Jason Smith is "The Self Made Conservative" here to educate you with facts and real news because the mainstream media is corrupt. Jason and his partner Paper boy Henry will talk latest news, politics and most importantly the truth! They will debunk and unmask the lies of the left every Saturday. Please share this podcast and hit the notification bell to stay updated! Twitter - @selfmade1776 Rumble - @TheSelfMadeConservative GETTR - @selfmade1776 CloutHub - @selfmade1776


The Self Made Conservative

Biden's Afghanistan Failure

In this episode, Paper Boy Henry and I discuss Biden's Afghanistan failure, Obama's ACTUAL super spreader event and Andrew NO MO Cuomo's resignation.
00:50:35 8/21/2021

Past Episodes

The Self Made Conservative
In this episode, Paper boy henry and I discuss the surge in crime in the inner cities, where the surge in crime is taking place and the massive spending bills of the left.
00:40:28 8/14/2021

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