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The SuperpowHer Podcast

54: How to Love a Black Man God's Way 2 - Featuring Tammy Franklin

Hey strong woman! Have you ever been accused of shrinking your man?

Do you want to be in a healthy relationship that affirms your man God's way, but you honestly don't know how? Would you like to learn how to use your femininity as an edge to win in love and life?

Well, those are the questions we asked and answered in the first part of this updated 2.0 series "How to Love a Black Man God's Way" featuring Tammy Franklin, wife of multi-award winning Gospel artist Kirk Franklin.

Here in part 2, not only does she share her story of relationship ups, downs, and lessons when it comes to "Loving God's Way." But more specifically we learn how together she and Kirk turned one of his most private and vulnerable revelations into a testimonial tool to help others get delivered.

00:34:12 8/5/2021

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The SuperpowHer Podcast

Are you a strong woman? Have you ever been accused of shrinking your man, or having such dominant or masculine energy that it's hard for you to attract or keep a good and strong man?

Do you want to be in a healthy relationship that affirms your man God's way, but you honestly don't know how? Would you like to learn how to use your femininity as an edge to win in love and life?

Maybe it's time you learn how to diversify your communication portfolio. Listen to this episode, featuring Tammy Franklin, wife of Gospel artist Kirk Franklin as she shares her story of relationship ups, downs and lessons when it comes to "How to Love a Black Man God's Way."

00:38:41 6/19/2021
The SuperpowHer Podcast

Distractions are sneaky little buzzards that can throw you off course if you're not careful.

It's not always a major catastrophe; it can be small yet significant missteps or interruptions that build up over time.

The next thing you know two months turn into two years, if not 10; and you find yourself stuck in the same place emotionally, mentally, physically, professionally and, or financially.

If you can relate to any of these, listen to this episode. It's time to break-free. Destiny is waiting for you to show up!

00:35:00 5/27/2021
The SuperpowHer Podcast

Discover the surprising and pivotal roles that black women played in the bible starting with Eve and how it's directly impacting our lives today.

You don't have to believe me, Dr. Theron D. Williams says all of his research is based in research and the proof is in the DNA.

00:50:38 5/6/2021
The SuperpowHer Podcast

The vaccine is here and the world is attempting to return to a new normal, yet things will never be exactly quite the same, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be good if we don't get stuck.

If you don't see the bright side yet, my hope is that by the end of this episode, you will see the light, a new vision and hope for yourself and those you love.

Discover how to:

Get Better
Think Better
Act Better and Grow

00:38:51 4/7/2021
The SuperpowHer Podcast

What you're about to experience is a treat!

Some know her as CEO, Emmy Award Winning Media Executive, Minister and as a Best Selling Author, but for me Dr. Vikki Johnson has been a mentor, friend and safe-place for my soul.

Now it's my honor to share her with you during this beautifully raw, authentic and life-changing conversation.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The definition of the soul and what makes it healthy and wealthy;
  • how the connection between your emotions, physical health, and finances intersect inside the seat of your soul;
  • How to know if you're flowing in God's divine timing and so much more!
00:38:29 3/3/2021
The SuperpowHer Podcast

Media mogul Sheila Eldridge shares her secrets to success as a black female entrepreneur. Listen in and discover:

  • What she says all strong black women need to do;
  • How she defines the three levels of networking that's helped her become successful;
  • Who she leaned on during her lowest moments personally and professionally;
  • When she finally embraced the importance of self-care;
  • And how she was able to pivot her business in 2020, even in the midst of COVID-19.
00:42:30 2/4/2021
The SuperpowHer Podcast
We have all be going through changes.
How do you deal with job loss, health issues, grief, loneliness and/or major life shifts? What happens when you're getting older, going through perimenopause or menopause for that matter?
Can you relate? Life-Coach Deya Direct shares her experiences and provides for key steps that you can take to increase self-care, wellness and happiness during the changes that life brings.
00:32:23 1/20/2021
The SuperpowHer Podcast

Self-care is discovery owning who you are and who you are not.

00:02:13 9/23/2020
The SuperpowHer Podcast

This is Super Self-Care Commentary with Love and Life Coach Deya Direct, where she shares perspective and quick tips about hot button issues.

This is ironically #minoritymentalhealthawarenessmonth, and unfortunately, singer and reality Star Tamar Braxton allegedly attempted suicide this past Thursday. Tamar who's 43, was found unresponsive in her room at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Los Angeles.

