Welcome to the Pharoh Runnin podcast where I will discuss my love for running and the sport of road running! From signing up for an upcoming race to training to race day, be there with me every step of the way! Cover art photo provided by Daniel H. Tong on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@danieltong


Pharoh Runnin

Ep.30: Family vacation recap

In this episode I give you a recap of my lovely family vacation to the Smokey Mountains. I also talk about my preparation for the Family Guidance Walk/Run which is my first race of the Fall/Winter season.
00:13:31 8/16/2019

Past Episodes

Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I catch you up on what's new in my life as well as give you my review on this past race season and the state of my financial portfolio. I missed you guys!!!
00:19:34 7/18/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I give my honest opinion about my first Big Run experience which so happens to be my last race of the Spring/Summer 2019 race season. I also talk about how I plan on spending my off-season and my summer. Lastly, I entered my podcast for this year's People's Choice Podcast Award in the health category. I will keep you all posted about that. I am asking that all of my listeners go to www.podcastawards.com to vote Jul 1. Through July 31.
00:24:42 6/18/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I give a recap of the 41st Montgomery Jubilee Run where I placed first in my age group which is a first in my career as a distance runner. I also touch on the second race I'm preparing for which is The Big Run which is hosted every year by Fleet Feet in honor of Global Running Day.
00:19:28 6/5/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I talk about how I'm preparing for 2 races (the 41st Montgomery Jubilee Run and The Big Run) in 4 days which will equal 5 miles!!
00:11:08 5/31/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this week's episode, I give you a glimpse of how I'm preparing for the Montgomery Jubilee Run. I also give a product review, a recap of this week's kickboxing class, and how my stocks and funds performed this week. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!!
00:16:41 5/25/2019
Pharoh Runnin
One thing you should know about me by now is that I will always find a new race like it's nothing... lol. In this episode, I discuss my latest race which will be the 41st Montgomery Jubilee Run which is the oldest race in the city which will also coincide with the 200th anniversary of Alabama's statehood. Lastly, I'm thinking discussing stocks and the stock market on the podcast. I would love your feedback on the topic!!
00:16:05 5/19/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I provide a few sound clips from the 2019 Walk of Life 5K as well as give you my recap of the event. In the final segment, I share my good news as well as thank my listeners all around the world.
00:48:26 5/5/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I give a recap of how kickboxing class went this past week. I also talk about my preparation for the Walk of Life 5K and end the episode talking about my mindset going into this race which for me is more about the cause than personal accomplishment.
00:20:18 4/26/2019
Pharoh Runnin
I'm one week away from the annual Walk of Life 5K which take place in downtown Montgomery, Al. As I prepare for my first race in a month, I give a recap of my how well my kickboxing class went and my instructor's vision for his students that goes beyond self-defense training. Also I talk about changing my race day attire and the reason behind it as well as who I'm running for on this upcoming race day.
00:24:33 4/19/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I start things off by paying my respects the late West Coast rapper and activist Nipsey Hu$$le. I then discuss adding Muay Thai style kickboxing to my fitness routine and why i decided to take this form of martial arts as well as how it is benefiting me in my running and everyday life. I end the episode by mentioning a milestone which is this podcast now has over 500 total plays which is a goal I set awhile back!! I would love to thank you the listeners for your love and continuing support!! I couldn't do it without you all! You all are truly amazing!!!
00:28:34 4/12/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I cover yoga poses us runners can use on the daily basis to help us wirh better injury free running as well as in our everyday life. Based on Helen Clare's ebook Run Better with Yoga: 4 Poses every runner needs.
00:06:40 4/9/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I give a recap of my first time ever running the Montgomery Half Marathon and 5K which was in its 10th year. I also look ahead to the month of April where I plan to run two races: YMCA Strides for Kids 5K and the Walk of Life 5K.
00:20:25 3/17/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I explain why I took a break from recording and how it helped me. I also talk about my mindset and preparation going into one of the biggest races in my city and of my 2019 season thus far! Lastly i briefly touch on my next race which is the Walk of Life 5K
00:22:58 3/8/2019
Pharoh Runnin
In this episode, I talk about how my first race of the Fleet Feet Grand Prix as well as my first race of 2019 went and lesson i learned from it. I also discuss how I am looking forward to my first BIG race of the year: the Montgomery Half Marathon which is only a few weeks away.
00:23:58 2/24/2019

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