A weekly discussion of Disc Golf between Chris Tellesbo (Pro) and Gavin Goodwin (Amateur) for anyone interested in the sport.


Pro-Am Disc Golf

??? - I Really Don't Know If This Was Released or Not

Seriously I don't know
00:00:00 12/15/2020

Past Episodes

Pro-Am Disc Golf
So... we're back! thanks for listening!
00:00:00 12/15/2020
Pro-Am Disc Golf
Chris likes some new discs. We answer email. We watch a couple movie trailers.
00:00:00 2/22/2020
Pro-Am Disc Golf
A little late but hopefully still enjoyable.
00:00:00 2/9/2020
Pro-Am Disc Golf
We Got a lot of catching up to do.
01:15:56 1/22/2020
Pro-Am Disc Golf

We did it!

00:48:31 10/15/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

We get a definitive answer to an old question and we catch up on emails.

00:51:44 10/3/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

We open the mailbag and Gavin watched some T.V.

00:50:03 9/19/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

Sorry for the delay.

00:46:46 9/11/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

Gavin was tired.

00:53:58 8/2/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

We played some disc golf, we answer some questions, and somebody won a Felon.
Music – ReverendP (Kevin Carr) https://soundcloud.com/reverendp

00:36:52 7/8/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

We went to the movies.

What's Keith up to?

Retired plastic.

00:51:22 7/2/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

We're excited to be joined by Eric Oakley! We get his disc golf story and a whole lot more. Eric also helps with answering some emails.

01:23:56 6/18/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

Sorry for the delay, my SD card cracked and I finally got the episode back.

00:59:08 6/11/2019
Pro-Am Disc Golf

We answer email and we spoil Endgame.

00:54:02 5/9/2019

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