Deya discusses how strong Black women struggle too. Research shows that African Americans are highly likely to struggle with emotional distress but least likely to seek help.

Black women in particular are expected to possess unlimited strength and resilience. This expectation puts immense pressure on her to uphold the "Strong Black Woman" title pretending we're superhuman and it's killing us.

Here are 4 Caring Calls-to-Action that you can do now:

  1. Remove the negative stigma of being crazy because someone is struggling mentally or emotionally. Just like it's healthy to take care of our bodies, it's healthy to take care of our minds
  2. Create a save space letting them know it's okay not to be okay sometimes. This can be demonstrated by being vulnerable enough to share your own struggles.
  3. Asking for help doesn't make you weak, it makes you wise. Be intentional about lifting the load of the strong women in your life.
  4. Finally, if you or someone in your life is struggling with depression go and see a therapist and if there are thoughts about suicide call 1-800-273-8255.

00:02:49 7/19/2020
The SuperpowHer Podcast

Love and Life Coach Deya Direct shares in her short two-minute commentary "Self-Care is not Selfish" how we're currently in the midst of a double health crisis with COVID-19 and police brutality disproportionately hurting communities of color.

If ever there was a critical time to learn and implement self-care tools; it's now. We must save ourselves - mind, body, soul and spirit. She share three tools that you can use now!

00:02:04 7/16/2020
The SuperpowHer Podcast

This episode will reveal three major ways that you can break-free, re-imagine your life and move forward despite the set-backs, sickness and trauma of this year so far.

Life Coach Deya Direct will help you to push past the pain of COVID-19, lay-off's, and racism from a spiritual and practical perspective. Three unconventional strategies she emphasizes are why you should:

  • Take a nap and give yourself some grace
  • Recognize how and why we're in the midst of a resurrection
  • Give yourself permission to re-imagine your life and move forward
00:30:31 6/20/2020
The SuperpowHer Podcast

40 million American adults have at least one type of anxiety disorder.

In this episode, we'll explore how to cope with anxiety and depression in general and specifically when your life has been interrupted as a result of Covid-19.

Therapists Andrea Wise-Brown and Tori Dixon, who's also a grief specialist will coach us on:

  • Why stress and anxiety are normal during this time and how to release stress
  • How to control the controllable
  • Understanding the stages of grief around life-changes and loss
  • How to release negative self-judgement, guilt and shame
  • Tools to deal with loneliness and relationship dynamics
  • How food and alcohol contribute to how mental and physical well-being
  • The connection between the mind and the body
  • Solutions and opportunities to resetting our lives during this critical time
01:00:55 4/28/2020
The SuperpowHer Podcast

Are you ready to discover what it means to be a Man Whisperer and why you attract love or losers?

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • How being smart and successful doesn't make you emotionally intelligent;
  • The difference between good fear and unhealthy fear when it comes to relationships;
  • The way to leverage past experiences and red flags;
  • Why being a hard person doesn't always protect you;
  • How to give yourself credit for past experiences and mistakes;
  • Why you need highs and lows within your relationships.

We continue the discussion with the Relationship Scientist Dr. Ryeal Simms to explore man-whispering tips and how to attract what you want in love and life from a spiritual and scientific perspective; which is what we discussed in part 1. We enter the second part of the discussion using the biblical analogy of "He who finds a wife finds a good thing," but the big part that women often forget is that YOU HAVE THE POWER & YOU are the employer that's hiring for the job. Listen and learn for yourself.

00:37:17 2/13/2020
The SuperpowHer Podcast

There is actually an art & science to love and Intimacy. In this episode we explore how to know if you're actually in love or just chemically high on love?

This is Part 1 of a "Man Whisperer Series". I define "Man Whispering" as an acute understanding of yourself and of men. It's the fine art of knowing how apply your power and emotional intelligence to influence him both responsibly and effectively.

This episode "The Scientifically Right & Wrong Ways to Attract a Man" features Neuroscientist Ryeal Simms, aka "the Relationship Scientist." He gives us the inside scoop about our brain and how it responds to feeling in love. This is Your Brain in Love.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • What women can do to attract men
  • Why kissing is a sex drug
  • The pros & cons of wearing perfume/cologne to attract
  • Why you should stop playing hard to get
  • Why women should consider making the first move (it's not what you think)
  • Menopause vs. "man-o-pause"
  • Scientifically why older women are attracted to younger men ( it's a real thing)
  • The importance of teaching your man about what you like
  • How science is the discovery of what God created (science & faith can work together).
                                    • .

00:41:46 1/30/2020

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