What happens when four best friends since high school decide to start a random podcast? They create the Poddamn Idiotz Podcast, discussing random news stories, talking sports, playing games, being controversial, and just having a good time! Join Captain B Slow, J Hizzle, Ric Spade, and Texas, as they have idiotic discussions for your entertainment. **This Podcast is not suitable for children**


The Poddamn Idiotz Podcast

Episode #1: The Beginning

In the pilot episode the guys discuss how they met, as well as why they started the Poddamn Idiotz Podcast in the first place. They also discuss the news of the week (did you know your pee could make concrete in space?), sports, tweets, urban dictionary terms, and more! Plus they give the "Would You Rather" game a try!
01:27:53 5/2/2076

Past Episodes

The Poddamn Idiotz Podcast
In the second episode Ric explains the danger he poses to bikers when hauling a kayak in his truck bed, and the guys try the game "Bad People" and get to explain to Ric that a school bus is not the same thing as a taxi cab. They also discuss the news (Tennessee is having issues with bears robbing houses), tweets, strange laws, urban dictionary terms, and more. Plus there is actually sporting news to discuss!
01:45:43 1/4/2076

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