Welcome to my new podcast! Love tech as much as I do? Join me as I share my latest tech! My main focus will be mid-range hardware. The goal of the channel is to help you get an idea of what to expect out of midrange tech, specifically covering the components that I purchase. PC Builds. Reviews. Tutorials. I am also a STEM teacher at my local middle school and will be sharing ideas for the classroom. Requests are welcome! Contact me on IG @jasonrosetech. Please subscribe and share! Thank you!



TechRated Podcast Ep. #001 | CES 2020 Recap | eVGA RTX 2080 XC Ultra Super

In this podcast, I discuss the highlights of CES 2020 and my latest in tech including the purchase of the DJI Mavic Mini and an RTX 2080 Super graphics card.
00:44:30 2/4/2020

Past Episodes

Welcome to the TechRated Podcast! I will discuss various topics in technology including the latest news, computer hardware and software, computer builds, smartphones and tablets (all mobile tech), drones and even some coding from time to time. I am a teacher, so I will even share with you some of the things that I do in my classroom to keep my students engaged. If this interests you, please consider subscribing or following the podcast! I am also on YouTube! Just search for TechRated! Thank you!
00:02:06 1/6/2020

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