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The Record Breakers Podcast

Season 2 Episode 30

Jay Harv, T-Wayne & C Smooth are Back with a new episode for your listening pleasure. They talk The Last Dance and MJ. The NBA coming back during the quarenteen. Ludacris vs. Nelly. Check out all of our links and contact us at THERBPODCast.com
00:00:00 5/21/2020

Past Episodes

The Record Breakers Podcast
Were Back! We talk Tom Brady on the Bucs = Superbowl?!, The colts have the worst uniforms in the NFL? How many games will Rivers win in a Colts Uniform? Should the NBA Finish the season or go straight to the playoffs? The Jordan Docmentary, Space Jam Remake, Drake dropped a EP, and we talk some hip hop. Everybody stay carona free and safe! All of our social media and full website available at TheRBPodcast.com Head over to MakeMyTVSmarter.com to get a fully loaded android box with everything to watch live sports, movies and cable tv!
00:00:00 5/7/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
This weeks show we talk Lakers vs. Clippers, JR Smith, Houston is finally slipping, Klay and Steph, Draymond vs. Barkley beef, Jay Harv's List gets longer, LaMelo Ball, Tim Duncan coaching, Is Pop Done? James Dolan and the Knicks, Lil Uzi is really selling that many records? Lil Baby and Offset fight, Coronavirus, WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! All Links Available at TheRBPodcast.com Cut your cable tv bill visit MakemyTVSmarter.com
00:00:00 3/9/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
In this weeks show we talk Harden vs. Giannis, Should Lebron make the call for JR Smith, Is Jayson Kidd a good coach, Zion, Has Kemba been holding Tatum Back, Did Marcus Smart sell his soul to be good, Is Jimmy Butler overated?, Conspiracy Theory that the ball has a magnatic strip....What is Gordon Hayward's future in the NBA? Should the NBA give the finals NBA to a losing teams player? Is anybody watching the XFL, How hip hop is always changing, DC vs. Marvel talk, Stop making Fast and Furious movies! Current Jay Harv List of overated Players 1. Kyle Lowry 2. Marcus Smart 3. Jimmy Butler 4. Andre Iguodala Check out all links and drop us a line over at TheRBPodcast.com Cut your cable tv bill head over to MakeMyTVSmarter.com
00:00:00 3/3/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
This week the Shootin the Shit Family talk whos gonna win the NBA MVP award, Fury vs. Wilder II. How Wilder looked like Apollo Creed out there...Ben Roethlisberger looking like he just ate everything and drinking beer non stop. We also talk about Pop Smoke getting killed, Steven Spielberg daughter doing adult films now? Berner Turing Down $800 Million For His Cookies Brand, How petty is 50 cent? All links available at TheRBPodcast.com Get a fully loaded android box with everything you need to cut your cable tv and watch any movie or tv show on demand pre loaded with a wireless keyboard for $150 shipped to your door! MakeMyTVSmarter.com
00:00:00 2/24/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
In this episode we talk nba buyout moves how they affect the playoff race going forward as well as how Aaron Gordon got robbed at all star weekend. The Shootin the Sh!t boys are back and they talk NBA All Star weekend, hip hop beef, who has a fake leg?, Amber Rose Tats on her head, and how weird is Kayne West, and how Indianapolis needs to be better before All Star Weekend!
00:00:00 2/18/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
In this episode the shootin the shit guys take on the nba trade deadline trades, all star weekend, and much more! All links available at TheRbPodcast.com Drop us a line, you ask a question via voicemail or text and we answer it on the show! call or text us @ 317-912-0295 If your tired of paying out the @$$ for cable tv and going to the movie theatre then get yourself a fully loaded android box shipped to your door for $150. It comes pre loaded with cable tv, every live sporting event, and an app to watch any movie even ones in theatres! It also comes with a mini wireless keyboard to easily navigate the apps as well as remote support for a year! They remote in and keep them updated for a year! MakeMyTVSmarter.com
00:00:00 2/11/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
We break down the Chiefs Superbowl Win and talk a little nba trade deadline. DJ1Mic is the special guest. Jay Harv and T-Wayne chop it up on Shootin The Shit and Talk Superbowl and a little hip hop.
00:00:00 2/4/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
In this episode we talk about the legacy of Kobe Bryant. With highlight speeches from Kobe and Around the League we break down the moments we remember personally and how great he really was! We also talk about the Chiefs vs. 49ers Superbowl for this Sunday! All Show links available at TheRBPodcast.com
00:00:00 1/28/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
This weeks show is brought to you by 80's Mania Wrestling Returns available on the app and google play stores. The Record Breakes talk about UFC 246 as well as the winners of the NFL Confrence games. David Black talks with new friend of the show Danny the Sandman about UFC 246. Harv and T-Weezy talk NFL, HIP HOP and Shoot the shit on a lot of different stuff!
00:00:00 1/22/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
The breakers talk NFL Playoffs and preivew this week and possibly the superbowl! DJ Execution is back with a quick segment and Shootin the Shit is back with Jay Harv and T-Wayne... All links available at THERBPODCAST.com
00:00:00 1/14/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
This weeks show we chop it up with DJ 1 mic, DJ Execution and the one and only Juan Squan! We talk NFL Wildcard weekend, preview and pick games for this weeks games, talk Tom Brady, NBA Rookies, All Star Weekend Dunk Contest Rumors, NBA season Talk and a little hip hop!
00:00:00 1/7/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
This week David Black breaks down the NFL Wildcard, NFL Coaching Firing/Hiring, NBA Trade Deadline Talk, and has segments with DJ Domino and Juan Squan. All links available at TheRBPodcast.com
00:00:00 1/2/2020
The Record Breakers Podcast
A little Christmas Bonus Episode from David Black and his special guest Juan Squan! We talk Pacers Basketball, the nba mid season tourny, his favorite hip hop albums this year, how the NBA needs to bring the big man back and CM Punk coming back to WWE. Merry Christmas to all, enjoy this bonus content episode!!!
00:00:00 12/20/2019
The Record Breakers Podcast
This week we break down the nfl playoff senarios, a lot of nba talk from what we've seen so far. Harv and T-Wayne break down everything from NBA to NFL MVP Talk. Harv thinks the Lakers can win 74 games?
00:00:00 12/18/2019

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