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The Sean Lowery Show

The Sean Lowery Show - Ep 4- Should Entrepreneurs go to College??

Should Entrepreneurs go to College? I understand the case that 4 years of building a business is more valuable than a standard college business education. A business degree isn't what it once was. Personally, I learned not one practical thing from my marketing degree that I've used to build my business! I have a marketing degree and accounting minor and I can't think of one specific piece of information I learned that help me build my business. That being said, I honestly think college is a great thing for all people! The Self Learning Stage: An Important stage in personal human development that must last 1-4 years between living with your parents and being an adult. One must answer to nobody but themselves & live on their own with limited responsibilities. I think it's nearly impossible to learn business in the classroom. So I give some tips on how Entrepreneurs should approach college if the decided to go. I did and it was a great experience overall! Please Connect me with anybody who went to business school and believes that education helped them build their business- I am open to being wrong about this!
00:18:41 8/4/2019

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The Sean Lowery Show
5 business lessons told through rap lyrics: 1) The Superpower of NOT Worrying about things you can't control. "I'm living the future so the presence is my past My presence is a present kiss my ass" – Kanye West, Monster 2) The Superpower of being able to criticize yourself. Hey, admittin' is the first step." —Kanye West, Bound 2 "That last release CD was ehhh" -Eminem, Not Afraid "Didn't wear a bulletproof- So I got shot and you can see the proof. Blind eyes could look at me and see the truth, Wonder if Stevie do?" -Lil Wayne, Mr. Carter 3) Focusing on ONE Industry as an Entrepreneur. "Pick a lane, pick a lane, that's all I ever heard But I'm just trying to swerve, without hitting the curb" - Drake, Stunt Hard 4) Branding Persuasion- Putting your brand name in the convo with the best in the Industry. "It goes, Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie Andre from Outkast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me.." - Eminem, 'Till I Collapse 5) Appreciation for your customers! "Thanks for coming out tonight. You could've been anywhere in the world- But you're here with me, I appreciate that"- Jay-Z, Izzo Check out 'The Late Night Sessions' Podcast with Sam Coleman-Dancer & Brandon Johns everywhere podcasts exist.
00:19:25 7/28/2019
The Sean Lowery Show
Topic: Burning the Boat A Mindset tactic I've used for success & some practical applications of how anyone can apply it to their own life goals.
00:13:12 7/20/2019
The Sean Lowery Show
Topic: Why I Love Business. The First Episode of the Sean Lowery Show. I will discuss one topic each week about business, life, or anything else. Will be fun to see where this goes!
00:08:12 7/16/2019

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