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The Joey and Gilly Show

Episode 33 - Damson Jam

A lovely little midweek show, squirrels, tyres and trump
00:00:00 11/19/2019

Past Episodes

The Joey and Gilly Show
We're back after a year long break and it's as if we never left...........
00:47:39 8/7/2019
The Joey and Gilly Show
A quick little mid week show for you all. They'll be more regular shows, we promise. We ate prunes before the show. Much love
00:39:23 11/2/2017
The Joey and Gilly Show
We're back. Gilly has been on Holiday, Joey had a baby, the dog is still here and life goes on. I do hope you enjoy xx
00:54:32 8/11/2017
The Joey and Gilly Show
We're back after an extended hitaus But we return with singing, laugther and being down right silly. Biggle, Water falls and Elections all feature. Enjoy
00:45:47 5/25/2017
The Joey and Gilly Show
We remember Fern the plant with a touching ceremony. Gilly takes Halloween to task. Joey's 30th Birthday surprise is revieled Don't laugh at the joke or you're out (title to be confirmed) makes it first appearance. Keep calm & carry on
00:39:08 10/24/2016

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