde at Robb Elementary School. One of the children who was killed was Eliahna Torres who was the cousin of our very own Rob T. In this exclusive interview, Rob speaks with his cousin Rudy Aguero who was Eliahna's uncle. He shares his experience and how this horrible tragedy has effected him. This will be the first of the sit downs with family and friends who were directly effected by the Uvalde shooting. Also, at the end of the interview you will hear an original song about the tragedy by rap artist Yung G Mavrik called "Better Place."
00:00:00 7/1/2022

Past Episodes

The What's on my Mind! Podcast
Why is it that if you have the label of "Christian" everyone has to be in your business? You are scrutinized and your actions are picked apart by the public eye! However, if you weren't labeled as a "Christian" whatever would anyone really care? We discuss this topic with Obed Gaitan in this one of a kind episode.
00:00:00 3/24/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
As you know Russia is at war with Ukraine. It is all over the news!! How does this effect us besides high gas prices? That is what we discuss with our sponsor and friend Daniel Hagerty. We even try to end things with a little hope towards the end but I am not sure we succeeded at it! LOL! Listen for yourself and tell us what you think.
00:00:00 3/3/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
He's a friend to the show and more importantly our first and most loyal sponsor through his gym, Metroflex Gym. Today he is on the show for a different reason. He talks to us today about his new podcast that he has just started with our very own Rob T, The podcast is called the Shield Bearers Podcast and is geared towards men and the struggles we all face.
00:00:00 2/24/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
It's been an ongoing issue for a long time. Long time Christians turning their backs on their faith and essentially turning their backs on God. Very prominent and famous people in the Christian music scene have done this over the years and the question that is always asked is why? We talk about this with a good friend, brother in Christ, and local pastor DJ Freeman. Tune in and listen to his opinions on this issue plus others that come up in this conversation. This is a great conversation that you really don't want to miss right now on What's On My Mind!
00:00:00 2/17/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
It's all over the news! Joe Rogan has upset the radical left and they are trying to cancel him! We invited Miggy back to discuss this issue. Is our freedom of speech in jeopardy? Does this issue effect artists of all genres? We talk about this topic at length and even discuss some of the other things going on in the news today. Cancel culture is alive and well and we talk about our thoughts on it. Check it out right now!
00:00:00 2/10/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
We had to do it again, so we did!! It is a part 2 of our discussion on Bringing back the 90's!! This time we invited friends of the show, Miggy and his lovely wife Lavonna along with Rob's beautiful wife Melissa. We also had a sit in guest with Gabriel Silva who just wanted to be the fly on the wall and check out what we do when recording the podcast. This discussion gets pretty wild and funny and really does go all over the place. This podcast is basically a conversation with the 6 of us and we invite you to be the fly on the wall and listen in.
00:00:00 2/3/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
We just finished recording a really fun podcast! We talk all things 90's and if they are back in this generation! We start pondering that question and before you know it we are reminiscing over the great decade of the 90's! Maybe a part 2 is in order?? Let us know!
00:00:00 1/20/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
Does family always have to be blood? This is the question that Rob T and Bigg Will tackle on this episode. This is actual one of the very few times that they get to their roots and keep it to just the two of them with no guest. They talk personal experiences with their own families and their friends who are like family to them. Is this something that you deal with? We think there are more out there that know exactly what we're talking about. Check it out now!!
00:00:00 1/13/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
This week's episode will be an interesting one!! We heard about the result of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and it sparked a conversation. We knew the perfect one to have this conversation with would be Lavonna Sanchez, the wife of Relent's energetic frontman Miggy Angel Sanchez. This conversation did not disappoint!! We started off talking about the trial and Epstein's demise. Then we went into talking about the importance of looking out for our children as a community! She shared some of her tragic yet triumphant story!! She also explained her story behind the inspiration of Relent's title track "Heavy." This is a discussion you will not want to miss this week!! The new episode will drop tomorrow and you can listen at wommpodcast.com or go to your favorite podcast streaming platform!!
00:00:00 1/5/2022
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
Really looking forward to the response for this one!! Trigger warning!! We're talk about masculinity and how it's being pushed out of our society! Spoiler alert, we all agree real masculinity needs to be brought back!! Let's see how much love or hate we get from this one!!
00:00:00 12/15/2021
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
They're a little bit country and a lot rock -n- roll!! Just what do we mean by that comment? Find out in this episode when we talk to the guys in San Antonio's own Reborn! We find out their origins as well as where they are going for the new year!! Plus, we find out why Ryan beat up poor little Yung Lou. Was it over a lightsaber?? Find out for yourself on the latest episode of WOMM!!!
00:00:00 12/8/2021
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
First and foremost we here at What's on my Mind want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!! This week we had the opportunity to talk with Yung Lou and hear his story! What a great story from tragedy to triumph! Grab you family and listen to this one because you don't want to miss out on what you are about to hear.
00:00:00 11/19/2021
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
This week we have a great discussion with the man, the myth, the legend John Anthony! Join us as we discuss his latest single Out Of the Waters and the inspiration behind the song. Plus we discuss his career and what's to come! We also discuss a hobby or 2 that may surprise you!!
00:00:00 11/18/2021
The What's on my Mind! Podcast
We have a special episode for you all this week!! We talk to Miggy of the band Relent! We're discussing the horrible tragedy of the Astroworld Festival that took place in Houston last week. We'll discuss how festivals can keep this kind of thing from happening, if the guys have seen anything similar from the stage. However, we're also going to discuss the claims that this event was some kind of satanic ritual performed by Travis Scott.
00:00:00 11/10/2021

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