Say It Forward brings top money advisor Rebecca Rothstein with guest hosts Lee Ann Daly and Kim Garner as they go inside the real life stories of fascinating people at the vanguard of art, music, business, pop culture, TV, film, fashion and more. Their guests are often professional colleagues and friends! Some are famous, some are rich, some are both, some are neither...but all deliver juicy, insightful, often funny and always amazing stories told with heart from the heart. The interviews take you inside to uncover struggles and joys that have never been revealed before. Join them as their guests rewind to the beginning and Say It Forward.


Say It Forward

Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson continually sets a prime example of humility and consistent faith in her public and personal life. We first came to know Missy and the important role she plays in the Robertson family in their family reality show, Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty broke several ratings records on A&E and on cable television during their successful run that finished in 2017. Despite the increased publicity on her family, company and personal life, she has managed to become a strong voice for morality and virtue both locally and globally. Missy now spends a large amount of her time volunteering to give back to her community. She is heavily involved in missionary work, both domestically and internationally. In October 2015, she authored a book entitled, "Blessed, Blessed...Blessed" chronicling her family's journey of raising a child born with a cleft lip and palate. In early 2014, she co-authored The Women of Duck Commander with Miss Kay, and her sisters-in-law, in which they shared never-before-told stories about the Robertson family. In April 2016 Missy launched a new jewelry line, Laminin by Missy Robertson, providing jobs for women in the West Monroe area who are in need of work. This serves as a ministry to women coming out of hard situations and in need of assistance of finding a way to break into the workforce coming out of sex trafficking, homelessness, and struggling single mothers. Say it Forward with Missy Robertson.
00:52:12 6/4/2020

