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49. Punch Drunk Laugh

An episode recorded in Leeds with three special guests contains lots of drunken noise, controversy in Dinosaur Park goes Tits Up and a drinks break that Al doesn't edit out. A guest performs the best ever Al's Ads, there's a fiery start to the episode and a chance to meet Uncle Dorigay's much seedier brother. All this and your regular features too. Apologies in advance!
01:04:49 6/2/2022

Past Episodes

Stu & Al Pod
In this episode its time to talk about top three Nickelodeon shows, Stu plays a lot of chess and hear what it was like behind the scenes on TV show Brum. Christopher Walken has a new business, John Lennon has a new feature and Doctor Doris has yet another new voice. All this and your regular features too.
00:58:25 5/19/2022
Stu & Al Pod
In this episode top three condiments are discussed, Stu's engagement is announced where he meets the in-laws and Barry returns, yet again, with a new business. A performer turns up down the Bag O'Nails, there's a brand new feature and Doctor Dorris has a brand new voice...again. All this and your regular features too.
00:47:55 5/5/2022
Stu & Al Pod
In this episode Top 3 Bond theme songs are discussed as well as an appearance from 3 former 007's, egg based puns and a return to an old joke. It's the last ever BasterMind, the forgotten Rat Pack member sings some unreleased songs and Stu doesn't pay attention. All this and your regular features too.
01:05:06 4/21/2022
Stu & Al Pod
This episode contains far too many Clint Eastwood impressions, Top 3 overrated movies/movie franchises are discussed and Hugh Grant has a new business. Doctor Doris returns, there's an animal down the Bag O'Nails and Al applauds one of Stu's jokes. All this and your regular features too.
01:12:55 4/7/2022
Stu & Al Pod
It's Batman crazy with top three favourite characters as well as the 'real' Batman making an appearance. Stu attempts some world records, there's a questionable bird sanctuary in Al's ads and find out why Sooty was silent. All this and your regular features too.
01:00:58 3/24/2022
Stu & Al Pod
In this episode top 3 sweets are discussed, lots of fake facts are thrown about and we boo a listener. Theres some political comedy, more Bruce Forsyth and Stu tells his most controversial joke yet! All this and your regular features too.
00:57:26 3/10/2022
Stu & Al Pod
Top three Bastards are discussed on this episode, it's windy outside and we hear about Stu's eventful Valentine's Day. A listener returns after their one episode ban, Al ruins the punchline to one of Stu's jokes and find out who Kylie hated on the set of Neighbours. All this and your regular features too.
01:06:12 2/24/2022
Stu & Al Pod
This episode features top three books to films, not recording in Nottingham and the podcasts very first sneeze! Stu does a great impression of the Tasmanian Devil, Al finds a recording of Robin Hood and Milton Keynes is just off the M1. All this and your regular features too. Plus, don't skip the end song!
01:08:51 2/10/2022
Stu & Al Pod
We're 40! In this episode there's a switcheroo, we get a sneak peak of Jackie D's new album and discuss the best singles from 1992. The Silver Screeners podcast host 'Frank Mandosa' joins Top 3, some quiz show hosts turn up and Al ruins another TV show for Stu. All this and your regular features too.
01:30:37 1/27/2022
Stu & Al Pod
Welcome back! Finally the chaps are back with episode 39 featuring top 3 80's ballads, secrets of Hogmanay and club singing. Al advertises an impressionists academy, we hear from celebrities on their new years resolutions and an old favourite turns up down the Bag O Nails. All this and your regular features too.
01:01:07 1/13/2022
Stu & Al Pod
Merry Christmas! Top 3 Christmas presents from childhood are discussed, find out what after 8's Al has and Stu receives some feedback from some celebrity Christmas artists. There's a festive trip down the Bag O'Nails, a Christmas quiz and Al gets criticism from some listeners. A bumper Christmas full of fun!
00:52:20 12/22/2021
Stu & Al Pod
This weeks episode is full of cheese (not unlike every episode) with top three cheeses, cheese puns and cheesy chat. Stu teaches the listeners some interesting facts, Al finds out what the listeners think of him and Barry has a new firework business. Zippy makes an appearance and Stu and Al let each other know their true feelings. All this and your regular features too.
00:58:46 11/4/2021
Stu & Al Pod
Top three comedy catchphrases this week with some dotted amongst the episode. Find out what the old ladies favourite podcast is, there's celebrity(ish) dating and we go old skool with Stu's mic being too loud throughout. Michael Stipe visits all 92 football league grounds, there's a live How 2 recording and three ladies fight for Stu's attention after his questionable dating profile is read out. All this and your regular features too.
01:06:36 10/21/2021
Stu & Al Pod
It's top 3 ABBA songs this week and the listeners voice their disgust. The chaps do a sober episode for Chris Konrath, it's revealed why ABBA are called ABBA and there's a boring memory about can crushing. Stu starts a new job, AHA is said a lot and find out how Bruce Forsyth would do in Silence of the Lambs. All this and your regular features too.
01:10:41 10/7/2021

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