Former MMA Fighter turned Actor, Author, Tattoo Artist, and CEO of Tattness Co. Clothing, Keith "Tattness" McCleary Hosts a Podcast that has no boundaries. From the paranormal to interviewing fellow celebrities, pop culture and current events. This organic conversation based show follows no script and you never know who might swing by.


The Tattness Podcast

Tattness Radio Halloween Special 2023

Tattness and Bounce Ball Boogie talk with Legends of Horror Mick Strawn and Joe Castro, Halloween themed music playlists and listeners share some creepy material.
01:45:08 10/31/2023

Past Episodes

The Tattness Podcast
In the spirit of bringing back the show, Tattness digs through the archives and reflects on the weirdest moments of the first 4 years of The Tattness Podcast Uncensored.
01:19:14 6/20/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio The Ask Me ANYTHING Show Part 2 
02:17:19 6/18/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness brings back the Ask Me ANYTHING show for 2023
02:29:02 6/14/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio June 12 2023 Tattness announces a special AMA edition. Send your questions to
02:22:24 6/12/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio June 10th 2023 Tattness Trolls The Airwaves
01:05:28 6/10/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness does a semi deep dive into his life events that culminated into fame. In honor of the news an  autobiography is in the works, Tattness gives a sample musically what got him through his turbulent life.
01:12:30 6/6/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio June 6 2023 Tattness gets confirmation of a returning guest, shout outs and throwbacks
01:54:30 6/6/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio June 2 2023 Tattness runs a radio station while higher than giraffe p**sy.
02:17:38 6/2/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness reflects on life through music
02:14:39 5/31/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Responds to fans questions and more.
01:55:17 5/28/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio May 23 2023 - New projects, guest announcements and the RETURN of Nerd Cage Live!
02:00:47 5/23/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio RETURNS and gives you a special segment!
04:02:27 5/21/2023
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness and Beast Barbie herself Cherene countdown their collective top 10 Christmas songs and top 10 unconventional Christmas songs, as well as talk traditions and what gets you in the mood for Christmas.
03:44:00 12/23/2022
The Tattness Podcast
Tattness Radio celebrates Madden Taylor McCleary's heavenly birthday with a very special edition and as we celebrate Madden the Son of Tattness, Nerd Cage Live condemns Madden the video game franchise.
04:01:58 11/11/2022

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