Past Episodes

Say It Forward
Mike Agovino is a leader and pioneer in all forms of audio entertainment. He has spent two decades operating at the front lines of media's digital and social reinvention. His career spans both coasts - he served as President of Katz Radio, launched Clear Channel's Radio Sales Group for over 1350 Clear Channel owned stations, he co-founded Triton Digital which became the leading digital service provider to the radio industry and served as Executive Vice Chairman at PodcastOne. In 2016, Mike launched Workhouse Connect, a self-described "influencer marketing company" in partnership with Workhouse Media and Workhouse Creative who guide podcasters in the saturated podcast space to build both audience and revenue. Say it Forward with Mike Agovino.
01:04:50 5/27/2020
Say It Forward
Robin Schiff is a veteran comedy writer/producer who developed the characters Romy and Michele of the hit film she wrote called, ROMY AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. She created and produced the sitcom, ALMOST PERFECT and was a writer for the comedy series, GROSS POINTE. She was a member of the improv comedy troupe, THE GROUNDLINGS with Pee Wee Herman and Phil Hartman and executive produced the multi-generational, relationship comedy series, SWIPE RIGHT for Youtube RED. Say it Forward with Robin Schiff.
00:46:30 4/13/2020
Say It Forward
Amy Rosenberg's life story isn't like the others in our series because her career is just beginning. But the reason we chose to interview her is that she grew up knowing some of the top legendary Rock n' Rollers to ever to hit the music scene because her dad is one of the partners in a music management company in London. As a result she's met people like Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend of the Who, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin as well as the likes of Ron Wood, David Beckham, the Spice Girls, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran to name a few. Back being backstage at rock concerts since she was a young girl has given her an interesting perspective on the lives of celebrity rock stars. Say it forward with Amy Rosenberg.
00:29:30 3/28/2020
Say It Forward
Jean Smart is a versatile character actress who has worked on stage and screen but found the bulk of her success on television. After college graduation, she performed in regional theater and made her Broadway debut in the play "Piaf" portraying the legendary actress Marlene Dietrich. That show jumpstarted her career by leading to the role of Charlene Frazier on the hit sitcom, Designing Women. Smart left that series to try her luck in movies. To avoid being typecast as a comedy actress she took the role of serial killer Aileen Wornos in the deadly biopic, "Overkill". She's won three Emmy Awards and has been nominated for, and won many SAG, Critics Choice and Tony Awards. In addition to playing the president's emotionally unstable wife on the hit TV series, 24, she's appeared in diverse roles on series and movies such as Fargo, Frasier, Harry's Law, Sweet Home Alabama, The Accountant, Bringing Down the House and Watchmen. Say It Forward with Jean Smart.
00:44:00 3/22/2020
Say It Forward
Kim Anenberg Cavallo is the founder and CEO of lilspace - a digital wellness company that will inspire you to unplug and spend more time with real live people doing real-life things enhancing relationships in the digital age. With 25 years experience in event planning, connecting people to causes and raising money for Not For Profit organizations, Kim began to focus on what would motivate us to put away our phones and practice being present more often. The lilspace app encourages this so people can earn rewards, support causes they care about and focus on what matters most in life. She's dedicated the past 20 years of her life to connecting people to movements that she's passionate about and that make a difference. She's co-founder of The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival successfully operating in LA for more than 12 years. Additionally, she co-founded an experiential education program where high school and college students develop relationships with Holocaust survivors through storytelling while baking bread.
00:57:00 3/12/2020
Say It Forward
Producer and former actor Jeffrey Kramer made his first acting appearance on the TV series Barney Miller, but achieved notoriety playing Deputy Jeff Hendricks in the Oscar-winning horror/thriller smash hit movie, JAWS, and then reprised the role in the hit sequel, JAWS 2. He's appeared in the Joe Dante cult classic, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD, the horror film, HALLOWEEN II, and the ensemble, black comedy, mystery film, CLUE. He's appeared in TV shows such as LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY, THE MARY TYLER MOORE HOUR, CHICO AND THE MAN, M*A*S*H, and HAPPY DAYS. As an Executive Producer he's won three Emmy Awards, three Golden Globes, the Producer's Guild - Producer of the Year Award, two Peabody Awards and The Silver Gavel Award. In his charitable work he co-founded the Tourette Syndrome Association's "Champion of Children Dinner"and serves on the National Board of the Tourette Syndrome Alliance. Say it forward with Jeffrey Kramer.
00:34:46 3/5/2020
Say It Forward
Pamela Gonyea is one of Hollywood's secret power players. As the Maitre'D and Manager of "The Grill on the Alley" restaurant in Beverly Hills she wields her influence from the front of a restaurant. And not just any restaurant - for entertainment industry people and top business elite in LA, this place is among a handful of restaurants where the biggest deals go down. You've heard the term "Power Lunch", well, The Grill practically invented it. Pamela runs the place and reservations aren't that easy to come by unless, of course, Pamela knows your name. Say it Forward with Pamela Gonyea.
00:34:52 2/25/2020
Say It Forward
David Landsberg was one of those rare comedic minds who worked as an actor, screenwriter and producer. Sadly, he has passed away since his interview was recorded but don't let that stop you from enjoying the life story of this supremely talented comedy mind. He appeared opposite Don Rickles in the comedy TV series CPO Sharkey and wrote and produced episodes of the CBS sitcom, Cosby! He also wrote and/or produced episodes of Blossom, Star Trek:The Next Generation, Herman's Head, Fantasy Island, The New Love Boat, The John Larroquette Show and co-created a 1994 sitcom called Daddy's Girls, starring Dudley Moore, Harvey Fierstein and Keri Russell. On the big screen, he was seen in Coming Attraction with Bill Murray, Love at First Bite starring George Hamilton, Skatetown, U.S.A. with Patrick Swayze, The Jerk with Steve Martin and Shoot the Moon starring Albert Finney and Diane Keaton. He and Lorin Dreyfuss, older brother of Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, co-wrote and co-starred in the hilarious comedy, Detective School Dropouts. Say it Forward with the late David Landsberg.
00:55:59 2/19/2020
Say It Forward
Bruce Charet is an entertainment industry veteran who started his career in New York working for George Scheck, manager of icons Bobby Darin and Connie Francis. Bruce later went on to manage legendary actor and comedian Alan King who remained an important part of his life. Bruce's accomplished career includes TV agent, comedy development executive, TV producer and Talent Relations executive. He's VP and Entertainment Historian at the Friar's Club in New York City. He shares his early love of show business and the legends that have crossed his path along with some interesting and funny stories that happened along the way. Say It Forward with Bruce Charet.
00:31:43 2/11/2020
Say It Forward
Accomplished actor and Tony Award nominee Sam Trammell is most widely recognized for his starring role of Sam Merlotte in HBO's award-winning series, TRUE BLOOD. The fantasy drama set ratings records for the network over its seven year run. Sam has a long list of accomplished roles in film and TV - from DEXTER to award winning dramedy, THIS IS US, to the hit movie THE FAULT IN OUR STARS as well as blockbusters such as KONG: SKULL ISLAND. Sam appears in several indie films including, SAY YOU WILL opposite Michelle Forbes, ABOUT RAY with Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon and Elle Fanning, and co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the indie film, ALL MISTAKES BURIED. Say It Forward with Sam Trammell.
00:53:35 2/5/2020
Say It Forward
After 28 years of teaching chemistry and and more than 12 in Culinary arts Warren Schueler shifted to teaching workshops, team building and doing outreach to share basic cooking skills to formerly homeless individuals. After New York's Super storm "Sandy" he began cooking at St. Mark's Center for Community Renewal in New Jersey and has committed to working there forever. This is one remarkable story of authentic community engagement where his life's work is evidence of the power of following what you love to find deep meaning in your life's work. Say it Forward with Warren Schueler.
00:54:10 1/28/2020
Say It Forward
Today we welcome Fran Drescher, the multi talented actress, comedian, writer and activist you probably remember from her breakout comedy series, The Nanny - a wildly successful 90's sitcom she created, wrote and starred in. The Nanny became so big that it tied household ratings with the now infamous mega hit, Roseanne. With her 'cool girl' status who started it all, she is busier than ever- from Broadway to comedy TV to indie films - she is being offered roles along side millennials who acknowledge they wouldn't be where they are today without her leading the way. Fran is a vocal advocate for Women's Health Issues and her second book, Cancer Schmancer about her own experience with uterine cancer, lead to the creation of her organization to promote early detection, prevention, and policy change. Fran is an LGBT rights activist and an ordained minister.
00:58:39 1/21/2020
Say It Forward
Laura Wasser is a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles whose clients have included Stevie Wonder, Maria Shriver, Johnny Depp and Heidi Klum, but her business is not only with high profile clients. She started an online service last year called, It's Over Easy, which can steer you through divorce proceedings for as little at $750. Laura says her motivation for the site was not money, but to change the approach to divorce. "It's Over Easy" provides a do-it-yourself template for dissolution, and also has referrals for off-line help should the process get stuck. She is the host of her own lively podcast called "Divorce Sucks" where celebrities talk frankly about their divorces. Say it Forward with Laura Wasser.
00:55:49 1/14/2020
Say It Forward
Dovi Frances is an international financier, entrepreneur and founding partner of SGVC, a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles. Over the course of his career, Dovi has invested more than one hundred million dollars in some of Silicon Valley's most prominent and disruptive financial technology companies. He holds a Guinness world's record for creating the largest life insurance policy ever and he made all this happen while under the age of 40. Dovi is also one of the main "shark" investors on the Israeli version of the reality television series, SHARK TANK. Say it forward with Dovi Frances.
00:53:55 1/8/2020

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